Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/ircservices
To: None <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/30/2005 17:47:54
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	adrianp
Date:		Wed Nov 30 17:47:54 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/chat/ircservices: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 5.0.56
Create the services group using PKG_GROUPS
From the ChangeLog:
> 2005/11/20 .56	Fixed a bug in StatServ that could cause a crash if
> 		    StatServ was unloaded with a rehash while Services
> 		    was running.
> 2005/11/07	Changed NickServ and ChanServ SET PASSWORD to prevent the
> 		    use of spaces in passwords.
> 2005/11/07	The NickServ commands DROP, RECOVER, RELEASE, and GHOST now
> 		    report a syntax error rather than "password incorrect"
> 		    when too many parameters are given.  (As a result,
> 		    passwords containing spaces can no longer be used with
> 		    these commands.  Use IDENTIFY followed by SET PASSWORD
> 		    to set a new password without spaces.)
> 2005/10/26	Fixed incorrect end-of-/WHOIS responses for several
> 		    pseudoclients.  Reported by Robin Burchell
> 		    <>
> 2005/09/26 .55	Added documentation on CSSetChannelTime configuration option.
> 2005/08/25	Fixed rare bug allowing users to gain voice status
> 		    improperly.  Reported by Anton Wolkov <>
> 2005/08/23	Added "authed" callback for newly-authorized nicknames.
> 		    Suggested by Robin Burchell <>
> 2005/08/16 .54	The ChanServ check_kick callback now passes the channel
> 		    name as a string instead of the Channel structure, so
> 		    the channel name can be known even if the channel is
> 		    empty.  Reported by Olly <olly@xxxxxxx.xx.xx>
> 2005/08/13	The S-line commands (SGLINE, SQLINE, and SZLINE) now check
> 		    that "*" or similarly overbroad masks are not used.
> 		    Suggested by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@xxxxx.xx>
> 2005/08/13	Fixed minor bugs in the code to check whether a new
> 		    autokill is too broad (such as "*").
> 2005/08/13	Fixed a compilation error (and many warnings) when
> 		    compiling with GCC 4.
> 2005/08/13	Added UNSET callbacks for NickServ and ChanServ.  Suggested
> 		    by Craig McLure <>
> 2005/05/12 .53	Fixed bug causing server connection to fail.
> 2005/05/12 .52	Fixed occasional corruption of the NickServ REGISTER syntax
> 		    string upon reconfiguration (OperServ REHASH).
> 		    Reported by <alm@xxxxxxx.xx>
> 2005/05/06	Fixed attempts to send PING messages before connecting to
> 		    the server.  Reported by Craig McLure
> 		    <>
> 2005/04/02 .51	convert-db now checks for more potential problems with the
> 		    imported databases before writing out the XML data.
> 2005/04/02	Fixed bugs when converting databases from old versions of
> 		    PTlink Services.
> 2005/04/01	Fixed handling of links to forbidden nicks when converting
> 		    Auspice databases.
> 2005/03/31	ChanServ KICK no longer allows Services opers to be kicked.
> 2005/03/31	Ensured that usermode +r is cleared from nicks which lose
> 		    their identification status (e.g. from FORBID/SUSPEND).
> 2005/03/31	NickServ SUSPEND now forces the user of the suspended
> 		    nick to change nicknames, as FORBID does.  Reported by
> 		    Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@xxxxx.xx>
> 2005/03/31	ChanServ now stops non-identified users from joining
> 		    channels with mode +R locked on.  Suggested by
> 		    Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@xxxxx.xx>
> 2005/03/29 .50	Fixed security hole in NickServ LISTLINKS allowing any user
> 		    to view a nick's links.  Reported by
> 		    <>

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