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Date: 11/22/2005 22:25:30
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Date:		Tue Nov 22 22:25:30 UTC 2005

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Import p5-Sort-Versions-1.5:

Sort::Versions allows easy sorting of mixed non-numeric and numeric strings,
like the "version numbers" that many shared library systems and revision
control packages use.  This is quite useful if you are trying to deal with
shared libraries. It can also be applied to applications that intersperse
variable-width numeric fields within text.  Other applications can
undoubtedly be found.

This is a new version of p5-SortVersion. Changes since the last
p5-SortVersions package:

2003-08-24 23:58  ed

	* README, Version 1.5.

2003-08-24 23:57  ed

	* mkdist: Changed to 'mkdist' written in Perl; now checks version

2003-08-24 23:43  ed

	* Makefile.PL: Removed DISTNAME - change to Perl standard
	convention of calling the package Sort-Versions-xxx.tar.gz.  Though
	I don't know quite what DISTNAME did.

2003-08-24 23:41  ed

	* Makefile.PL: Get the version number from rather than
	hardcoding it in Makefile.PL.

2003-08-24 23:37  ed

	* Removed CVS log; I'm not that keen on it, especially
	as most of the log messages were empty.

2003-08-24 23:33  ed

	* t/versions.t: Use Test::More (based on patch from mwj99).

2003-08-24 23:25  ed

	* t/versions.t: Added some more test cases and commented the
	existing tests.  I think this partly follows a patch from mwj99.

2002-09-01 19:20  ed

	* README: Some revisions and modernizing prompted by Matt's new
	version (although I didn't incorporate all his changes).

2002-09-01 15:03  ed

	* Updated my email address.

2002-03-09 18:19  ed

	* t/versions.t: Added some tests for calling versioncmp directly,
	if perl >= 5.6.

2002-03-09 18:19  ed

	* Made versions() deprecated, so versioncmp() is the
	routine to call.  Small code tidying.

2002-03-09 17:38  ed

	* t/versions.t: Run each test in package main and package Foo.

2002-03-09 17:26  ed

	*, t/versions.t: Applied patch from Slaven Rezic to let
	versions() work when called from a package other than main.  But
	this is not the final answer, I intend to deprecate versions() and
	move the code into versioncmp(), which has saner argument passing
	(not the magic $a and $b).

2002-01-28 19:06  ed

	* Version 1.3: patch from Hack Kampbjørn for '-' digit
	groupings as well as '.'.

2002-01-28 19:05  ed

	* README: Added some rather lame examples of -.

2002-01-28 19:03  ed

	* t/versions.t: Added some tests for - digit grouping.

2001-07-28 18:07  ed

	* t/versions.t: Whoops - got the leading-zero tests the wrong way

2001-07-28 18:07  ed

	* README: Whoops - got the leading-zero examples the wrong way
	round in the README.

2001-07-28 18:02  ed

	* mkdist: Modified from Lingua::Preferred to Sort::Versions.

2001-07-28 17:52  ed

	* Added $VERSION.

2001-07-28 17:40  ed

	* mkdist: Initial revision

2001-07-28 17:34  ed

	* t/versions.t: Added tests for leading-zero numeric comparisons.

2001-07-28 17:33  ed

	* Added support for numeric comparisons where one
	version number has a leading zero.

2001-07-28 17:32  ed

	* README: Fixed spelling mistake.

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