Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/bogofilter
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/21/2005 23:47:03
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Mon Nov 21 23:47:03 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/bogofilter: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/mail/bogofilter/patches: patch-aa
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/bogofilter/patches: patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 0.96.6, provided by Geert Hendrickx in private mail:
0.96.6	2005-11-11

	* Fix parsing error after binary attachment.


	* Correct charset_default value in

0.96.5	2005-11-07


	* Fix parsing of config file string options.

	* Fix handling of unknown charset name.

0.96.4	2005-10-31


	* Removed the BUGS section from the bogofilter man page as
          it's now obsolete.


	* The bash-dependent contrib/* scripts were changed so they may now
	  work on regular POSIX compliant sh (NOTE: Solaris has a POSIX sh in
	  /usr/xpg4/bin/sh, Solaris's /bin/sh is unsuitable for bogofilter!)

	* The contrib/ directory is now managed by the top-level,
	  which removes one "make" recursion. This implies that "bogogrep" is
	  now built on the top level rather than in contrib/.

	* Renamed all contrib/ scripts to that their suffix gives a hint what
	  kind of script it is (.pl, .sh).

	* Recognize all image/ types as opaque data that we do not parse,
	  rather than just image/bmp.

0.96.3	2005-10-25 (a.k.a. 1.0.0-rc3)

	* Don't decode mime-audio and mime-video attachments.
	* Remove unused CP866 code.


	* Fix possible SIGSEGV with long html comments.


	* Don't decode mime-image and mime-application attachments.


	* Avoid pointer use after freeing its memory.
	* Avoid buffer overflow during conversion to unicode.


	* Fix program abort when bad options are used.
	* Remove unused Berkeley DB locking options.


	* Fixed sqlite build option in
	  (contributed by Tobias Roppelt)


	* Added contrib scripts bfproxy, spamitarium, and stripsearch
	  (contributed by Tom Anderson)

0.96.2	2005-10-06 - Promoted to Stable Release
        2005-09-25 (a.k.a. 1.0.0-rc2)


	* SQLite3 - no longer using EXCLUSIVE in BEGIN TRANSACTION as
	  it seems unnecessary and it causes trouble on MAC OSX


	* Require sqlite 3.2.6 and print warning if older version installed, to
	  avoid people running into critical bugs in older sqlite3 versions.
	  The test can be defeated by setting the environment variable
	  BF_USE_OLD_SQLITE to any value.  Also warn on 32-bit machines.


	* Fix bogus t.maint failures on some systems that don't use bash for
	  /bin/sh (for instance, FreeBSD).


	* Resurrected atexit() code to ensure databases have been
          closed (needed for rare cases on RISC OS).


	* Perform unicode conversion after base64 and quoted-printable
	  decoding.  (Thanks to Mikhael Zabaluev for the patch)


	* (sqlite3 based builds only) Print reminder to register tokens before
	  scoring if preparing the SELECT statement fails.

	* Avoid "obsolete option -I- used, please use -iquote instead" nagging
	  from GCC version 4. (Heck, autoconf has even reached include lines
	  that worked for ages.)


	* Replace mime stack by linked list (to correct gentoo bug #69893).
	* Fix configure's --with-included-gsl option.  (Thanks to
          Torsten Veller for the patch)

0.96.1	2005-09-05 (a.k.a. 1.0.0-rc1)


	* Fix incompatibility with SunOS make(1S), adding a missing trailing
	  backslash character to src/


	* Update RISC OS versions of Makefile and config.h

0.96.0	2005-08-15


	* When directory name is argument for bogoutil's dump/load
	  option, use "wordlist.db" to avoid a sigsegv.

	* Remove support for TDB, the Trivial Database.


	* db_lock.c: rename "cell_t" to "bf_cell_t" to avoid clashing with
	  IRIX's cell_t. Reported by Daichi Kawahata.

	* MIPS doesn't have extended FP precisiopn. Patch by
	  Daichi Kawahata.


	* bogotune - Restored code for recommending db_cachesize value.


