Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/xfig
To: None <>
From: ITOH Yasufumi <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/12/2005 16:08:21
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itohy
Date:		Sat Nov 12 16:08:21 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/graphics/xfig: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/graphics/xfig/patches: patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad

Log Message:
Update to xfig 3.2 pachlevel 5-alpha5.

Summary of changes from CHANGES.xfig:

Patchlevel 5-alpha5 (April, 26, 2004):

	o Added note to README and FAQ html file:
	  If the Xaw or Xaw3d Athena widget sets are compiled with the
	  ARROW_SCROLLBAR style of scrollbars, there is no StartScroll action
	  and you won't be able to scroll using the wheel on the mouse.
	  If you want to be able to scroll using the wheel, you must recompile
	  the Xaw library from sources, disabling the ARROW_SCROLLBAR option.
	o Astrological symbols for planets in Miscellaneous/Astrology by Andrew Collier
	o Added key bindings to text dialogs to be more like modern systems (the
	  Athena Widget Set that xfig uses is very old):
	    Home:  beginning-of-line
	    End:   end-of-line
	    Del:   delete-character-right
	o Added *.jpeg* to picture browse options
	o New libraries for electronics from Fabio González in

	o typo in latex_and_xfig.html and LATEX_AND_XFIG files. Text should be:
	  It was missing parameters {1}{1}
	o -correct_font_size missing from -help option list and man pages
	o -help and -version didn't work unless they were first in the options
	o -O option wasn't passed to fig2dev for overlapping pages in multiple
	  page mode for PostScript export
Patchlevel 5-alpha4 (Feb, 19, 2004):

Note:	There is a minor change to the copyright/permission notice for xfig.
	Basically, I have restored the part that allows one to sell xfig
	regardless of whether it is bundled as part of a package or not.
	This is identical to the original copyright/permission notice for
	xfig, which was based on the MIT (then later, the X Consortium)
	copyright notice.
	Here is the new notice (different files have different author
	copyrights at the top):

	> FIG : Facility for Interactive Generation of figures
	> Copyright (c) 1985-1988 by Supoj Sutanthavibul
	> Parts Copyright (c) 1989-2002 by Brian V. Smith
	> Parts Copyright (c) 1991 by Paul King

	> Any party obtaining a copy of these files is granted, free of charge, a
	> full and unrestricted irrevocable, world-wide, paid up, royalty-free,
	> nonexclusive right and license to deal in this software and documentation
	> files (the "Software"), including without limitation the rights to use,
	> copy, modify, merge, publish distribute, sublicense and/or sell copies of
	> the Software, and to permit persons who receive copies from any such
	> party to do so, with the only requirement being that the above copyright
	> and this permission notice remain intact.

	o Introduction.html and installation.html updated to include Macintosh
	  port of xfig
	o Button to collapse depths of a compound object (make all same depth)
	  in popup object editor
	o Grid changed from dotted line to light red solid line
	o Candle in Libraries/Miscellaneous by Dr. Lyman Hazelton
	o Right-click on depth checkbox sets current depth in indicator panel
	  to that depth
	o Library of symbols used when diagramming folding instructions to make
	  origami models and example contributed by Marc Vigo
	o Can adjust width and height directly in popup editor for picture
	o Support for David Hawkey's Xaw3D version 1.5E

	o When loading a library object, if it contained only a compound and
	  nothing else, when xfig promoted that compound to the toplevel the
	  main comment was lost
	o Incorrect header files used for SmeBSB resulted in either segfault or
	  none of the command panel entries being underlined
	o Drawing very large splines (e.g. at zoom = 0.01) caused integer
	  roundoff errors, making xfig loop indefinitely
	o Bug where a line that had a zero width or length arrowhead was not
	  redrawn after being moved, copied, canvas redraw, etc.
	o The page border and axis lines would obscure Fig objects when moving,
	  copying etc. other objects on the canvas.
	o In the popup picture editor, if the relative position of the corners
	  of the picture were changed, the rotation field was not updated
	  (this bug was in 3.2.5-alpha3 only)
	o line, arc, ellipse length tool was reporting 0 length

Patchlevel 5-alpha3 (Dec, 9, 2003):

	o URL for information about the color optimization code (written by
	  Anthony Dekker) has changed to:

	o -autorefresh command-line option (resource: Fig.autorefresh) which
	  will make xfig look at the timestamp on the .fig file and
	  automatically load it and display it everytime it changes.
	o Removed requirement to compile with WHEELMOUSE when using wheelmouse
	o New tower computers (Libraries/Computers/AOpenKF45E.fig and
	  AOpenKF45E.fig from Dirko van Schalkwyk)
	o New 10/100 8port hub (Libraries/Networks/3Com3C16750.fig also from
	  Dirko van Schalkwyk)
	o When placing library objects, the name and comments are displayed in
	  message window
	o New flags (Libraries/Flags): Africa/Eritrea, Africa/Zimbabwe,
	  Asia/Myanmar, Asia/Tajikstan, Asia/Kyrgystan, Europe/Croatia
	o non-polar capacitor added to Libraries/Electronic/Schematic
	o Mouse wheel can be used to scroll through filename lists in File and
	  Export panels and icons or object lists in Library panel
	o Thickness of ticks in dimension lines are user-adjustable now
	o For attribute popup dialogs with only one text entry, keyboard now
	  focuses on the entry as long as the pointer is anywhere in the dialog
	o When using the "Open compound, keep rest visible", the other objects
	  are drawn in shades of gray similar to the inactive layers feature.
	o New library objects: adder, multiplier, sine-source and voltage-source
	  in Electronic/Schematic by Hubert Lam
	o Zooming in or out with the Z or z key respectively will keep the canvas
	  centered on the mouse pointer
	o Full version and patchlevel is included in Fig file header for
	o Can explicitly set the rotation of imported pictures in edit panel
	  after importing
	o Export option to produce both EPS and PDF (in two files) in one step.
	  Useful for those who both use LaTeX and PDFLaTeX
	o "Epoch" added to rpm spec
	o New HP/GL2 (fig2dev) driver from Glenn Burkhardt with paper size
	  selection, offset, centering and orientation options
	o New library object "atom" in Libraries/Miscellaneous is the classic
	  drawing of an atom with electrons circling
	  From Andrew B. Collier

