Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/transfig
To: None <>
From: ITOH Yasufumi <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/10/2005 14:29:01
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itohy
Date:		Thu Nov 10 14:29:01 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/print/transfig: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/print/transfig/patches: patch-aa patch-ac patch-ae
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/print/transfig/patches: patch-ab patch-ad

Log Message:
Update to transfig 3.2 pachlevel 5-alpha7.

Summary of changes from CHANGES.transfig:

Patchlevel 5-alpha7 (Oct, 27, 2005)

	o Updated SVG driver from Martin Kroeker was missing from alpha6
	o Another SVG update: Use a font-family list of "Times,Symbol" for symbol
	  characters - the Times fontface does not contain all elements of the
	  Symbol font on all platforms

	o Typo in font name (was cmit10, should be cmti10) in MetaPost driver
	  This bug fix was omitted from alpha6

Patchlevel 5-alpha6 (Oct, 12, 2005)

	o Added -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress option to ghostscript when generating
	  PDF output to improve quality of bitmap graphics
	o Fill patterns now use PostScript Level 2 built-in pattern commands
	  for Postscript/EPS/PDF and bitmap output
	  From Konstantin Shemyak
	o Updated SVG driver from Martin Kroeker
	o New -K option to size bounding box to whole figure when exporting
	  only certain depths
	  From Dirk Osswald

	o Typo in font name (was cmit10, should be cmti10) in MetaPost driver
	o When all texts were "special" (LaTeX coded) in a figure, ISO
	  characters weren't encoded in straight PS and PDF output
	o Bug in radius for circles in SVG driver (dev/gensvg.c)
	o was missing many papersize options
	o Double fclose() in bitmap driver

Patchlevel 5-alpha5 (April, 26, 2004)

	o Raster picture support added to SVG driver. (In SVG, this translates
	  to a link to the image file plus rotation/scaling information.
	  While 'conformant' SVG viewers need only support PNG and JPEG, there
	  is no a filetype test, as there is no limit on supported formats
	  in the standard, and e.g. Batik is able to display XBM and GIF in
	  addition.  Added code for rounded boxes (polyline subtype 4).
	  Added code for boxes, explicit support for polygons.  Added
	  xml-space:preserve qualifier on texts to preserve whitespace. Rewrote
	  fill pattern handling to generate patterns as needed - adding support
	  for penwidth and color.  Corrected tiling of all shingle patterns and
	  reversal of horizontal shingles.
	  From Martin Kroeker
	o Better arrowheads in SVG driver.  Corrected font family selection.
	  Corrected (and simplified) calculation of white-tinted fill colors
	  (and removed the HSV/RGB conversion code).
	  From Justus Piater

	o Typo in LATEX_AND_XFIG file. Text should be:
	  It was missing parameters {1}{1}
	o Depth filter option -D was parsing range (e.g. 40:80) incorrectly
	  Fix from Justus Piater
	o C++ style comments "//" changed to "/* */" in genmp.c
	o Integer overflow in computing some spline steps
	o \pagestyle{empty} added for epic/eepic driver so it doesn't produce
	  unnecessary page number when LaTeXing

Patchlevel 5-alpha4 (Feb 19, 2004)

	o Many SVG driver enhancements from Martin Kroeker
	o New features in EMF driver from ITOH Yasufumi:
	    support for locale text (if iconv() is available),
	    arc box, open arc, rotated ellipse, picture,
	    dash-triple-dotted line style, and all fill patterns.

	o "cleandir" directive missing from doc/manual/Makefile
	o Added note about requiring dummy argument for -R option
	o SVG driver bug fixes: semicolon missing in CSS properties, multiline
	  string problem, width, height and viewbox attributes now relative to
	  figure bounds instead of pagesize. Fixes from Justus Piater.
	o Font info was put in the pstex file even when there were only special