	* Bogofilter now complains if sqlite 3.2.1 or older is used on a
	  machine with a word width greater than 32 bits, but tries to proceed.
	  It may however crash with SIGBUS as sqlite 3.2.1 performs unaligned
	  64-bit accesses.  sqlite 3.2.2 or newer is strongly recommended.


	* Updated history of stable releases (file RELEASES).


	* Switched t.encoding test to use the POSIX utility cksum,
	  rather than OS-specific utilities such as md5sum or md5.

0.95.2	2005-07-08 - Promoted to Stable Release


	* Fix incorrect directory creation revealed by t.bogodir.
	* Use unicode & transaction enable/disable flags to limit
	  'make check' tests being run.


	* Fixed buffer allocation error causing problem processing
	  RFC2047 encoded words.
	* Fixed wordlist access problems causing bogotune to
	  incorrectly complain of mixed database encodings.


	* Bogofilter programs now use their own locking for transactional
	  databases, to evade the problems with overflowing lock tables,
	  resizing. The database is locked globally, which no longer allows
	  registrations to happen concurrently with read access.

	  The db-lk-max-locks and db-lk-max-objects options and the bf_resize
	  scripts and pages have been removed.

0.95.1	2005-06-26

	* Fixed some wordlist open conflicts in bogotune.
	* Document unicode requirements for 'make check'


	* Added unicode processing of encoded tokens.


	* Use iso-8859-1 for default charset, rather than us-ascii.

0.95.0	2005-06-20

	* Fix bf_resize bash-isms (let BLAH...) and use POSIX-sh arithmetic
	  expansion $((...)) instead, to fix bf_resize on FreeBSD.
	  Reported by Andrey Chernov.


	* New unicode capabilities!

	  - default configuration:
	    . bogofilter auto-detects whether database is using
	      unicode (utf-8) or not.
	    . bogofilter uses unicode when creating new databases.
	    . bogoutil preserves unicode/non-unicode stat during
	    . bogofilter, bogolexer, and bogoutil have "--unicode=yes/no"
	      options which permit user selectable modes for experimenting,
	      testing, and wordlist conversion.

	  - configure with "--enable-unicode" or "--disable--unicode"
	    builds bogofilter and bogolexer restricted to a single mode.

	  - bogoutil uses "--unicode=yes/no" when creating a new wordlists.
	  - bogoutil uses "--unicode=yes/no" in maintenance mode to
	    convert a wordlist to/from unicode.
	  - bogolexer uses "--unicode=yes/no" to control parsing


	* Added FAQ entry on using bogofilter with qmail.


	* Output --help messages to stdout (rather than stderr) so
	  more can be used for paging.


	* TDB driver now copies TDB returned data in the traversor to
	  align data at proper boundaries, to avoid SIGBUS on some
	  architectures and performance loss on others.


	* Close environment after probing if it has transactions, to
	  conform to Berkeley DB documentation and not leak a file


	* Additional unicode support:
	   Added global variable encoding { E_RAW, E_UNICODE }
	   Added --unicode=yes/no options for bogolexer and bogoutil.
	   Added meta-token .ENCODING { 1=raw, 2=unicode }

0.94.14	2005-06-18 - Promoted to Stable Release

	* Fix bug in transactional auto-detection that caused recovery
	  to fail if the environment was in PANIC state.
	  (Reported by Andrey Chernov.)


	* Removed extra SunOS 4.1.x support code.


	* Support systems with GNU iconv or separate libiconv.

	* Split up acinclude.m4 into separate files under m4/.


	* Refactor charset and unicode functions into charset.[ch],
	  convert_charset.[ch], and conver_unicode.[ch]

	* Add configure and runtime options to select charset and/or
	  unicode character conversion:

	  ./configure                   - runtime selection
	  ./configure --enable-unicode  - unicode only
	  ./configure --disable-unicode - charset only

	  bogofilter --unicode=yes      - use unicode conversion
	  bogofilter --unicode=no       - use charset conversion


	* Consistency: Skip test if Berkeley DB supports shared environments
	  when ./configure --disable-transactions is run, as shared
	  environments are only needed for transactions.
	  (Fixes SunOS portability problem reported by Charles Hewson.)

0.94.13	2005-05-28

	* Minor cleanups to iconv code.


