Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/auctex
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From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 06/27/2005 10:03:54
Module Name:	pkgsrc
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Date:		Mon Jun 27 10:03:54 UTC 2005

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Log Message:
Update to 11.55, provided by Antoine Reilles in PR 29816.

News in 11.55

   * A bug was fixed which lead to the insertion of trailing whitespace
     during filling.  In particular extra spaces were added to sentence
     endings at the end of lines.  You can make this whitespace visible
     by setting the variable `show-trailing-whitespace' to `t'.  If you
     want to delete all trailing whitespace in a buffer, type `M-x
     delete-trailing-whitespace RET'.

   * A bug was fixed which lead to a `*Compile-Log*' buffer popping up
     when the first LaTeX file was loaded in an Emacs session.

   * On some systems the presence of an outdated Emacspeak package lead
     to the error message `File mode specification error: (error
     "Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size")'.  Precautions
     were added which prevent this error from happening.  But
     nevertheless, it is advised to upgrade or uninstall the outdated
     Emacspeak package.

   * The value of `TeX-macro-global' is not determined during
     configuration anymore but at load time of AUCTeX.  Consequently the
     associated configuration option `--with-tex-input-dirs' was

   * Support for the LaTeX Japanese classes `jsarticle' and `jsbook'
     was added.

News in 11.54

   * The parser (used e.g. for `TeX-auto-generate-global') was extended
     to recognize keywords common in LaTeX packages and classes, like
     "\DeclareRobustCommand" or "\RequirePackage".  Additionally a bug
     was fixed which led to duplicate entries in AUCTeX style files.

   * Folding can now be done for paragraphs and regions besides single
     constructs and the whole buffer.  With the new `TeX-fold-dwim'
     command content can both be hidden and shown with a single key
     binding.  In course of these changes new key bindings for
     unfolding commands where introduced.  The old bindings are still
     present but will be phased out in future releases.

   * Info files of the manual now have a .info extension.

   * There is an experimental toolbar support now.  It is not activated
     by default.  If you want to use it, add
          (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'LaTeX-install-toolbar)
     to your init file.

   * The manual now contains a new chapter "Quick Start".  It explains
     the main features and how to use them, and should be enough for a
     new user to start using AUCTeX.

   * A new section "Font Locking" was added to the manual which explains
     syntax highlighting in AUCTeX and its customization.  Together with
     the sections related to folding and outlining, the section is part
     of the new chapter "Display".

   * Keywords for syntax highlighting of LaTeX constructs to be typeset
     in bold, italic or typewriter fonts may now be customized.
     Besides the built-in classes, new keyword classes may be added by
     customizing the variable `font-latex-user-keyword-classes'.  The
     customization options can be found in the customization group

   * Verbatim content is now displayed with the `fixed-pitch' face. (GNU
     Emacs only)

   * Syntax highlighting should not spill out of verbatim content
     anymore. (GNU Emacs only)

   * Verbatim commands like `\verb|...|' will not be broken anymore
     during filling.

   * You can customize the completion for graphic files with

   * Support for the LaTeX packages `url', `listings', `jurabib' and
     `csquotes' was added with regard to command completion and syntax

   * Performance of fontification and filling was improved.

   * Insertion of nodes in Texinfo mode now supports completion of
     existing node names.

   * Setting the variable `LaTeX-float' to `nil' now means that you
     will not be prompted for the float position of figures and tables.
     You can get the old behaviour of `nil' by setting the variable to
     `""', i.e. an empty string.  See also *Note Floats::.

   * The XEmacs-specific bug concerning `overlays-at' was fixed.

   * Lots of bug fixes.

News in 11.53

   * The LaTeX math menu can include Unicode characters if your Emacs
     built supports it.  See the variable `LaTeX-math-menu-unicode',
     *Note Mathematics::.

   * Bug fixes for XEmacs.

   * Completion for graphic files in the TeX search path has been added.

   * `start' is used for the viewer for MikTeX and fpTeX.

   * The variable `TeX-fold-preserve-comments' can now be customized to
     deactivate folding in comments.

News in 11.52

   * Installation and menus under XEmacs work again (maybe for the first

   * Fontification of subscripts and superscripts is now disabled when
     the fontification engine is not able to support it properly.

   * Bug fixes in the build process.

News in 11.51

   * PDFTeX and Source Special support did not work with ConTeXt, this
     has been fixed.  Similar for Source Special support under Windows.

   * Omega support has been added.

   * Bug fixes in the build process.

   * `TeX-fold' now supports folding of environments in Texinfo mode.

