Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/MyPasswordSafe
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/17/2005 22:12:37
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Thu Nov 17 22:12:37 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/security/MyPasswordSafe: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/security/MyPasswordSafe/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 20050615:

2005-06-15 04:10  nolan

	* src/serializers.cpp:
	  readCBC wasn't allocating enough memory for the buffer when the
	  string's length was a multiple of 8. This was fixed by adding

2005-06-15 03:32  nolan

	* src/serializers.cpp:
	  Fixed a memory leak in readCBC

2005-02-07 18:04  nolan

	* src/: aboutdlg.ui, manualdlg.ui, newpassphrasedlg.ui,
	  passphrasedlg.ui, preferencesdlg.ui, pwordeditdlg.ui,
	  startupdlgbase.ui: Added accelerators

2004-12-09 01:51  nolan

	* release/Makefile: Removed signing from all

2004-12-09 01:49  nolan

	* src/safelistview.cpp: Root is no longer decorated

2004-12-09 01:48  nolan

	* images/help.png: Copied from Psi

2004-12-06 11:03  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui.h, safe.cpp,
	  safelistview.cpp, safelistview.hpp: Added in place group renaming
	  Safe emits changed() now MyPasswordSafe is connected to
	  Safe::changed() Added savingEnabled() slot to MyPasswordSafe

2004-12-06 08:38  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui, safelistview.cpp: Added icon to

2004-12-06 08:38  nolan

	*, images/configure.png, images/editcopy.png,
	  images/editcopy_1.png, images/fetch_user.png,
	  images/file_locked.png, images/folder_new.png: Added and redid
	  some images

2004-12-06 08:14  nolan

	* Makefile, README: Updated README Increased minor version number

2004-12-06 08:07  nolan

	* src/crypto/: bfproxy.cpp, bfproxy.hpp, cryptointerface.hpp: Added
	  copyright notice

2004-12-06 07:34  nolan

	* src/: safeserializer.cpp, serializers.cpp, serializers.hpp: Used
	  #ifdef instead of #if

2004-12-06 07:32  nolan

	*, src/encryptedstring.cpp,
	  src/encryptedstring.hpp, src/myutil.cpp, src/myutil.hpp,
	  src/safe.cpp, src/safe.hpp, src/safeserializer.cpp,
	  src/serializers.cpp, src/serializers.hpp, src/xmlserializer.cpp,
	  src/crypto/bfproxy.cpp, src/crypto/bfproxy.hpp,
	  src/crypto/blowfish.cpp, src/crypto/blowfish.h,
	  src/crypto/cryptointerface.hpp, src/crypto/sha1.cpp,
	  src/crypto/sha1.h, src/pwsafe/PW_BlowFish.cpp,
	  src/pwsafe/PW_BlowFish.h, src/pwsafe/Util.cpp,
	  test/, test/bfproxytest.cpp: Moved the
	  serializers off of Password Safe's blowfish and sha1 code Created
	  a proxy class for Blowfish Created two serializers for big endian
	  machines to open the borked safes Made EncryptedString use a
	  single encryption object

2004-12-06 01:16  nolan

	* src/startupdlgbase.ui: Changed the shadow and shape of banner

2004-12-06 01:14  nolan

	* release/Makefile: Added about_banner swapping Renamed 'upload' to
	  'release' All just compiles, no more uploading

2004-12-06 01:01  nolan

	* src/aboutdlg.ui: Added logo to license

2004-12-06 01:00  nolan

	* images/: about_banner.png, about_banner.src.png: Branded about
	  logo Created an unbranded src logo

2004-11-30 16:26  nolan

	* images/edit_remove.png: Switched it to a minus sign again, but
	  it's based off of the new plus sign

2004-11-29 22:35  nolan

	* uuid-1.0.0/: Makefile, config.status: [no log message]

2004-11-29 22:35  nolan

	* images/: button_ok.png, edit_add.png, edit_remove.png,
	  fileclose.png: Copied better icons from Psi

2004-11-02 17:17  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui.h: Connected helpAbout