	* Fixed buffer sizing problem affecting unicode encoding of
	  long lines.

	* Added '-q' (quiet) option for bogofilter to suppress
	  printing of statistics.

	* Added return code to lookup function to support error


	* Fixed compilation problems with --enable-iconv and
	  --enable-russian.  Thanks to Lev Butyrev and Yar Tikhiy for
	  reporting them.

	* Modified and added so
	  t.query.con regression test works with --enable-iconv.


	* Efficiency: The SQLite adaptor now creates new databases with an
	  additional index, to reduce CPU time for lookups.
	  You can add the same index to existing databases by typing:

	  sqlite3 ~/.bogofilter/wordlist.db \
	    'CREATE INDEX bfidx ON bogofilter(key,value);'


	* Efficiency: The SQLite adaptor now precompiles the common SQL
	  statements with variables, which avoids the need to parse/compile
	  them for every single token we acces, and which avoids the need to
	  hex encode/decode tokens (suggested by D. Richard Hipp, SQLite

	* Efficiency: save one malloc() in db_get_dbvalue().

	* Cleanup: The SQLite adaptor now uses a single central busy handler,
	  which simplifies the code.

	* Bugfix: Fix abort/retry logic with transactional interfaces
	  (Berkeley DB and SQLite) so that retries actually work.

0.94.12	2005-05-15 - Stable Release

	* RELEASE notes now has a brief summary of the changes since
	  the last stable release (0.92.8) in October 2004.

	* Man pages added for the utility scripts bf_compact, bf_copy,
	  bf_resize, and bf_tar.

	* bf_tar now includes the DB_CONFIG file in the output if present.


	* French FAQ updated by Fabrice Prigent.


	* update by Jonathan Kamens.  Use Spam/Ham
	  rather than Yes/No, fixes to syslog calls, efficiency improvements.

0.94.11	2005-05-10

	* Correct variable name in bf_resize.

0.94.10	2005-05-08

	* Substitute path to the same awk program that configure found
	  into bf_compact so it works on systems that have only nawk or gawk
	  but not awk.

	* Substitute path to SUSv2 compliant shell in bf_* script "magic
	  shebang" lines, so they use /usr/xpg4/bin/sh on Solaris 7+
	  and don't fail any more.

	* Repaired t.abort and t.probe tests to work with ancient shells.


	* Fixed pathing problem in bogoutil.  Default directory should be "."

	* Revised utility scripts (bf_copy, bf_compact, bf_tar,
	  bf_resize) for consistency and Solaris 9 compatibility.

0.94.9	2005-05-06

	* Fixed pathing regression which caused 'bogofilter_dir=dir' option
	  to supercede '-d dir' option.

0.94.8	2005-05-03

	* Revised manpage's description of -p (passthrough) option.

	* When configured with --enable-transactions or --disable-transactions
	  - Fixed compilation problem
	  - Fixed bogofilter -Q reporting
	  - Skip t.probe during "make check"

0.94.7	2005-04-30

	* Fix transaction enabling/disabling so that command line
	  options, i.e. --db-transactions=yes/no, are primary and
	  probing is secondary.

0.94.6	2005-04-26

	* Fixed bogoutil help and documentation to show that -d, -l,
	  -w, -p, and -H options expect a filename, not a directory.
	* Refactored bfpath creation to clean up open modes and lessen
	  number of external calls into paths.c
	* Added db-3.2.9 compatibility macro for db->stat().
	* Updated to v1.6

0.94.5	2005-04-23

	* Fixed database open bug in bogoutil.


	* bf_compact now removes the $BOGOHOME.old directory before renaming
	  the backup to this name, to avoid nested backup directories.

	* Let bf_compact maintain current state of transactions vs.
	  non-transactions. (Bug report: Bill McClain)


	* Use bogoutil --db-print-leafpage-count in bf_resize.

	* Add --db-print-leafpage-count mode to bogoutil.

	* Use bogofilter -QQ in bf_resize and bf_tar.

	* Use bogoutil --db-list-logfiles in bf_copy and bf_tar.

	* Add --db-list-logfiles mode to bogoutil. Can list inactive or all
	  logfiles in relative or absolute paths.

