Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/gnumeric
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/17/2005 20:49:46
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sat Dec 17 20:49:46 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/math/gnumeric: Makefile PLIST distinfo
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	pkgsrc/math/gnumeric/patches: patch-aa
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	pkgsrc/math/gnumeric/patches: patch-ab patch-ad patch-ae patch-af
	    patch-ba patch-bb patch-bc patch-bd patch-be patch-bf patch-bg
	    patch-bh patch-bi patch-bj patch-bk patch-bl patch-bm patch-bn
	    patch-bo patch-bp patch-bq patch-br

Log Message:
Update to 1.6.1. Committed during the freeze because 1.4.3 was broken
after the libgsf update (see PR 32281).

Changes since 1.4.2 (1.4.3 is not mentioned in the ChangeLog?!):

Gnumeric 1.6.1

Allin Cottrell:
	* Save configuration in non-gnome case.  [#310354]

Jean Brefort:
	* Use localized decimal separator. [#80139]

	* Unfreeze panes if the drag handles are pulled outwards.
	* Adjust ctrl-~ vs ctrl-!
	* Some R1C1 fixes
	* More SpreadsheetML from MS Office XP.
	* Some OpenDoc import extensions.
	* Minor fixes for auto-fill
	* Enable a chart importer in the experimental xml sax importer.

Lukasz Stelmach:
	* Fix python binding for RangeRef::end.

Eduardo Lima:
Renato Araujo:
	* Maemo/Hildon port to Nokia 770

	* Fix content probing of csv and tsv files.  [#318419]
	* Import formats from Lotus 1-2-3 files.
	* Import column widths and row heights from Lotus 1-2-3 files.
	* Handle Lotus 1-2-3 functions whose names differ from the ones
	  we use better.
	* Read basic info from wk4 files.
	* Fix issues with new function docs method.
	* Fix OO import crash.  [#320818]
	* Fix Excel save crash.  [#321009]
	* Plug minor leak.

Philippe Lelong:
	* Fix issue with PRICE (and probably related functions).

Gnumeric 1.6.0

	* Preload selection in "Define Names" dialog.  [#316406]

Jean Brefort:
	* Fix crash when deleting plot with dynamic deps.
	* Fix localization issues.  [#318042][#318043].

	* Snap objects right in RTL mode. [#316026]
	* Finish Data -> Table evaluation
	* Avoid entering "" for every keystroke when using gtk-2.8
	* Fix xls import/export of markers for radar plots.
	* Fix rotated text with pango-1.10 [#316597]
	* Update auto-expr after a recalc [#314867]
	* Use Emmanuel's ideas to improve the frozen pane drag handles.
	* Enable super/subscripts.
	* SpreadsheetML importer.

	* Fix C99ism.
	* Fix rare dependency crash.
	* Warn if running with buggy pango_attr_list_splice.
	* Improve stf import gui for multi-byte encoded text.  [#316816]
	* Fix xml-io's name parsing.  [#317427]
	* Fix .gnumeric saving of summary items.  [#318254]
	* Import some style info from Lotus 1-2-3 files.
	* Fix infinite loop in pdhyper.

Gnumeric 1.5.90

	* quotes for pure strings in expressions for xml in/out [#313460]
	* Fix F4 cycling of abs/rel in mixed mode range refs
	* Check all format tuples for a match [#85950]
	* Escape cancels object drag. [#314866]
	* F2 while editing jumps focus to entry. [#314869]
	* XLS in/out for Data -> Table
	* 2d Data -> Table support

	* Fix tooltip problem.  [#314865]
	* Throw a minimum of effort at a Lotus importer for modern
	  versions.  [#314875]

Gnumeric 1.5.5

(No code changes -- translations only)

Gnumeric 1.5.4

Clytie Siddall:
	* Audit strings.  [#312746]  [#312986]

Jean Brefort:
	* Fix crash on close related to graph plugins.  [#313463]

	* Fix lost background colours. [#314207 and others]
	* Add some drag handles for graphicly creating frozen panes.
	* Fix sheetview confusion.  [#314208]

