Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/lablgtk2
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/01/2005 21:19:37
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Tue Nov  1 21:19:37 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/lablgtk2: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/lablgtk2/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 2.6.0:

In lablgtk2-20051027 (2.6.0):

2005.10.25 [Jacques]
  * fix GtkThread.sync (Robert Schneck-McConnell)

2005.10.17 [Jacques]
  * new recompilation approach for Windows

2005.10.03 [Olivier]
  * fix refcounting of pixbufs in GdkPixbuf

2005.09.24 [Olivier]
  * wrap gdk_cursor_new_from_pixbuf

2005.08.25 [Olivier]
  * gtk_about_dialog_set_{url,email}_hook are not methods : fix the
    external type declaration and remove from the GWindow.about_dialog class.

2005.08.18 [Olivier]
  * add special sort_column_id values in GTree to select default sort
    function or disable sorting
  * add a couple of utility functions in Glib :
      - getenv, setenv, unsetenv (2.4)
      - get_user_data_dir, etc. (2.6)
  * change the generated code of gdk-pixbuf-mlsource a bit.

In lablgtk2-20050701:
2005.06.30 [Jacques]
  * export same symbols under unix and windows

In lablgtk2-20050613:
2005.06.13 [Jacques]
  * define GText.buffer_skel and GText.view_skel

2005.06.02 [Jacques]
  * export all macro-generated functions (robertr)
  * change --rpath to -rpath (better done in ocamlmklib?)

2005.05.03 [Olivier]
  * wrap GdkPixbuf.get_file_info (2.4)
  * support serialization and deserialization of GdkPixbuf.pixbuf values
  * add a gdk-pixbuf-mlsource tool to help compiling images into programs.

2005.03.20 [Jacques]
  * add Gobject.Data.wrap to create new conversions

2005.03.07 [Olivier]
  * add GEdit.entry#xalign property (2.4)
  * make configure fail if GTK+ cannot be found

In lablgtk2-20050218:
2005.02.18 [Jacques]
  * add GObj.event_signals#scroll and other missing wevents (Hendrik Tews)

2005.02.17 [Jacques]
  * allow using vmthreads

2005.02.07 [Olivier]
  * GTree.Path.is_prev now returns bool (T. Kurt Bond)

2005.01.08 [Olivier]
  * add a use_markup optional argument to GEdit.combo_box_text.

2005.01.04 [Olivier] (2.6)
  * new stock items
  * add PangoEllipsizeMode for PangoLayout
  * new GtkLabel properties
  * new GtkProgressbar::ellipsize property
  * new GtkTreeView properties and separator rows

2005.01.02 [Olivier]
  * 2.6 improvements to GtkComboBox (separators and a couple of new

2004.12.05 [Olivier]
  * add GtkFileChooserButton (2.6)

2004.12.04 [Jacques]
  * fix constraint in GUtil.memo

2004.12.02 [Olivier]
  * add GtkAboutDialog (2.6)

2004.12.02 [Jacques]
  * fix Michael Furr's bug reports

2004.11.24 [Olivier]
  * add GMisc.statusbar#has_resize_grip and #set_has_resize_grip
    GMisc.statusbar now inherits from
  * add GtkIconView (2.6)

2004.11.22 [Olivier]
  * add GtkCellRendererCombo (2.6)
  * add GtkCellRendererProgress (2.6)

In lablgtk2-20041119:

2004.11.17 [Jacques]
  * fix make depend
  * cleanup

2004.11.15 [Olivier]
  * add max-position and min-position in GPack.paned (2.4)
  * add GtkSpell interface (

2004.11.10 [Olivier]
  * add GPack.paned#position
  * allow multiple conditions per watch in Glib.Io.add_watch

2004.10.24 [Olivier]
  * add a .mli for GnoDruid, reorganize a bit
  * add the single-paragraph-mode property in GtkCellRendererText

2004.10.05 [Jacques]
  * revise Timeout.add and Idle.add for compatibility
    (optional arguments must be followed by a non-labeled argument)

2004.10.02 [Jacques]
  * 2.2 compatibility fixes (G_STRFUNC only defined in 2.4)

2004.09.21 [Olivier]
  * add optional priority argument for timeouts and idle callbacks in Glib
  * get rid of the print handler in Glib.Message (it's not used by libraries)
  * get rid of the Glib.Critical exception (callbacks should never raise exceptions)
  * add Glib.Message.log and a couple other functions related to logging
  * generally prevent exceptions from escaping callbacks

2004.09.18 [Jacques]
  * revert to using `OTHER in Gobject.data_kind

2004.09.17 [Olivier]
  * more unicode fixes, add a Utf8.to_unichar_validated function

2004.09.17 [Jacques]
  * Gobject.Data.boxed parameterized by the real type, to be able to
    create tree store columns from it. Gobject.fundamental_type
    modified accordingly.

2004.09.15 [Olivier]
  * add GText.buffer#select_range

2004.09.14 [Olivier]
  * add a few unicode-related functions

2004.09.08 [Olivier]
  * add GAction.ui_manager#add_ui
  * have #get_widget and #get_action raise Not_found instead of

2004.09.03 [Olivier]
  * in GAction.action_group, do not merge #add_action and
    #add_action_with_accel in a single method because they have
    different behaviour. Fixes a bug where stock items accelerators
    were not connected.
  * add the padding properties of GBin.alignment (2.4)

2004.08.27 [Olivier]
  * add GTree.cell_layout#reorder and GTree.cell_layout#set_cell_data_func
  * add a couple of utility functions in Glib
  * decimate ml_gtkmisc.c, add a couple of things to GtkCalendar and GtkLabel

2004.08.24 [Olivier]
  * add GWindow.message_dialog#set_markup (2.4)
  * add override of default signal handlers
    (GtkSignal.override_class_closure, GtkSignal.chain_from_overridden)

2004.08.23 [Olivier]
  * wrap some 2.4 additions in GdkPixbuf (from_file_at_size,
    save_to_buffer). Add some Ocamldoc comments.
  * add 2.4 stock items in GtkStock

2004.08.20 [Jacques]
  * fix GdkPixbuf.render_to_drawable
  * support gtk-2.0.1
  * add examples/GL/ with texture from pixbuf

2004.08.19 [Olivier]
  * add 'active' property of ComboBox as a constructor parameter.
  * qualify conversion tables as 'const' (so they end up in read-only
  * add some ocamldoc comments

2004.08.11 [Olivier]
  * have GAction.ui_manager#add_ui_from_string raise an exception in
    case of error.
  * add Glib.Markup.Error exception.
  * avoid memory leaks in Glib.Convert.
  * remove some dead code (GtkPreview).

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