News in 11.50

   * The use of source specials when processing or viewing the document
     can now be controlled with the new `TeX-source-specials' minor mode
     which can be toggled via an entry in the Command menu or the key
     binding `C-c C-t C-s'.  If you have customized the variable
     `TeX-command-list', you have to re-initialize it for this to work.
     This means to open a customization buffer for the variable by
     typing `M-x customize-variable RET TeX-command-list RET', selecting
     "Erase Customization" and do your customization again with the new

   * The content of the command menu now depends on the mode (plain TeX,
     LaTeX, ConTeXt etc.).  Any former customization of the variable
     `TeX-command-list' has to be erased.  Otherwise the command menu
     and the customization will not work correctly.

   * Support for hiding and auto-revealing macros, e.g. footnotes or
     citations, and environments in a buffer was added, *Note Folding::.

   * You can now control if indentation is done upon typing <RET> by
     customizing the variable `TeX-newline-function', *Note Indenting::.

   * Limited support for `doc.sty' and `ltxdoc.cls' (`dtx' files) was
     added.  The new docTeX mode provides functionality for editing
     documentation parts.  This includes formatting (indenting and
     filling), adding and completion of macros and environments while
     staying in comments as well as syntax highlighting.  (Please note
     that the mode is not finished yet.  For example syntax
     highlighting does not work yet in XEmacs.)

   * For macro completion in docTeX mode the AUCTeX style files
     `doc.el', `ltxdoc.el' and `ltx-base.el' were included.  The latter
     provides general support for low-level LaTeX macros and may be
     used with LaTeX class and style files as well.  It is currently
     not loaded automatically for those files.

   * Support for ConTeXt with a separate ConTeXt mode is now included.
     Macro definitions for completion are available in Dutch and

   * The filling and indentation code was overhauled and is now able to
     format commented parts of the source syntactically correct.  Newly
     available functionality and customization options are explained in
     the manual.

   * Filling and indentation in XEmacs with preview-latex and activated
     previews lead to the insertion of whitespace before multi-line
     previews.  AUCTeX now contains facilities to prevent this problem.

   * If `TeX-master' is set to `t', AUCTeX will now query for a master
     file only when a new file is opened.  Existing files will be left
     alone.  The new function `TeX-master-file-ask' (bound to `C-c _'
     is provided for adding the variable manually.

   * Sectioning commands are now shown in a larger font on display
     devices which support such fontification.  The variable
     `font-latex-title-fontify' can be customized to restore the old
     appearance, i.e. the usage of a different color instead of a
     change in size.

   * Support for `alphanum.sty', `beamer.cls', `booktabs.sty',
     `captcont.sty', `emp.sty', `paralist.sty', `subfigure.sty' and
     `units.sty'/`nicefrac.sty' was added.  Credits go to the authors
     mentioned in the respective AUCTeX style files.

   * Inserting graphics with `C-c RET \includegraphics RET' was
     improved.  See the variable `LaTeX-includegraphics-options-alist'.

   * If `LaTeX-default-position' is `nil', don't prompt for position
     arguments in Tabular-like environments, see *Note Tabular-like::.

   * Completion for available packages when using `C-c RET \usepackage
     RET' was improved on systems using the kpathsea library.

   * The commenting functionality was fixed.  The separate functions for
     commenting and uncommenting were unified in one function for
     paragraphs and regions respectively which do both.

   * Syntax highlighting can be customized to fontify quotes delimited
     by either >>German<< or <<French>> quotation marks by changing the
     variable `font-latex-quotes'.

   * Certain TeX/LaTeX keywords for functions, references, variables
     and warnings will now be fontified specially.  You may add your own
     keywords by customizing the variables
     `font-latex-match-variable-keywords' and

   * If you include the style files `german' or `ngerman' in a document
     (directly or via the `babel' package), you should now customize
     `LaTeX-german-open-quote', `LaTeX-german-close-quote' and
     `LaTeX-german-quote-after-quote' instead of `TeX-open-quote',
     `TeX-close-quote' and `TeX-quote-after-quote' if you want to
     influence the type of quote insertion.

   * Upon viewing an output file, the right viewer and command line
     options for it are now determined automatically by looking at the
     extension of the output file and certain options used in the
     source file.  The behavior can be adapted or extended respectively
     by customizing the variable `TeX-output-view-style'.

   * You can control whether `TeX-insert-macro' (`C-c RET') ask for all
     optional arguments by customizing the variable
     `TeX-insert-macro-default-style', *Note Completion::.

   * `TeX-run-discard' is now able to completely detach a process that
     it started.

   * The build process was enhanced and is now based on `autoconf'
     making installing AUCTeX a mostly automatic process.  See *Note
     Installation:: and *Note Installation under MS Windows:: for

News in 11.14

   * Many more LaTeX and LaTeX2e commands are supported.  Done by
     Masayuki Ataka

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