	* Fix harmless, but ugly, error message on xls save.
	* Fix solver crash.  [#314025]
	* Fix solver coefficients.
	* Package lp_solve into a single file and sanitize its API.
	  Update to lp_solve 5.5 in the process.
	* Fix dependency crash.  [Part of #314207]
	* Fix theming bug.  [#307783]
	* Fix crash related to changing colours of sheet tabs.
	* Fix rich text editing problem.  [#314209]
	* Be consistent about dialog separators.  [#314306]
	* Fix print problem with page numbers.  [#314520]

Gnumeric 1.5.3

Ivan, Y.C. Wong:
	* Fix recent files list on win32. [#308302]
	* Fix non-latin characters rendering of fonts sans, serif and monospace
	  on win32. [#161027]

Jean Brefort:
	* Copy charts (to abiword).

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
	* Bumped goffice build dependency.

	* Handle ROW/COLUMN with no argument in an array.
	* Fix problems with row height resizing on win32. [#163414]
	* XLS, SAX, & DOM in/out for conditional Formating.
	* SAX in/out for input messages.
	* SAX in for hyperlinks.
	* Conditional Formating for backgrounds.
	* Conditional Formating for borders.
	* Store the current settings before previewing. [#301494]
	* Fix F4-abs/rel state rotation after R1C1 breakage.
	* Fix leak in xls chart import. [#157058]
	* Fix object movement and snap to grid in RTL.
	* XLS import of image fills. [#127756]
	* XLS import of font for chart labels.
	* Don't put extra quotes around exported series names. [#152317]
	* Keep images hidden until they are sized. [#308301]
	* Warnings when consolidating single columns. [#308431]
	* Improve sync of cell editing and editline for autocomplete. [#308303]

Jon Kåre:
        * Improve sc/xspread import.
	* Export page orientation to Excel.
	* Fix top margin/header interaction bug in page setup. [#310055]

	* Make changes to toolbar visibility permanent.
	* Fix stf export quoting problem.  [#308109]
	* Fix stf export format problem.
	* Prevent sheets from being renamed to "".
	* Fix IRR.  [Debian #315625]
	* Eliminate old sheet reorganize support code.
	* Make ssconvert able to save to stdout ("fd://1").
	* Fix repeat-setting-border crash.  [#310924]
	* Fix typo that managed to get its own bugzilla entry.  [#312823]
	* Fix problem with save.  [#312930]
	* Improve screen-vs-print line breaking situation.  [#312912]
	* Fix crash changing font.  [#313257]
	* Fix crash on finalizing sheet with objects in it.
	* Fix sheet-remove crash related to dependencies.  [#312794]

Gnumeric 1.5.2

	* permit formula guru to add array functions

	* (Win32) Fix opening files with non-ascii names when users "open"
	  them in explorer. [#304874]
	* Enable libspeadsheet build
	* (Win32) Fix the bug that d&d from explorer doesn't work in
	  gnumeric. [#304074]

	* Tweak the errors from LOGNORMDIST, CONFIDENCE, STANDARDIZE, and
	  NORMDIST to match MS Excel.
	* After a command refocus controls for the current view. [#165700]
	* Fix 'Begins with' vs 'Ends With' for autofilters.
	* Autofilter string equality is stronger than containment [#172355]
	* Buttons in sheet manager dialog should not strech vertically.
	* Stub for MS Excel's ASC function, which is unncessary in gnumeric.
	* Make range clipping more efficient. [#164950]
	* Fix advanced filter for inputs that do not start at col A. [#165734]
	* Fix xls import of names calling fwd declared names. [#166611]
	* Fix string generation for arrays.
	* Don't hide columns < 4pts wide on import. [#304558]
	* Rich content from MS Excel clipboard [#305405]
	* Fix warning while importing pre XL-95.
	* Fix adjustment object handling [#167584].
	* Be more careful what we assume is a header [#165061].
	* Use sheet specific print settings when printing a workbook. [#163589]
	* Fix small positioning glitch when creating widgets. [#304559]
	* re-enable experimental sax importer after goffice split.
	* Improve handling of some odd XL operators.
	* Remove warning when nudging during object creation. [#164779]
	* Delete while editing should not clear the cell. [#165172]
	* R1C1 support.