	* Repair bf_copy script that lost log.* files, possibly corrupting
	  database if they had been transactional.  The defect was introduced
	  into bogofilter 0.94.2.


	* Suppress valgrind reports of errors in glibc::strchr.

0.94.4	2005-04-07

	* The RELEASE.NOTES file has been reformatted for readability.

	* When using transactions, the db_log_autoremove option is now
	  enabled by default (to match the documentation).

	* Option db_log_autoremove has been added to


	* Fix segfault in VERP processing.


	* The code for handling file and directory names has been
	  rewritten for clarity and maintainability.  Some options for
	  bogoutil which used to take a directory argument now take a filename,
	  for example -H, -r, and -R which all operate on a database,
	  not on a database environment.


	* File handling code rewritten to use bfpath structure for
	  holding all info and with a 3 step use of the info.  1 -
	  create bfpaths during command line and config file
	  processing; 2 - validate directories and file names; and 3 -
	  use files for processing.

0.94.3	2005-03-29


	* Added FAQ info on using bogofilter with mutt and sylpheed claws.

	* Fixed --db-print-pagesize so that the proper directory is
	  used for database environment.


	* Add error checking to bogoutil's ROBX calculation.

	* Allow --db-verify to work for non-transactional databases.

	* Repair several minor defects around --db-print-pagesize.  Support
	  page size detection with Berkeley DB 3.1 and 3.2 (it was already
	  supported for 3.3 - 4.3). Offer --db-print-pagesize function in
	  bogoutil --help when compiled against SQLite3.

	* Add more intensive bogoutil inspection to the test suite.

	* Fix incomplete cleanups that broke several bogoutil functions again,
	  among them --db-recover[-harder], --db-remove-environment,
	  --db-verify and --db-print-pagesize.

	* Let SQLite3 retry when the database is busy (rather than locked).

0.94.2	2005-03-24

	* Fix SQLite3 open problem, trying again when the table it is


	* Fix --enable-iconv breaking with non-ASCII default charset.

	* bogolexer now understands the --charset-default options.


	* Fix SQLite3 regression in 0.94.0 that broke consistency guarantees
	  and caused a _massive_ slowdown.

	* Add 'bogoutil --db-print-pagesize', to query the database size,
	  useful to replace running awk on 'db_stat -d database.db' output.


	* Fixed dirname/filename problem in bogotune.

0.94.1	2005-03-16

	* Long options cleanup: options that have no meaning for a particular
	  program are now rejected, to meet common expectations. The option
	  parsing code was cleaned up and is easier to maintain now.


	* Add 'bogoutil --db-checkpoint', to replace db_checkpoint -1h.


	* Modified get_token() to use static storage in order to
	  lessen malloc/free overhead.


	* Fix segfault in 'bogoutil --db-verify'.


	* Support for Berkeley DB 3.1 is back.
	* Terminate 'bogoutil -d' when SIGINT or SIGTERM is received.


	* Fixed query_config ('-Q') option.

0.94.0	2005-03-05

	Default mode is transactions disabled for Berkeley DB.


	* Remove bogus signal handler, remove SIGKILL handling; ignore SIGINT,

	* Fix non-transactional mode for Berkeley DB 4.0 and older.


	* Implement --db-log-autoremove=BOOL option, defaults to on.
	  This option removes outdated log files automatically before closing
	  the environment, to conserve disk space.

	* Added signal handler to catch SIGINT, SIGKILL, and SIGTERM
	  and exit cleanly.

	* Support for Berkeley DB 3.1 has been removed as a side
	  effect of automatically detecting transactional mode at
	  run-time, since 3.1 lacks DB_JOINENV.


	* Transactional datastore autoprobing was completed, it assumes
	  transactional mode if log.NNNNNNNNNN files (where N in {0, 1, ... 9})
	  are found.

	* Add swapped endian support for SQlite3 database, to support reading
	  big endian (SPARC) generated databases on little endian machines
	  (x86) and vice versa. To enable reading databases on machines with
	  differing endian, dump and re-load the databases on a machine with
	  same endian as the machine that created them.


