Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/dialog
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/31/2005 00:07:03
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sat Dec 31 00:07:03 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/misc/dialog: Makefile distinfo
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/misc/dialog/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 1.0.20051219:

	+ correct return-values of new functions dlg_default_listitem() and
	  dlg_default_formitem() (Debian #344002).
	+ add Swedish translation (Debian #343303, by Daniel Nylander)
	+ begin function-summaries in dialog.3
	+ update config.guess, config.sub

	+ change license to LGPL.
	+ change naming convention in dlg_colors.h to make it easier to read,
	  and incidentally remove the last chunk of code preventing relicense.
	+ add --passwordform (request by Reznic Valery).
	+ modify pause.c, msgbox.c to work with --help-button.
	+ modify formbox.c, inputbox.c, textbox.c, yesno.c to work with extra
	  button (adapted from Reznic Valery patch).
	+ modify dlg_exit_label(), dlg_yes_labels() and dlg_ok_label() to allow
	  help-button (prompted by Reznic Valery patch).
	+ add zh_CN.po file from
	+ provide alternate interfaces for dialog_checklist(), dialog_menu()
	  and dialog_form():  dlg_checklist(), dlg_menu() and dlg_form()
	  (discussion with Michael Gebetsroither).
	+ add/use dlg_result_key() to allow binding function keys to the
	+ implement user-definable key bindings in the rc-file.
	+ modify inline cases for KEY_xxx values to use binding tables in new
	  module dlg_keys.c
	+ add several DIALOG_STATE items to the rc file:  aspect,
	  separate_widget, tab_len and visit_links
	+ add a tab-adjustment to dlg_print_text() to improve solution from
	  2005/10/30, e.g., in the samples/form* scripts.
	+ fix an off-by-one which made mouse-selection not work for menu items
	  past the first page (GenToo #112024, patch by Harald van Dijk).

	+ extend dlg_add_result() to allow caller to pass a null pointer
	  for dialog_vars.input_result (Debian #336986).
	+ correct length used for text portion of radio/checkboxes (report by
	  Valentin Stoykov).
	+ modify msgbox, textbox and center_label() to work properly for
	  LANG=bg_BG.utf8 examples by Valentin Stoykov.
	+ modify use of freopen() to work with opaque FILE type on DragonFly
	  (report by Jeremy C Reed).
	+ modify print_line() to compute columns, use that for the call to
	  dlg_print_line().  Fix a few places where strlen() was used instead
	  of dlg_count_columns() (reports by Valentin Stoykov).

	+ reviewed changes since beginning development in 1999, decided that
	  there are no appreciable portions of original code remaining.
	  Marked sources to correspond.
	+ improve cache performance for inputstr.c using tsearch() rather than
	  a linked-list search (Debian #294853).
	+ remove a special case for darwin in CF_XOPEN_SOURCE configure macro.
	+ add ms.po file from
	+ remove an assignment that caused the cursor to appear initially on a
	  form field rather than button (Debian #333506).
	+ modify buttons.c to count columns rather than bytes, fixing case
	  where buttons were laid out incorrectly (report by Valentin Stoykov).
	+ change dlg_print_text() to count columns rather than bytes, fixing
	  case where fewer columns were displayed in menu than expected
	  (report by Valentin Stoykov).

	+ improve fix for dlg_does_output(), eliminating redundant leading
	+ fill background color for item-help text (report by Peter Postma).
	+ correct interaction between --separate-output and --output-separator
	  broken in 2005/09/11 fix for Debian #326918 (Debian #331440).
	+ update config.guess, config.sub

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