Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/22/2005 10:54:09
On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 10:48:36 +0200
Juan RP <> wrote:

> > Log Message:
> > Fix the problem reported in PR pkg/31169 and the same problem in the
> > kdepim3 package.  On Solaris nawk can't handle the length of the
> > lines generated for config.status.overridden for these two
> > packages, so get pkgsrc itself to use gawk for these packages by
> > adding USE_TOOLS+=gawk:pkgsrc.
> Does that mean we'll have to install the gawk package on systems where
> the native awk is enough? (for example NetBSD)
> That sucks IMHO, I don't want extra packages... 
> I'm not saying your change is not correct, I'm just saying that
> we must fix the tools framework to skip extra dependencies like this.

Erm, please skip this email... I just saw that you used
if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS".

Anyway, I have gawk installed and I know there's a package requiring it
and it should not...