Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Apache-Test
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/23/2005 22:19:50
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Wed Nov 23 22:19:50 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/p5-Apache-Test: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.27:

1.27 - October 20, 2005

localize ScriptSock directive to always point to t/logs/cgisock
regardless of inherited and custom mod_cgid settings
[Geoffrey Young]

Prevent the config file from being overwritten
on platforms such as WIN32 under certain conditions.
[Randy Kobes]

make sure that the TESTS Makefile.PL parameter is properly
recognized ["Christopher H. Laco"]

Add the output of ldd(unix/cygwin) and otool -L (darwin)
for httpd to the mp2bug report script.
[Philip M. Gollucci]

fall back on using httpd-defined HTTPD_ROOT as the base for
httpd.conf if all other options fail.  [Geoffrey Young]

1.26 - July 25, 2005

some people have their Apache user/group names include spaces, so fix
the autogenerated httpd.conf to quote the two. [Stas]

make sure mp2 loading doesn't make it impossible to complete
mp1 runs.  [Matt Sergeant, Geoffrey Young]

add Apache::TestConfigParrot and Apache::TestRunParrot to
support mod_parrot server-side testing [Geoffrey Young]

update -withtestmore action to properly work with newer versions
of Test::Builder [Geoffrey Young]

1.25 - June 17, 2005

provide $Apache::TestUtil::DEBUG_OUTPUT as target for t_debug()
statements, defaulting to STDOUT.  this allows for changing
t_debug() to STDERR when using functions like t_write_file()
from within handler() server-side tests.  [Geoffrey Young]

adjust need_module()/have_module() to not try to require a module if
it was explicitly passed with a .c extension. in certain cases this
prevents a fatal error (e.g. trying to call
Apache::Test::have_module('mod_alias.c') from the <Perl>
sections. [Stas]

1.24 - May 20, 2005

When adding TypesConfig directives (either inherited from the global
httpd.conf or from the locally generated mime.types) make sure to
enclose it in <IfModule mod_mime.c>..</IfModule>, since mod_mime might
be unavailable. [Stas]

1.23 - May 3, 2005

Fix Apache::TestRequest::hostport to return the default host:port
string if $Apache::TestRequest::Module is 'default' or undef [Stas]

Fix Apache::TestRequest::module2url to allow passing '' as a URI
path. [Stas]

tweaks to Apache::TestClient to better deal with corrupted responses
when LWP is not available. [Stas]

1.22 - April 14, 2005

    ******************** IMPORTANT ********************
      this version of Apache-Test does not completely
    configure mod_perl for mod_perl versions 1.99_21 or
    earlier.  Please read the below changes carefully.

remove Apache::TestConfig::modperl_2_inc_fixup().  Apache-Test
is no longer aware - it will not configure mod_perl
support to look in Apache2/ automatically.  [joes]

Add support for mp2's Apache:: -> Apache2:: rename [joes]

1.21 - March 23, 2005

fix Apache::TestConfig (was missing 'use lib' before using
lib::import) [William McKee]

TestConfigPerl will now configure mod_perl last, giving mod_perl
highest priority throughout the httpd lifecycle.  [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path needs to remove empty entries in the
PATH list, since -T considers those tainted too. [Stas]

add Apache::TestHarnessPHP which allows for running client-side
scripts via php instead of perl.  [Geoffrey Young]

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