2004-11-02 17:17  nolan

	* Removed some spaces

2004-11-02 16:51  nolan

	* images/: fileclose.png, lock.png: Added

2004-11-02 16:51  nolan

	* Makefile: Removed domainname

2004-11-02 16:37  nolan

	* src/safelistview.cpp: The username is copied to the clipboard on
	  a drag

2004-11-02 16:28  nolan

	* Makefile: Inced version

2004-11-02 16:27  nolan

	* README: Added headers and -jN

2004-11-02 16:25  nolan

	* src/: aboutdlg.ui, aboutdlg.ui.h, main.cpp, mypasswordsafe.ui,
	  mypasswordsafe.ui.h: The license gets displayed the first time
	  MyPS is ran

2004-11-02 15:57  nolan

	* src/: main.cpp, mypasswordsafe.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui.h: Made
	  locking hide the main window Locking no longer prompts on a
	  change of virtual desktops

2004-11-02 01:38  nolan

	* src/mypasswordsafe.ui.h: [no log message]

2004-11-01 18:42  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui.h, startupdlgbase.ui,
	  startupdlgbase.ui.h: The password widget gets focus after an
	  action is selected Set the startup dialog's icon Changed a couple
	  of the action items' text Default action sets the default safe

2004-11-01 18:23  nolan

	*, src/myendian.h, src/myutil.hpp,
	  src/startupdlgbase.ui.h, src/crypto/blowfish.cpp,
	  src/crypto/blowfish.h, src/crypto/sha1.cpp, src/crypto/sha1.h,
	  src/pwsafe/PwsPlatform.h: Added new crypto

2004-11-01 16:54  nolan

	*, src/encryptedstring.cpp,
	  src/encryptedstring.hpp, src/serializers.cpp,
	  src/pwsafe/PW_BlowFish.cpp, src/pwsafe/PW_sha1.cpp,
	  src/pwsafe/PW_sha1.h, src/pwsafe/Util.cpp, src/pwsafe/Util.h,
	  src/pwsafe/sha1.cpp, src/pwsafe/sha1.h: Renamed sha1 Changed the

2004-11-01 16:50  nolan

	* README: Removed Boost and added trademark and copyright info

2004-11-01 16:49  nolan

	*, README: [no log message]

2004-11-01 16:48  nolan

	* Changed BlowFish to PW_BlowFish

2004-11-01 16:48  nolan

	* src/pwsafe/: BlowFish.cpp, BlowFish.h, PW_BlowFish.cpp,
	  PW_BlowFish.h: Renamed

2004-11-01 16:44  nolan

	* COPYING: [no log message]

2004-11-01 16:34  nolan

	* src/: encryptedstring.cpp, encryptedstring.hpp, exception.hpp,
	  main.cpp, mypasswordsafe.ui.h, myutil.cpp, myutil.hpp,
	  newpassphrasedlg.ui.h, passphrasedlg.ui.h, plaintextlizer.cpp,
	  plaintextlizer.hpp, preferencesdlg.ui.h, pwordeditdlg.ui.h,
	  safe.cpp, safe.hpp, safedragobject.cpp, safedragobject.hpp,
	  safelistview.cpp, safelistview.hpp, safeserializer.cpp,
	  safeserializer.hpp, securedstring.cpp, securedstring.hpp,
	  serializers.cpp, serializers.hpp, smartptr.cpp, smartptr.hpp,
	  startupdlg.cpp, startupdlgbase.ui.h, uuid.cpp, uuid.hpp,
	  xmlserializer.cpp, xmlserializer.hpp: Changed the header

2004-11-01 16:01  nolan

	* src/aboutdlg.ui: Changed license to GPL

2004-11-01 16:01  nolan

	* [no log message]

2004-11-01 12:53  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui.h, passphrasedlg.ui.h,
	  preferencesdlg.ui.h, pwordeditdlg.ui.h: Changed SGS to SG