Jon Kåre:
        * Don't output the xml declaration for xhtml. [#303827]

Michal Kaukic:
	* Fix solver for affine objective functions. [#171025]

	* Fix SUMIF even more.  [Debian #308346]
	* Fix horizonal alignment of rotated numbers broken by fix to
	* Fix CRITICAL when undoing borders.
	* Improve multiline rotated text.  [#167544]
	* Fix Excel load crash.  [#303923]
	* Speed up exit on large sheets with lots of names, such as the
	  one from #303923.
	* Clean up dependencies somewhat.
	* Simplify expressions used for defined names for single cells.
	* Fix redo crash.  [#305007]
	* Fix auto-complete deactivation issues.  [#305011]
	* Fix recognition of accounting formats.  [#305314]
	* Fix unintentional format currency change.  [#305313]
	* Plug leaks.
	* Work hard at not leaving passwords in memory, just in case.
	* Add tooltips for ok_button, cancel_button, and func_button.
	* Fix paste problem.  [#305404]
	* Fix brown bag text import problem.  [Later reported as #305624]
	* Improve R.QPOIS accuracy, efficiency, and termination.
	* Improve R.QNORM's accuracy in the long double case.
	* Improve R.QCAUCHY's accuracy.
	* Add new R.QHYPER function.
	* Fix xml SAX import issue for array formulae.
	* Fix xml export of shared array formulae.
	* Fix number matching problem.  [#306254]
	* Fix R.PBETA screwup for log case.
	* Fix problem with hiding sheets.
	* Fix sheet removal undo to also undo changes to names and
	  cells in other sheets.
	* Save and load visibility sheet attribute.
	* Fix 3D deps crash.
	* Fix 3D dependencies spanning more than one sheet.  (I.e., all.)
	* Fix dynamic dependency crash on exit.
	* Plug leaks of sheet views.
	* Fix CRITICAL in the "manage sheets" dialog.

Gnumeric 1.5.1

	* Make ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP MSExcel compatible including the
	  strange handling for negative numbers. [#162682]
	  This breaks backwards compatibility to earlier Gnumeric versions
	  for these functions.
	* Fix text colour in selected item in sheet manage dialog. [#170462]
	* Fix NORMDIST description. [#167467]

David J Craigon:
	* Allow ssconvert to specify importer. [#160069]

Ivan Wong:
	* Fix image filtering for Win32.  [#164589]
	* Implement the Win32 registry connection.

	* Major re-org for goffice split.
	* Fix xls import for fit to page.
	* Fix OFFSET for asymmetric ranges [#166764]
	* Fix SUMIF for asymmetric ranges [#166769]
	* Import sheet visibility from ms excel
	* Split function docs into a distinct catalog
	* Decrease memory usage in clipboard.
	* Simplify tiling when pasting a copy. [#87477]
	* Be more flexible pasting full cols/rows in single cells. [#87528]
	* Add vertical alignment DISTRIBUTED
	* Fix xls in/out of rotation

Jon Kåre:
        * Don't crash on csv file with invalid unicode [#167190]
	* Import html hyperlinks as hyperlinks.
	* Fix session management bug when gnumeric is minimized. [#166769]
	* Paste images from clipboard.
	* Copy images and graphs to clipboard.
	* Receive and send images by drag and drop.
	* Don't clear clipboard when losing primary selection. [#300468]

	* Modified the way generated files are handled by Automake.
	* Some configure hacks to support po-functions.