Patchlevel 5-alpha3 (Dec 9, 2003)

	o Global option "-Z maxdim" to scale figure so that largest dimension
	  (width or height) is maxdim inches
	o Shapepar driver to generate shaped paragraphs for LaTeX (-L shape)
	  from Christian Gollwitzer
	o I18N support postscript file installation moved to fig2dev/dev
	  directory and installed with InstallNonExecFile (imake directive)
	o options -dAutoFilterColorImages=false and -dColorImageFilter=/FlateEncode
	  added to ghostscript call when exporting to pdf to improve image
	  quality during compression
	o "Epoch" added to rpm spec
	o New HP/GL2 driver from Glenn Burkhardt with paper size selection,
	  offset, centering and orientation options

	o comments about BINDIR added to fig2dev/Imakefile and transfig/Imakefile
	  so user can easily change installation directory of both programs
	o MKDIRHIER used in Imakefile for installing support files instead of mkdir
	o commands like \\small used instead of SetFigFont for thick and thin
	  dots for LaTeX export
	  From Bo Thilde
	o removed typedefs of uint, ushort and ulong from genemf.h because
	  systems should already have those defined
	o SVG driver not mentioned in fig2dev.1 (.man)
	o shortened two fprintf calls in gensvg.c for HP-UX which can't handle
	  long strings
	o If an imported picture path points to some directory which is not the
	  current directory, and there exists a picture file of the same name in
	  the current directory, and the correct file is not compressed, fig2dev
	  would use the file in the current directory because it stripped off
	  the path first.  This was fixed by looking for the uncompressed name
	o Color values should be divided by 255, not 256 to produce values from
	  0 to 1.0 in LaTeX, Tk and PostScript drivers, and readpng and readpcx
	o Increased precision of arc angles from %.1f to %.4f in PS/EPS/PDF
	o Postscript support files now installed with r/w permissions only (was
	o Metapost (mp) driver now generates all Fig styles of arrowheads
	  From Tim Braun
	o Bug in pic preamble - default font size either 0 or garbage
	o PDF not rotated anymore for landscape mode (similar to eps)
	o fontmag not set when magnification was read from Fig file
	o When there were only LaTeX special texts without backslashes (\) and
	  no other objects in the figure, a bounding box of 0 width was produced
	  for EPS, PS and PSTEX output.
	o Added ZLIBDIR variable in fig2dev/Imakefile to specify zlib directory
	  if different from standard location
	o pstex_t export lacked border option (-b) to align LaTeX text when
	  pstex figure specified border (also fixed in xfig Combined PS/LaTeX)
	o warnings in gentpic.c caused failure of gcc on hppa architecture under
	o cleaned up lots of implicit declarations of functions/procs
	o transfig: the "psfig" language was missing from the list of languages,
	  making things go out of sync past "ps".
	o transfig: "transfig -L pstex" was generating rules for ps not eps
	o slight margin added to text bounds
	o an incorrect printf specification (%d instead of %ld) in gemp.c
	o "#include <varargs.h>" no longer needed (and is unsupported by gcc 3.3)
	o Not a bug, really but a workaround for programs that generate Fig files
	  with arcs that have coincident start and end points with the intent
	  of making a circle (TCM apparently does this).  Without this
	  workaround, such arcs have the same start and end angle, which
	  ghostcript and probably other PostScript interpreters take to mean
	  "don't draw anything".  This fix adds 0.01 degrees to the end angle
	  if it is identical to the start angle.
	o Exporting a file with a picture containing a path with blanks failed
	o Incorrect ISO translation was:
	      "\\.S", /* latin capital letter S with dot above */
	  Should be:
	      "\\.Z", /* latin capital letter Z with dot above */
	o LaTeX: Correction to the ISO-8859-2 ogonek diacritic mark now uses \k
	  instead of cedilla (\c).  If the macro \k isn't defined in your
	  situation or you don't see the ogonek then define the macro: \def\k#1{\c{#1}}
	  before the \begin{document}.
	  From Jerzy Sobczyk
	o Bug in user-defined colors when exporting to CGM. If color numbers
	  weren't contiguous, e.g. 32, 34, then it couldn't find color 34.
	o glyphs in the Symbol font that have descenders weren't taken into
	  account when calculating text bounds
	o missing blue and extra brown color in LaTeX driver
	o \smash directive added back to text objects in eepic driver (was removed
	  in 3.2.4)
	o Quotes in FIG2DEV_LIBDIR definition (fig2dev/Imakefile) interferred when
	  using $DESTDIR
	o Comments not inserted in EMF output anymore (not valid in language)
	o float/int mixup in printf in pic driver for font size caused default
	  font size to be 0
	o bug in hp/gl (ibmgl) driver produced incorrect JCL code to enter HP/GL
	  mode when using -k option
	o point size factor changed from 72.27 to 72 points per inch as specified
	  by HP tech notes
	o change in 3.2.4 which included all "special" (LaTeX) texts in the
	  bounding box that don't have any backslashes ("\") in them failed to
	  take into account inline equations using the "$".  Now those special
	  texts are also excluded from the bounding box calculation.
	o various man page format errors fixed

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