Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/monotone
To: None <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/29/2005 00:27:12
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	dan
Date:		Tue Nov 29 00:27:12 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/monotone: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.24

        Major key management changes:
        - Private keys are no longer stored in your database.  They
          are stored in ~/.monotone/keys/ (Unix, OS X) or
          %APPDATA%\monotone\keys\ (Windows).  'db migrate' will
          automatically move your keys out of your database and into
          their proper location.  Consequences:
          - 'genkey' no longer requires a database.  Simply run it
            once when you first start using monotone, even before you
            have created a database.
          - Running 'genkey' once will suffice to give all databases
            on one computer access to your key.  No more fiddling with
          - When you want to make your key available on another
            computer, simply copy over the appropriate file from your
            'keys' directory to the corresponding directory on the new
        - Private keys also use a more standard on-disk envelope
          encoding ("PBE-PKCS5v20(SHA-1,TripleDES/CBC)") instead of
          previous ARC4.  More secure, and with extra crypto karma.

        Netsync changes:
        - Command line syntax for 'serve' changed; administrators WILL
          have to adjust scripts.
            monotone serve "*"
            monotone serve "*"
          or simply
            monotone serve "*"
          (to serve on the default port, on all interfaces).
        - Speaking of which, we can now bind to all interfaces; run
          'serve' without passing --bind, or with passing
          --bind=:port, and monotone will listen on all interfaces.
        - New option '--key-to-push' for 'push', 'sync', allows
          administrator to push a new user's public key into a running
          server without restarting it.
        - Netsync permission hooks have new defaults that read a
          description of allowed access out of a standard,
          basic_io-based textfile (the same stanza-based format that
          revisions use).  Current hooks will continue to work, but
          users may prefer to transition to this format; see manual
          for details.
        - Between these, it is now straightforward to change
          permissions and add users without restarting your server.
        - Improvements to experimental "usher" facility.

        UI improvements:
        - New convenience options "add --unknown", "drop --missing",
          "revert --missing" do what you'd expect -- add all
          non-ignored non-versioned files, drop all
          deleted-but-undropped files, and restore all
          deleted-but-undropped files, respectively.
        - New selector "h:" to select heads of a branch.  "h:" means
          heads of current branch, "h:mybranch" means heads of
        - Similarly, "b:" selector with no argument now refers to
          current branch.
        - Commit messages now have a blank line at the top so you can
          start typing directly.
        - No more obscure error messages when multiple monotone
          processes attempt to access a single database at the same
          time; we now fail early with a more sensible error message.
          (Concurrent access has never caused database corruption;
          this simply makes the corruption prevention less frustrating
          for the user.)
        - New handlers for SIGTERM, SIGINT to rollback database
          transactions.  Not visible to users (unless you're really
          looking carefully).  (Again, killing monotone has never been
          able to cause database corruption; this simply causes the
          transactions to be rolled back immediately, rather than the
          next time monotone runs, which improves robustness in some
          theoretical way.)

        Changes in 'automate':
        - New command 'automate keys' to get information on existing
          keys in basic_io format.

        Updated translations:
        - fr

        Smaller changes:
        - Improved handling of multibyte characters in message
        - Fixes to Botan's memory allocator, to avoid pathological
          slowdowns in some rare cases.
        - Fix bug in delta-storage code; we were not being as aggressive
          about delta-compressing files and manifests as we should
          have been.
        - Minor bugs fixed, error messages improved.

                - Upgrading from 0.23: You must run 'db migrate' and
                  provide your password, for each database.

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