	* Added code to auto-detect when a transaction environment
	  exists and act accordingly (if none of the enable/disable
	  options are specified in the config file or on the command


	* Fixed problem causing SIGSEGV when using options "-p" and
	  "-s" with multiple wordlists.


	* Code to enable/disable Berkeley DB transactions now uses an
	  OO paradigm (implemented via struct of method addresses).
	* Enabling/disabling transactions is now run-time selectable
	  using "--enable-transactions=yes/no" on the command line and
	  "enable_transactions=yes/no" in the config file.
	* Use "./configure --enable/disable-transactions" for build
	  time specification.


	* Add option "--db-transaction=yes/no" for run-time
	  enabling/disabling of transactions.


	* Removed unused program bogowordfreq.


	* Included charset_iconv.c in the build.

0.93.5	2005-01-22


	* Revised t.systest to remove vestiges of different scoring


	* bogotune's '-M' option for converting a message to msg-count
	  format now requires a filename option.


	* Fixed segfault caused by using non-existant option 'F'
	* Fixed size/count errors in wordhash code used by bogotune.


	* Fixed an array overrun in bogotune that caused problems when
	  using msg-count files.

	* Include saving of Unsures in procmail example in man page.

	* Change Yes/No/Unsure to Spam/Ham/Unsure in FAQ.


	* bf_util scripts now use name 'BOGOHOME' for their directory
	  parameter and check that it really is a directory.

0.93.4	2005-01-09


	* Misc fixing of compiler warning messages.
	* Minor refactoring of charset code.


	* Fix --enable-transactions logic, was inverted since 2004-12-26
	  (affected release: only, 0.93.3 was fine). Note that
	  giving neither --enable-transactions nor --disable-transactions would
	  still enable transactions.


	* bogoutil now reads the configuration files to know the user's
	  db_lk_max_* values.  Reported by Karl O. Pinc.

	* Added '--config-file=name' to bogoutil to name a config file and
	  '-C' option to suppress reading a config file.

	* Berkeley DB Transactional recovery now uses the actual db_lk_max_*
	  values rather than hardcoded 1024.  Reported by Karl O. Pinc.


	* Added '--default-charset=name' option to configure script.


	* Initial support for Russian character sets.  (Thanks to Evgeny


	* Bogolexer man page:  replaced incorrect references to
	  'bogofilter' with 'bogolexer'.

	* Added '-O file' to specify bogolexer output file.


	* Fixed bogoutil --db-remove-environment DIR, which would just abort.

	* Fixed several memory leaks.

	* Refactored long option code.	All definitions are now in one
	  file (longoptions.c).	 Programs bogolexer and bogoutil
	  ignore options that don't apply to them, rather than abort.

	* Long options used in the config file use underscores in
	  their names.	Used on the command line, they have hyphens.
	  This fixes a problem where some options had hyphens and some
	  had underscores. 2004-12-26

	* Fixed errors in bogoutil's usage and help messages.

0.93.3	2004-12-24

	* Bogoutil's options for maintaining the database environment
	  are all long options with a "db-" prefix.
	* Bogoutil's help message and man page include the new long


	* Early Christmas Gift: Bogofilter now supports SQLite v3.
	  Requires SQLite v3.0.8. See the RELEASE.NOTES.


	* Internal cleanup: Move transaction handling back into database space,
	  and let the database backend driver map this into the environment if

	* Portability fix for BerkeleyDB versions 3.1 and 3.2:
	  log_archive expects a fourth argument.


	* lexer_v3 HTML parser fix for urlencoded characters, by Krzysztof
	  Foltman. Speeds up a particular case of malformatted mail.


	* bogoutil -C file  now checks if the database file file is intact.
	  (Only implemented for Berkeley DB stores with and without


	* bf_compact now uses db_archive without -d option and loops on the
	  results instead, calling rm in turn for each file. -d is not
	  supported by older Berkeley DB versions such as 4.0.

	* bogoutil -P directory	 now checkpoints the database and removes
	  inactive log files. Note you must save the database and remaining log
	  files, in that order, if you want to be able to recover from
	  corrupted files.


	* Limit mime overflow error messages to 1 per email.


