Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc
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From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/09/2005 15:40:00
Module Name:	pkgsrc
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Date:		Fri Dec  9 15:40:00 UTC 2005

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	pkgsrc/doc: CHANGES

Log Message:
Update gauche to 0.8.6.  Patch provided by Kenji Hisazumi.

From this release we don't use external Boehm GC library because
gauche needs GC to be built with special compilation options.

New features in 0.8.6:

    * New modules:

	+ dbi: Database independent access layer, providing unified
	  access to various relational databases. You need separate
	  "driver" packages to access the actual RDBMS. There are a
	  few driver packages available at
	    Note: If you have been using the separate dbi module, make
	    sure you remove it before using the new dbi and dbd
	    modules. You can find the old dbi.scm under somewhere like
	    /usr/local/share/gauche/site/lib (the actualy directory
	    depends on the configuration when you've installed the dbi
	+ util.relation: A framework to work with relations (as defined
	  by Codd). The result of database access via dbi is represened as
	  a relation.
	+ text.sql: SQL parser/constructor. Full features are not
	  implemented yet, but used in dbi module for prepared queries.

    * New SRFIs:

	+ SRFI-40 (Library of streams) as
	+ SRFI-43 (vector library) as srfi-43.
	+ SRFI-45 (Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy
	    Algorithms) : built-in.

    * New built-in proceduers global-variable-bound? and
      glboal-variable-ref. The former supersedes symbol-bound? (
      symbol-bound? is now deprecated and will go away in the future
      releases. Code that uses symbol-bound? should change it to
      global-variable-bound?. ). The latter removes some need of using
      eval just to peek the value of the global variable.

    * New regexp procedures: regexp-replace*, regexp-replace-all*,

    * Stack overflow handling is largely improved. You can see better
      performance if your script frequently oveflows the stack.

0.8.5 was a maintainance release.


Gauche 0.8.4:

The compiler and VM have been rewritten. Now Gauche runs faster with
less memory (as fast as 1.9x, or cosumes 0.7x memory, in best cases of
our tests. But your mileage may vary.) The compiler now does simple
closure optimization, so the typical loop-by-local-closure style code
will get the advantage. On the other hand, you won't see much gain in
OO-heavy or library-heavy programs.

Other changes:

    * New features:

	  + srfi-42 (Eager comprehension) is supported.
	  + srfi-55 (require-extension) is supported.
	  + A simple sampling profiler is implemented to help tuning
	    programs. Check out "Profiling and tuning" section of the
	    reference manual. The profiler may not be available on all
	  + We provide an experimenal Windows/MinGW binary package for
	    the convenience. See download page.

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