Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/nmap
To: None <>
From: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/08/2005 21:59:17
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	salo
Date:		Thu Dec  8 21:59:17 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/nmap: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/nmap/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to version 3.95


- Put Nmap on a diet, with changes to the core port scanning routine
  (ultra_scan) to substantially reduce memory consumption, particularly
  when tens of thousands of ports are scanned.

- Wrote a new man page from scratch.  It is much more comprehensive
  (more than twice as long) and (IMHO) better organized than the
  previous one.  Read it online at
  or docs/nmap.1 from the Nmap distribution.  Let me know if you have
  any ideas for improving it.

- Wrote a new "help screen", which you get when running Nmap without
  arguments.  It is also reproduced in the man page and at .  I gave up trying
  to fit it within a 25-line, 80-column terminal window.  It is now 78
  lines and summarizes all but the most obscure Nmap options.

- Removed foreign translations of the old man page from the
  distribution.  Included the following contributed translations
  (nroff format) of the new man page:
    Brazilian Portuguese by Lucien Raven (lucienraven(a)
    Portuguese (Portugal) by José Domingos (jd_pt(a) and
    Andreia Gaita (shana.ufie(a)

- Fixed a crash in IPID Idle scan.  Thanks to Ron
  (iago(a)>, Bakeman (bakeman(a),
  and others for reporting the problem.

- Applied some small fixes so that Nmap compiles with Visual C++
  2005 Express, which is free from Microsoft at .  Thanks to KX
  (kxmail(a) and Sina Bahram (sbahram(a)

- Version detection softmatches (when Nmap determines the service
  protocol such as smtp but isn't able to determine the app name such as
  Postfix) can now parse out the normal match line fields such as
  hostname, device type, and extra info.  For example, we may not know
  what vendor created an sshd, but we can still parse out the protocol
  number.  This was a patch from  Doug Hoyte (doug(a)

- Fixed a problem which caused UDP version scanning to fail to print
  the matched service.  Thanks to Martin Macok
  (martin.macok(a) for reporting the problem and Doug
  Hoyte (doug(a) for fixing it.

- Made the version detection "ports" directive (in
  nmap-service-probes) more comprehensive.  This should speed up scans a
  bit.  The patch was done by Doug Hoyte (doug(a)

- Integrated all of the September version detection fingerprint
  submissions.  This was done by Version Detection Czar Doug Hoyte
  (doug(a) and resulted in 86 new match lines.  Please keep
  those submissions coming!

- Fixed a bunch of typos and misspellings throughout the Nmap source
  code (mostly in comments).  This was a 625-line patch by Saint Xavier

- Added the --webxml option, which does the same thing as
  --stylesheet , without
  requiring you to remember the exact URL or type that whole thing.

- Fixed a possible aliasing problem in by applying a patch sent in by
  Gwenole Beauchesne (gbeauchesne(a)  This problem
  shouldn't have had any effect on users since we already include the
  -fno-strict-aliasing option whenever gcc 4 is detected, but it
  brings us closer to being able to remove that option.

- Fixed a problem with the -S and -e options (spoof/set
  source address, and set interface by name, respectively).  The problem
  report and a partial patch were sent by Richard Birkett

- Fixed a problem with the -S and option on Windows reporting "Failed
  to resolve/decode supposed IPv4 source address".  The -D (decoy)
  option was probably broken on that platform too.  Thanks to KX
  (kxmail(a) for reporting the problem and tracking down a
  potential solution.

- Added --thc option (undocumented)

- Modified libdnet-stripped/src/eth-bsd.c to allow for up to 128 bpf
  devices rather than 32.  This prevents errors like "Failed to open
  ethernet interface (fxp0)" when there are more than 32 interface
  aliases.  Thanks to Krok (krok(a) for reporting the problem
  and even sending a patch.

- Fixed a minor syntax error in tcpip.h that was causing problems with
  GCC 4.1.  Thanks to Dirk Mueller (dmuell(a) for reporting
  the problem and sending a fix.

- Define INET_ADDRSTRLEN in tcpip.h if the system doesn't define it
  for us.  This apparently aids compilation on Solaris 2.6 and 7.
  Thanks to Albert Chin (nmap-hackers(a) for
  sending the patch..

- Fixed an inefficiency in RPC scan that could slow things down and
  also sometimes resulted in the spurious warning message: Ünable to
  find listening socket in get_rpc_results"

- Fixed a compilation problem on Mac OS X and perhaps other platforms
  with a one-line fix to  Thanks to Felix Gröbert
  (felix(a) for notifying me of the problem.

- Nmap now accepts target list files in Windows end-of-line format (\r\n)
  as well as standard UNIX format (\n) on all platforms.  Passing a
  Windows style file to Nmap on UNIX didn't work before unless you ran
  dos2unix first.

- Fixed a problem that prevented the command "nmap -sT -PT <targets>"
  from working from a non-privileged user account.  The -PT option
  doesn't change default behavior in this case, but Nmap should (and now
  does) allow it.

- Better handle ICMP type 3, code 0 (network unreachable) responses to
  port scan packets.  These are rarely seen when scanning hosts that
  are actually online, but are still worth handling.

- Fixed a crash occured when the --exclude option was used with
  netmasks on certain platforms.  Thanks to Adam
  (nmapuser(a) for reporting the problem and to
  Greg Darke (starstuff(a) for sending a patch (I
  modified the patch a bit to make it more efficient).

- Removed Identd scan support from NmapFE since Nmap no longer
  supports it.  Thanks to Jonathan Dieter (jdieter99(a) for the

- Fixed a bug that caused Nmap to crash if an nmap-service-probes file
  was used which didn't contain the Exclude directive.

- Fixed a divide-by-zero crash when you specify rather bogus
  command-line arguments (a TCP scan with zero tcp ports).  Thanks to
  Bart Dopheide (dopheide(a) for identifying the problem and
  sending a patch.

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