	* configure now checks if Berkeley DB supports shared environments and
	  suggests workarounds if it doesn't, to aid Fedora Core users.


	* New directory doc/programmer/OS2 contains configure.os2
	  script contributed by Yuri Dario

0.93.2	2004-12-03

	* New script bf_resize DIR that checks the sizes of all databases in an
	  environment and writes a lock size to DB_CONFIG.


	* Accuracy fix: message counts of ignore lists (that can be present)
	  will be ignored and no longer skew the spamicity.


	* Allow environment to be group writable, reported by Fletcher Mattox.

	* Accuracy fix: no longer pretend that we had seen an empty message
	  registered when there was no registration. Use ROBX for spamicity.
	  This changes the output format of bogofilter -vvv mode when no spam
	  or no ham messages have been registered previously.


	* Support for Berkeley DB 3.0 was explicitly removed again, so that no
	  stable bogofilter version since 0.17.5 will have had support for this
	  version. This eliminates the need for on-disk database format
	  upgrades and keeps things simple.
	  As the unadvertised breaking of BDB 3.0 didn't raise a single
	  complaint and 3.1 has been around since July 2000, this should be

	* Support long options in bogoutil.

	* Add --remove-environment DIR long option to bogoutil, to remove the
	  environment. Only one such option can be used and there is no
	  corresponding short option.

	* Remove useless numeric Berkeley DB error codes from error messages.


	* bogofilter processes will refuse to open multiple wordlists in
	  different database environments (directories) when the transactional
	  Berkeley DB datastore is compiled (default). The non-transactional
	  (--disable-transactions), QDBM and TDB datastores are unaffected.


	* bogotune now uses getopt() to process the argument list,
	  hence requires a '-n' flag before each non-spam file and a
	  '-s' flag before each spam file.
	* bogotune now accepts '-x flags' to set debug flags.


	* Make scoring one huge transaction, rather than one individual
	  transaction per token. This fixes consistency and should improve
	  score speed.

	  WARNING: this seems to have broken bogotune, which, BTW, doesn't
	  return errors to the test suite (t.bulkmode, with message-count
	  files), it reports a bogus "PASS" in spite of database PANICs.


	* Restored the old traditional Berkeley DB datastore that cannot be
	  recovered. Its use is discouraged, to use this, type
	  ./configure --disable-transactions

	* Restored the error message when recovery is attempted on QDBM
	  databases, was lost in the DEPOT (hash) ->VILLA (B+tree) switch.


	* Added utility script bf_tar.


	* Added utility scripts bf_copy and bf_compact.
	* Added BerkeleyDB warning for binary rpm users.


	* New entries in bogofilter-faq.html on error messages
	      "Lock table is out of available locks" and
	      "Lock table is out of available object entries"

	* Add %u formatting option to print login or user ID information,
	  SourceForge Feature Request #1056729.

0.93.1	2004-11-11

	* The README.db file now has information on the DB_CONFIG file that
	  can be created and used to configure the Berkeley DB module.

	* Bogofilter's config file now supports setting max lock and
	  object counts for Berkeley DB using options

	* Bogofilter and bogoutil now allow these options on the
	  command line, as:

	* When running database recovery automatically, don't let go of the
	  lockfile, so we can do our actual work subsequently.


	* Support for BerkeleyDB 4.3 was added. We'll avoid DB_NOSYNC on
	  DB->close() when DB_LOG_INMEMORY is configured for now.

	* Update manual pages/example outputs and filter recipe examples from
	  "X-Bogosity: yes" to "X-Bogosity: Spam". Fixes Debian bug #280557.

	* Bugfix for BerkeleyDB 4.2 support: check the data base flags, not the
	  environment flags, for DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE, when determining whether
	  DB_NOSYNC is safe on DB->close(). May fix some kinds of database
	  corruption encountered with DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE.

	* Return DB_VERSION_STRING contents in -V (version) output when
	  compiled against Berkeley DB. Minor change to the output format.


	* Unify and clean up the horrible RELEASE.NOTES-*, CHANGES* and NEWS-*
	  mess with lots of duplicated info.
	  There shall only be one RELEASE.NOTES file and one NEWS file.
	  RELEASE.NOTES shall contain important information for updates.
	  NEWS shall contain noteworthy code changes in technical detail.

