Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/mldonkey
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/22/2005 21:44:51
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Tue Nov 22 21:44:51 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/mldonkey: Makefile.common distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.7.0:

2005/11/19: version 2.7.0 = tag release-2-7-0
4631: Validate ED2K-client_private_key

4630: GTK2 GUI - some bug fixes (su_blanc)
* display Razorback graphical stats for currently selected file

4625: GTK2 GUI - bug fix (su_blanc)
* bug #14865 : availability display "dotty"
  added alpha channel to availability pixbuf.
* bug #14963 : autosize slightly broken
  the tick mark for 'autosize all columns' appears only if all columns are set
  to 'autosize' mode. 'autosize all columns' triggers an 'autosize' mode for
  all columns if at least one has not this mode set. Otherwise all the columns
  are set to 'fixed' mode.
* bug : razorback stats
  display stats on user request.

4583: Change usage to on-demand (su_blanc)
      to avoid overloading the server (disable_razorback_stats.diff)
4619: Remove duplicate Gc.compact () from EDK mem_stats (pango)

4617: GUI: send bt subfiles over gui prot (zet)
4587: Buildinfo: Split build-time and run-time information (schlumpf)
4350: Code cleanup : web interface chunks display (pango)
4616: Change allow_browse_share, so only friends can see file lists (pango)
4615: Add -g to CFLAGS when --enable-profile (pango)
4605: replace string/bool bit arrays with bit vectors (zet)
4607: remove html output from telnet 'vc all' (zet)
4613: Optimizing Set.cardinal to reduce CPU usage (pango)
4614: Gtk2 mlgui improvements (su_blanc)
* fix bug : close all current searches when one quits mlgui
    otherwise the core continues to search
      to test:
        * open mlgui
        * make a search request
        * close the gui
        * in HTML interface, check "View searches" tab.
* lower CPU usage by delaying heavy computations (use Glib.Idle)
* rework the search tab, just make it more simple,
  limit results to max hits, added min availability criterium
* added Autosize columns. Should fix bug #14868
* change pixmap for availability bars in pixbuf. should fix bug #14865

4558: further Overnet patches, query_next_peers3.patch (bogeyman)

4586: cleanup brand stats code (bt/edonkey) (zet)
      updated to coalesce bt software parsing and add some more ids

4589: CryptoPP doesn't like -fomit-frame-pointer, so remove it (przemoc)
4597: OV/KAD: fix a search reset bug (bogeyman)
4585: Change ED2K_max_sources_per_file from 20000 to 5000
4579: Slackware package (tgz) - basic mlnet support (ratmmmam)

4583: GTK2 mlgui improvement (su_blanc)
Lablgtk-2.6.0 is needed for GTK2 mlgui, it fixes a mem leak with GdkPixbuf.
* razorback stats: click on a file in the downloads tab to display the stats
  (at startup wait for few seconds, the time to download the png files...).
* proxy options for mlgui
* a graph tab: global downloads, global uploads and a view per file
  (downloads and uploads).
* fix Tray icon as per task #4694
* reduce mem use
* configuration files locations: mlgui and mlim do not need CommonOptions.
  Should not change anything for the users as we check the $HOME variable.

4558: Overnet: several patches (includes and fixes patch #4551) (bogeyman)
* better detection of dead peers
* so we can ping less often
* and can be sure these peers are alive
* use ip:port from received pakets instead from the peer info
* use a weak Hashtbl for known_peers and remove search_known_peers
* we are removing all dead peers, in buckets and prebuckets,
  (do not wonder, if you get less peers left ;o)
* do not send useless "Connect" pakets, Fillbucket really works
* every 30m file searchs were created twice.
There are really less peers than without this patch, maybe i'll have to tweak
how we fill buckets. But for now this works and produce less traffic.

4581: Fix upload rate for high volume connections (> 1.5Mbit/sec) (pango)
4584: HEAP: use GC.quick_stats for mem_stats level=0 (bogeyman)

4580: Update .cvsignore files (pango)
4564: HTML: fix vd p/d/queued output (zet)
4576: BT: remove sources when file is cancelled,
      mem_stats: Garbage collector info (zet)

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