	o Missing #ifdef XAW3D in SimpleMenu.c
	o Bug when breaking a compound object - depths were added twice to the
	o When implicitly cancelling the placement of a library object by
	  choosing another mode, xfig would tell user to cancel or finish the
	  current operation, but there was no way to do that
	o Picture Reread button was active before file was read the first time
	o Rereading picture in edit popup produced bad colors
	o When using multiple copies of an imported picture, h/w ratio was not
	  computed for copies
	o Importing PCX images were incorrect when bytes per line different from
	o When passed a filename containing a directory name for a Fig object
	  library using -library_dir, and that directory only contains Fig files
	  and no subdirectories with Fig files, xfig segfaulted
	o Several checks for memory allocation failure added to the library
	  loading procs
	o Forgot to free allocated memory when return abnormally from loading
	o Path length check in loading libraries fixed
	o Missing include for put_msg prototype in e_measeure.c
	o Needed #ifdef for XtVersion in SmeBSB.c (X11R5 doesn't have
	  international fontset)
	o Added SIGPIPE signal to ignore in case an external program dies when we're
	  using pipes
	o Screen capture on an MSBFirst X server with 24/32 bits per pixel was
	o Importing any image file on such a server was incorrect (bytes/bits
	o Reading GIF or PCX files on 24-bit server *and* on big-endian machine
	  (e.g. Sparcstation) resulted in bytes being swapped and funny colors
	o Could popup unit dialog when drawing/editing objects
	o Embedded whitespace in filenames in recently loaded files weren't
	  parsed properly (.xfigrc)
	o When pasting an object on the canvas, point positioning grid wasn't used
	o Bug when reading a compressed eps file (file handle was passed to open
	  proc instead of name)
	o Minor grid spec used twice instead of minor/major when passed to fig2dev
	o Fixed conversions of export/print grid values when switching to/from
	  metric, decimal or fraction
	o When loading or merging a file, xfig appended ".fig" to the name if
	  there wasn't ".fig" in the name. Now it only appends ".fig" if there
	  is no suffix (no ".").
	o When appending the ".fig" before the previous change, xfig would segfault
	o Libraries/Electronic/Schematic/transformer and transformer_ironcore
	  aligned to 1/16" grid
	o Bugs in indicator panel display of text flags, dimension line params
	  and arrow size params when cycling through settings with middle or
	  right mouse button
	o Bug in callbacks for dimension line checkboxes that select actual
	  length or user text
	o When exporting to Combined PDF/LaTeX it uses ".pdf" and ".pdf_t"
	  suffixes because LaTeX doesn't recognize ".pdftex" as a PDF file
	o Better clipping around arrowheads on thick lines (lines that are
	  thicker than the arrowhead is wide)
	o Checks for open splines of < 2 points when reading figure file and
	  removes them
	o Clicking middle mouse button after creating first point of closed
	  spline switched to freehand mode
	o Export panel sections would get messed up when changing export
	o Now checks whether scrollbars support StartScroll before trying to use
	  it for the wheel scrolling.  When the Xaw widgets are compiled with
	  ARROW_SCROLLBAR, there is no such action.
	o pstex_t export lacked border option (-b) to align LaTeX text when
	  pstex figure specified border (also fixed in fig2dev)
	o Create one picture object with no filename, then create another and
	  xfig crashed
	o Some bugs when freeing dimension line components
	o Bad choices for grid dot spacing in metric mode in the 5mm grid, and
	  decimal inch mode in the 0.5 and 1.0 inch grids
	o -international flag missing from xfig.html and docs
	o Added call to XsetLocaleModifiers() when initializing input method
	  (-international mode only)
	o xfig was limiting arrowhead lengths to 50 pixels instead of 50 inches,
	  and the width to 10 pixels instead of 10 inches.
	o edit panel for circles shouldn't have "angle" entry
	o edit panel wasn't allowing typing in of negative angles for text and
	o Objects were sometimes drawn with a wild point when zooming
	o Full path was being added to default export filename and wasn't
	  changing when user changed directories
	o When drawing a box or rounded box with the "show line lengths" on, the
	  sizes were in Fig units (1200ppi) instead of user units.
	o Spacing cedilla (ISO 0xB8 / octal 270) was missing from CompKeyDB file
	o Changing the units in the popup edit panel for a text object caused a
	o Rulers and grid didn't change scale when user scale was != 1.0.  Even
	  though the message window showed the correct user scale when drawing
	  objects, the rulers and grid still showed the unscaled values.
	o Axis lines through 0,0 now drawn after page border so it remains
	  visible when there is a grid
	o Segfault if current directory was deleted after starting xfig
	o Positioning grid was set to "ANY" when editing a compound object,
	  causing the original bounding box to be lost
	o Bug in arc drawing caused arcs to be drawn as circles at high zoom
	o Computing the area of a polygon larger than 38x38 inches overflowed
	o Bug in bounds calculation for ellipses and circles that increased
	  bounding box even with line width = 1
	o Limit on number of styles in a family wasn't checked
	o If all depths were turned off and any edit operation was attempted on
	  the canvas such as move object, delete object, xfig would hang,
	  searching for objects indefinitely.

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