2004-11-01 12:44  nolan

	* src/: encryptedstring.cpp, encryptedstring.hpp, main.cpp,
	  plaintextlizer.cpp, safe.cpp, safe.hpp, safelistview.cpp,
	  safeserializer.cpp, safeserializer.hpp, securedstring.cpp,
	  securedstring.hpp, serializers.cpp, serializers.hpp,
	  smartptr.cpp, smartptr.hpp, uuid.cpp, uuid.hpp,
	  xmlserializer.hpp: Changed Semantic Gap Solutions to Semantic Gap

2004-11-01 12:39  nolan

	* src/: safe.cpp, safelistview.cpp, smartptr.cpp, smartptr.hpp:
	  Replaced assert w/ Q_ASSERT Added headers to smartptr.?pp

2004-11-01 12:35  nolan

	* src/main.cpp: ifdefed out a print statement

2004-11-01 12:34  nolan

	* src/mypasswordsafe.ui.h: browseForSafe uses QFileDialog's static

2004-11-01 12:10  nolan

	* src/: aboutdlg.ui, manualdlg.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui,
	  mypasswordsafe.ui.h, newpassphrasedlg.ui: Changed icons New safes
	  won't ask to be saved when they're closed Changed MyPS's icon

2004-11-01 12:10  nolan

	* images/: button_cancel.png, button_ok.png, configure.png,
	  contexthelp.png, edit.png, editcut.png, exit.png, fileopen.png,
	  filesave.png, filesaveas.png, folder_new.png, help.png, redo.png,
	  undo.png: Switched to 16x16 images

2004-11-01 12:09  nolan

	* [no log message]

2004-10-31 07:32  nolan

	* src/pwsafe/: PwsPlatform.h, Util.h: Refactored the endian.h

2004-10-31 07:32  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui.h, safelistview.cpp: Changed the default
	  column sizes

2004-10-31 01:38  nolan

	* src/: aboutdlg.ui, manualdlg.ui: Added a two contributors to
	  credits Changed Semantic Gap (TM) Solutions to Semantic Gap (TM)

2004-10-31 01:22  nolan

	* release/Makefile: Added upload

2004-10-31 01:07  nolan

	* src/pwsafe/Util.h: Added endian.h for __APPLE__

2004-10-30 09:41  nolan

	*, src/newpassphrasedlg.ui,
	  src/passphrasedlg.ui, src/preferencesdlg.ui, src/pwordeditdlg.ui,
	  src/startupdlgbase.ui: Added icons to buttons

2004-10-30 09:15  nolan

	* src/: passphrasedlg.ui, startupdlgbase.ui: Changed the dialog

2004-10-30 08:58  nolan

	* images/keys.png: Readded

2004-10-30 08:58  nolan

	*, images/keys.png, src/passphrasedlg.ui,
	  src/startupdlgbase.ui: Added keys Changed source files to use

2004-10-30 08:44  nolan

	* images/keys.png: new icon

2004-10-22 19:14  nolan

	* doc/sshots/mainwindow.jpg, src/serializers.cpp: Groupnames are
	  converted from UTF8

2004-10-11 05:27  nolan

	* Makefile, src/pwsafe/PwsPlatform.h, src/pwsafe/Util.h: Applied
	  contributed patches

2004-10-03 22:04  nolan

	* src/: mypasswordsafe.ui.h, safedragobject.cpp,
	  safedragobject.hpp, safelistview.cpp, safelistview.hpp: Did some
	  work so MyPS wouldn't segfault when dragging onto another app

2004-10-03 22:03  nolan

	* Removed spaces added by Designer

2004-10-01 22:40  nolan

	* Makefile: Increased version number Added check for HOST

2004-10-01 22:26  nolan

	* src/: aboutdlg.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui, mypasswordsafe.ui.h,
	  newpassphrasedlg.ui, passphrasedlg.ui, plaintextlizer.cpp,
	  preferencesdlg.ui, pwordeditdlg.ui, safedragobject.cpp,
	  safelistview.cpp, safelistview.hpp, safeserializer.cpp,
	  xmlserializer.cpp, xmlserializer.hpp: Added some file headers
	  Changed the button order on some dialogs Added drag and drop
	  Finished XmlSerializer

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