Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/09/2005 20:45:10
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Fri Dec  9 20:45:10 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey: Makefile.common distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey-gui: Makefile

Log Message:
Update to 2.7.1:

2005/12/06: version 2.7.1 = tag release-2-7-1
4679: FileTP: Fix HTTP downloading for URLs with space chars, log cleaning
4674: EDK: Re-enable checking old_files before starting a download
      and force_download command
4676: BT: decode_version fix and html sort fix (bogeyman)

4673: IPBlock: display original length and optimized length in block_list,
      log file clean up

4672: FileTP: Fix major bug in HTTP downloading, introduced in 2.6.0

4671: Compile fix in CryptoPP.h for gcc-2.96 (trdw)
4670: Increase max_buffer_size limit for high-volume connections

4649: Updates for file_completed_cmd (pango, spiralvoice)
* some log cleaning
* added information to notification email if auto_commit is disabled,
  email is sent by file_completed, not file_commit
* moved execution of !!file_completed_cmd from file_completed
  to file_commit, kept option name for easier upgrading
  this was done because the filename of a downloading file can be
  different than the filename of the committed file if a file
  with the same name as the to be committed file is already in
  incoming. older method did not take this into account at all..
* added environment variables for file_completed_cmd, see description:

    A command that is called when a file is committed, does not work on MinGW.
    Arguments are (kept for compatability):
    $1 - temp file name, without path
    $2 - file size
    $3 - filename of the committed file
    Also these environment variables can be used (prefered way):
    $TEMPNAME - temp file name, including path
    $FILEID - same as $1
    $FILESIZE - same as $2
    $FILENAME - same as $3
    $FILEHASH - internal hash
    $DURATION - download duration
    $INCOMING - directory used for commit
    $NETWORK - network used for downloading
    $ED2K_HASH - ed2k hash if MD4 is known

4667: Update Ocaml download URL
4666: Always create incoming directories before commit
4663: CryptoPP: Latest fixes ported from aMule CVS

4657: Fix for C files for AMD64, mipsel platforms
      improve endianness checking in tiger.c, md5_c.c and CryptoPP.h,
      print endianness in buildinfo, removed sha1_old code
4661: Log: Print newline before exception message when MLDonkey canīt use a port
      BT: exit if client_port = tracker_port

4654: Fix guiprot when addr not resolvable (zet)
4655: Set conn_user on gui (zet)
4656: BT: update last seen complete field and fix bitfield reading (zet)

4653: GTK2 GUI: add isohunt statistics (su_blanc)

4364: Let mlnet build under the cygwin unix emulation layer (Amorphous)
4648: GTK2 GUI: improve display of razorback stats (su_blanc)
      added the display of data
4646: BT: little change to recognise Clients (bogeyman)
4645: Fix donkey total uptime stats order (bogeyman)

4406: Unicode: Fix filenames in shared_files_new.ini and file rename
      in HTML interface (mld_unicode_patch6.patch) (CML)
4440: New option shutdown_timeout, 3 sec, was hardcoded before (Amorphous)
4644: Update GNU config.guess and config.sub to current versions
4643: HTML: Fix gdstats output when html_use_gzip true
4640: Calendar: view calendar command: vcal
4641: Fix exception in load_web_infos
4642: HTML: Improve preview via webbrowser (pango)


These patches are experimental, please test carefully and report your findings.

4563: replace all Printf.printf occurences by Printf2.lprintf (su_blanc)
4479: Callback mechanism for low ID users does not work (miriup)
      Reactivating submission of server IP and port during client
      handshake in edonkey
  "However, sometimes, especially when I have no files to download I do
   not receive callbacks at all. It is suggested to apply this patch in
   a testing mldonkey for a week on a non-low id connection before including
   it in a stable release, ... I can't test high-ID at all."
4574: Friends upload slot (pango)

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