	* Work around Pango bug causing XL save crash.  [#166532]
	* Fix Save-As GUI problem causing CRITICALs.
	* Fix typos that managed to get their own bugzilla entries.
	  [#167495] [#302306]
	* Improve auto-detection of separators for text files.  [#167449]
	* Fix some #decimals problems with print page setup.
	* Fix saving.
	* Fix crash when using --quit.  Fix leak too.
	* Fix rare crash on exit.
	* Use unicode minus (U2212) for numbers.  [#168467]
	* Improve format selection dialog for text import.
	* Constification.
	* Use FooCanvas for rotation part of cell format dialog.
	* Get rid of the last direct GnomeCanvas use.
	* Clean up long double configuration.
	* Fix save-as for non-local files.  [#170308]
	* Drop gtk+-bug workaround.  [#162952]
	* Make sheets even more object-like.
	* Fix parsing problem with names that start out with something
	  that can be parsed as a cell, e.g., "K3P".  [#170465]
	* Improve auto-fixup of 1.0.x era non-ASCII Gnumeric files.
	* Fix minor GUI problem with the format page of text import.
	* Create new plugin with R.[DPQ]dist functions using the
	  R Project's naming and calling conventions.
	  Note: this is deliberately not yet in po-whatever.  There are
	  tons of autogenerated strings and things need to settle down
	  a bit first.
	* Fix modality issue causing crashes.  [#170958]
	* Use a better format for auto expressions.
	* Improve undo description for rich text style changes.  [#171637]
	* Don't destroy target file when loading a saver plugin fails.
	* Make sure we update our window menu when we create a new view.
	* When we reopen insert->image, start in the directory we were
	  last time.  [#143188]
	* Fix conversion problems with stf export.  [#126513]
	* Improve text import for strange encodings.  [#167191]
	* Rework stf export code and fix crash-on-exit-causing leaks.
	* Do something sensible when exporting dates and times as text.
	* Fix uncompressed saving of .xml and .gnumeric (when requested).
	* Improve extreme-case evaluation of quantile functions that are
	  computed by root searching, such as =BETAINV(0.52,1e-3,1e6).
	* Improve accuracy of R.QF (and thus FINV).
	* Fix MODE.
	* Allocate some clipboard data in pools.
	* Fix potential save-as crash.
	* Fix spurious criticals.  [#301581]
	* Change various sheet things to use an object properties.
	* Plug leaks with moving sheets.
	* Use object properties for much of the {sheet,workbook}-control-gui
	  to sheet linkage.
	* Fix multihead problems with popups.
	* Fix crash for sheet-remove on sheets with local dynamic
	* Implement CELL("sheetname", ...).
	* Fix CELL with explicit sheet in the reference.
	* Fix sheet reordering by dragging.
	* Fix various theme related bugs.  [#302902]  [#302880]  [#302882]
	* Fix undo crash in connection with cloning sheets.

Gnumeric 1.5.0

Emmanuel Pacaud:
	* Snap to grid mode when moving sheet objects with shift.

Jean Brefort:
	* add scatter plots with spline interpolation.
	* Box-plots.
	* Fix crash in contour plots (#166051).
	* Automatic bounds work with negative values in XY chart (#164593).
	* Scrollbar and slider max values are now constant (#165173).
	* Avoid recalculation of scrollbar and slider values when not
	necessary (#166085).

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
	* Generate an error when no proper UTF-8 filename is produced when
	  saving [Debian #291265]

	* RTL support.
	* Another step towards the libgoffice split

	* Some cleanup.

	* When using the new printing code, don't bother to generate
	  gnome print fonts for the old code.
	* Improve search strategy for auto-completion.
	* Fix crash for insert/delete column/row.  [#165873]
	* Fix text import crash.  [#165617]
	* Fix SUBSTITUTE.  [#165996]
	* Fix general format's use of "e".
	* Plug dependency leak.  [#159581]
	* Fix fake rounding functions for very large numbers.  [#166188]
	* Eliminate old printing code.
	* Clean out workarounds for old libraries.
	* Avoid GnomeFont in printing.
	* Fix .dbf import of floating point values.  [#166311]
	* Plug xls save leak.  [#166561]

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