	  This also removes the confusion that RELEASE.NOTES didn't contain
	  information relevant for 0.93.X.


	* Berkeley DB mode: do not create data base in read mode (properly map
	  open_mode to DB_RDONLY flag, store open_mode).

	* Berkeley DB mode: exit with error code if lock file cannot be
	  created. Attempt recovery even if creation of lock file succeeded.


	* Fixed negative buffer index in mime.c

0.93.0	2004-11-06 "Broken compatibility" release

	* Fix bogotune's '-D' option.


	* Use only reentrant functions in the signal handler that runs
	  periodically to check for crashed processes.
	  Reported by Pavel Kankovsky.


	* Add a debugged and enhanced version of Stefan Bellon's QDBM
	  Hash->B+tree converter.

	* Broke QDBM compatibility with 2004-10-30 change, check unsigned
	  characters to match Berkeley DB behavior of bogoutil -d.


	* Rearranged flag setting for Berkeley DB data store, so as only to set
	  DB_CHKSUM[_SHA1] when creating the data base.
	  Fixes "checksum error: catastrophic recovery required" and
	  consequential "wordlist.db: page 1: reference count overflow" errors
	  Reported by Torsten Veller.

	* Revised RELEASE.NOTES-0.93 to move QDBM change into "Incompatible
	  Changes" section and to mention BerkeleyDB dump/load for 4.1 and 4.2
	  to add checksums.

	* Inserted new section 2.2 into doc/README.db to mention that it is
	  recommended to dump/load the data base when using BerkeleyDB 4.1 and


	* Converted QDBM from hash files (DEPOT API) to B+ trees
	  (Villa API) for better speed (Stefan Bellon).


	* Attempting recovery with TDB or QDBM data bases results in an error,
	  so the user does not think it succeeded.

	* Document that recovery only works for Berkeley DB, but not TDB or


	* Merged Transactional branch (for BerkeleyDB) back into the trunk.
	  Further changes below.


	* Added GETTING.STARTED document.

	* Changed default mode from two-state to three-state
	  - with ham_cutoff=0.45 and spam_cutoff=0.99
	    The ham_cutoff value is new and spam_cutoff is unchanged.
	  - changed the "Yes/No" tags used in the "X-Bogosity:" line
	    to "Spam/Ham/Unsure"

	NOTE: the next entries appear to be out of order, the pertinent changes
	have been developed on a side branch of bogofilter and have been merged
	for bogofilter 0.93.0.


	* bogofilter can now be used with Berkeley DB 3.0 or 3.1 although this
	  is not recommended. You should prefer 4.2 or 4.1 instead.
	  UPDATE: support for 3.0 was later removed on 2004-11-29

	* Documentation on the write cache issue (recoverability of data bases)
	  has been revised.


	* Updates doc/README.db with a section on the log file size and
	  pointers to db_checkpoint and db_archive.

	2004-09-03 (txn 2.1)

	* The on-line crash detector would consider its own process a zombie,
	  so all processes that lasted 30 s or longer would abort themselves
	  after that period.

	  This was particularly prominent with BerkeleyDB 4.1 with
	  x86/gcc-assembly mutexes as this combination appears rather slow when
	  facing lock contention, causing t.lock3 failure. BDB 4.1 compiled to
	  use POSIX mutexes (where working) appears to be a lot faster in this

	2004-09-01 (txn 2.0)

	* Hook up crash detection code. Bogofilter is now able to detect
	  when recovery is necessary and should detect stalled data bases
	  within 30 seconds.
	  NOTE: this means if one process crashes all other processes
	  accessing the same data base will abort with an error code.

	  Stalled data bases happen when one process or the system crashes and
	  doesn't have a chance to clear its locks.

	  This code uses ideas from Matthias Andree and Pavel Kankovsky.

	2004-08-23 (txn 1.1)

	* Add -f and -F options to bogoutil (mnemonic: fix) to run data base

	* Reimplement our own locking so that recovery and data base access
	  don't collide and no two processes try running recovery at the same

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