Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/12/2005 20:58:45
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Fri Aug 12 20:58:45 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/boost-docs: PLIST
	pkgsrc/devel/boost-headers: PLIST
	pkgsrc/devel/boost-libs: Makefile PLIST
	pkgsrc/devel/boost-python: Makefile
	pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/boost: Makefile Makefile.common distinfo
	pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/boost/patches: patch-ac patch-ad

Log Message:
Update Boost to 1.33.0:

New Libraries

   * Iostreams Library: Framework for defining streams, stream
     buffers and i/o filters, from Jonathan Turkanis.
   * Functional/Hash Library: A TR1 hash function object that can be
     extended to hash user defined types, from Daniel James.
   * Parameter Library: Write functions that accept arguments by
     name: especially useful when a function has more than one
     argument with a useful default value, since named arguments can
     be passed in any order.
   * Pointer Container Library: Containers for storing heap-allocated
     polymorphic objects to ease OO-programming, from Thorsten Ottosen.
   * Wave: Standards conformant implementation of the mandated
     C99/C++ preprocessor functionality packed behind an easy to use
     iterator interface, from Hartmut Kaiser.

Updated Libraries

   * Assignment Library: Support for Pointer Container Library and
     new efficient functions ref_list_of() and cref_list_of() for
     generating anonymous ranges.
   * Bind Library: Bind expressions now support comparisons and
     negation. Example: bind(&X::name, _1) < bind(&X::name, _2).
   * Date-Time Library:
         o Added local time and time zone classes.
         o Added format-based Input/Output facets.
         o For a complete list of changes, see the library change history.
   * Graph Library: Introduced several new algorithms and improved
     existing algorithms:
         o Experimental Python bindings, from Doug Gregor and Indiana
         o floyd_warshall_all_pairs_shortest_paths, from Lauren Foutz
           and Scott Hill.
         o astar_search, from Kristopher Beevers and Jufeng Peng.
         o fruchterman_reingold_force_directed_layout, from Doug
           Gregor and Indiana University.
         o biconnected_components and articulation_points, from
           Jeremy Siek, Janusz Piwowarski, and Doug Gregor.
         o sequential_vertex_coloring has been updated, tested, and
         o gursoy_atun_layout, from Jeremiah Willcock and Doug Gregor
           of Indiana University.
         o king_ordering, from D. Kevin McGrath of Indiana University.
         o cuthill_mckee ordering has been recast as an invocation of
           breadth_first_search and now supports graphs with multiple
         o dijkstra_shortest_paths now uses a relaxed heap as
           its priority queue, improving its complexity to O(V log V) and
           improving real-world performance for larger graphs.
         o read_graphviz now has a new, Spirit-based parser that
           works for all graph types and supports arbitrary
           properties on the graph, from Ron Garcia. The old,
           Bison-based GraphViz reader has been deprecated and will
           be removed in a future Boost release. write_graphviz also
           supports dynamic properties.
         o subgraph: get_property now refers to the subgraph
           property, not the root graph's property.
         o See the history for additional changes and bug fixes.
   * Multi-index Containers Library:
         o New hashed indices.
         o Added serialization support.
         o For a complete list of changes, see the library release notes.
   * Program Options Library:
         o Option descriptions are now printed with word wrapping.
         o Command line parser can bypass unregistered options,
           instead of throwing.
         o Removed support for "implicit" (optional) values.
         o New customization method
           'command_line_parser::extra_style_parser'. Unlike
           'additional_parser', allows the user to parse several
           tokens and return a vector of options, not just a single
         o Work with disabled exceptions.
   * Property Map Library: Introduced the dynamic properties class,
     which provides dynamically-typed access to a set of property maps.
   * Random Number Library: improved initialization for
     mersenne_twister, algorithm by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji
     Nishimura, implemented for Boost by Jens Maurer.
     Note: All test vectors for mersenne_twisters constructed or
     seeded without parameters or with a single unsigned int parameter
     become invalid.
   * Range Library: Minor addition of convenience functions to
     iterator range like front(), back() and operator[]().
   * Regex Library:
         o Rewritten front end parser now supports (?imsx-imsx)
           constructs, plus lookbehind assertions and conditional
         o Thin wrapper classes improve integration with MFC/ATL code.
         o Full (optional) Unicode support via the ICU library.
     Refer to the regex history page for more information on these
     and other small changes.
   * Serialization Library:
         o DLL version.
         o Auto-linking.
         o Serialization of variants.
         o Improved seialization of shared pointers.
   * Signals Library: added slot blocking/unblocking, from Frantz
     Maerten. Huge improvements to signal invocation performance from
     Robert Zeh.

This update has been tested on NetBSD 2.0.2, 3.0_BETA and current.

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