Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/drivel
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 06/26/2005 16:55:47
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Sun Jun 26 16:55:47 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/drivel: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.0.1:

Drivel 2.0.1 ("Tea and Health")

  * Improvements:
  - Add a FAQ section to the documentation (Todd)

  * Fixes:
  - Syntax fix for .desktop file (Jeremy)
  - Allow usernames with more than fifteen characters (Jess)
  - Fix default HTML highlighting state (Todd)
  - Allow usernames with hyphens (Todd)
  - Numerous UTF-8 fixes for Blogger, MovableType, and Atom (Todd)
  - Fix placement of Refresh button in Recent Entries menu (Todd)
  - Handle HTML in Blogger titles gracefully (Todd)

  * Translations:
  - Updated Spanish translation (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
  - Updated Czech translation (Miloslav Trmac).

Drivel 2.0 ("Psychoactive Kitty")

  * Improvements since 1.2:
  - Support for Atom, Blogger, MovableType, and Advogato weblogs
  - Offline mode
  - Fetch current music from Beep Media Player
  - Shortcut key (F7) to enabled/disable spellcheck
  - MIME support for draft entries
  - Allow selection of spellchecking language
  - Recent Entries menu to edit the previous fifteen posts
  - Support LiveJournal security groups
  - Ability to ping Technorati after journal updates

Drivel 1.3.91 ("Whoop it up")

  * Improvements:
  - Clarify the Blogger API wording (Todd).
  - New artwork (Todd).
  - Updated documentation (Todd).

  * Fixes:
  - Handle IPv6 proxy servers correctly (Todd).
  - Respect the GConf key for proxy authentication (Todd).

  * Translations:
  - Updated Czech translation (Miloslav Trmac).
  - Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger).
  - Updated Swedish translation (Christian Rose).
  - Added Bulgarian translation (Yavor Doganov).
  - Updated German translation (Frank Arnold).
  - Updated Spanish tranlation (Francisco Javier F. Serrador).

Drivel 1.3.90 (The "I'm out!" release)

  * Improvements:
  - Support fetching, editing, and deleting recent MovableType entries (Todd).
  - Build a Recent Entries menu for MovableType (Todd).
  - Handle MovableType categories from all journals (Todd).
  - Alphabetize list of journal types and categories (Todd).
  - Option to ping Technorati after posting (Todd).
  - New splash screen (Margot).
  - Support LiveJournal security groups (Todd).

  * Fixes:
  - Shortcut key fixes (Todd).

  * Translations:
  - Updated Czech translation (Miloslav Trmac).
  - Added Greek translation (Kostas Papadimas).
  - Updated Spanish translation (Francisco Javier F. Serrador).
  - Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger).
  - Updated German translation (Frank Arnold).

Drivel 1.3.4 (The "Strawberry Shortcake!" release)

  * Improvements:
  - Build a Recent Entries menu for Atom, Blogger, and LiveJournal journals
  - Sync with latest libegg code (Todd).
  - Support deleting entries for Atom and Blogger journals (todd).

  * Fixes:
  - Display categories for all MovableType journals, not just the default
  - Desensitize buttons and menu items that don't apply to the current journal
  - XML-RPC compatibility fixes (Todd).
  - Remove support for Blogger titles, it was broken to begin with and caused
    issues when editing old entries (Todd).
  - Fix the inconsistent progress bar (Todd).

Drivel 1.3.3 (The "Trust me, the horsies won't mind" release)

  * Improvements:
  - Support XHTML 1.0 tags (Kurt).
  - Build-system improvements (Todd).
  - Support editing the more recent Advogato entry (Todd).
  - Support editing the most recent Atom entry (Todd).
  - Support Atom's new SSL authentication scheme (Todd).
  - Default to the last journal each account posted to (Todd).

  * Fixes:
  - MovableType API fixes (Bryan).
  - Fix a crash during poll creation (Jess).
  - Fix a crash when editing entries via the History dialog (Jess).
  - Remove the duplicate "http://" in the Insert Image dialog (Jess).
  - Remove warning about non-undoable action in History dialog (Jess).
  - Fix a handful of XML issues by using xmlReadMemory rather than
    xmlParseMemory (Todd).
  - Use UTC timestamps, should fix the Atom timezone issues (Todd).

  * Translations:
  - Update English (British) translation (David Lodge).
  - Updated Dutch translation (Taco Witte).
  - Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger).
  - Added Kinyarwanda translation (Steve Murphy).
  - Updated Spanish translation (Francisco Javier F. Serrador).

Drivel 1.3.2 (The "Tonik: with a K!" release)

  * Improvements:

  - Allow the user to select the language of the spell-checking dictionary
  - Support posting to Blogger's implementation of the Atom API (Todd).

  * Fixes:
  - Resolved hangs after login (Davyd).
  - Disabled features in the UI that are not supported by the selected
    journal system (Todd).

  * Translations:

  - Updated Dutch translation (Reinout van Schouwen).
  - Updated German translation (Frank Arnold).
  - Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger and
    Alexander Winston).
  - Updated Czech translation (Miloslav Trmac).

Drivel 1.3.1 (The "H'Okay" release)

  * Improvements:

  - Support opening drafts from the file manager (Todd).
  - Make Drivel's use of the notification area HIG-compliant (Todd).
  - Add Advogato posting support (Todd).
  - Add support for Movable Type categories (Todd).
  - Add --disable-mime-update and --disable-desktop-update configure
    parameters, useful for binary packagers (Todd).

  * Fixes:

  - Display a custom icon for Drivel drafts (Todd).
  - Publish Blogger posts (Todd).
  - Support all of a user's blogger accounts, not just one (Todd).
  - Correctly translate the Translators field in the About dialog (Isak).

  * Translations:

  - Updated Dutch translation (Reinout van Schouwen).

Drivel 1.3.0 (The "Another drunk conquistador" release)

  * Improvements:

  - Add support for Beep Media Player (Adam).
  - Add an Offline mode (Todd).
  - Add Movable Type posting support (Todd).
  - Add Blogger posting support (Todd).
  - The F7 key quickly toggles spell-check on and off (Todd).
  - New account manager which can support multiple journal systems (Todd).
  - The build system has moved from automake-1.4 to automake-1.7 (Todd).

  * Fixes:

  - Glade translation fixes (Davyd).
  - Fix double-mnemonic in Format menu (Adam).
  - Make menus translatable (Isak).
  - Fix a crash when editing preferences (#151940) (Todd).
  - Plug a memory leak when loading user pictures (Todd).
  - Clarify auto-format tooltip (#151388) (Todd).
  - Include date information in Drivel's draft format (Davyd).
  - Update the RPM spec file to handle Scrollkeeper data (Todd).
  - Plus some severe memory leaks in the UI creation code (Todd).
  - Cleaned up lots of old, rotting code (Todd).

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