Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/jakarta-tomcat55
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 06/02/2005 10:31:42
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	abs
Date:		Thu Jun  2 10:31:42 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/jakarta-tomcat55: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update jakarta-tomcat55 to 5.5.9
Changelog since 5.5.7

Tomcat 5.5.9 (yoavs)

        Add JULI, a java.util.logging implementation, used to provide sane
add     defaults and configurability equivalent to Tomcat 4.0 for Tomcat 5.5
	logging (remm)
docs    Add JULI documentation to the logging page (remm)
add     Add host manager webapp (remm)
add     Add ant JkStatusUpdateTask for remote status worker handling ( >=mod_jk
	   1.2.9) (pero)
add     33739: Add reference to RUNNING.txt in setup.html. (yoavs)
fix     33719: Update reference to Ant download page. (yoavs)
fix     33883: Bad options in SSL-HowTo. (yoavs)
update  Update to MX4J 3.0.1 (pero)
update  34139: Updated Realm-HowTo to specify JMX, Commons-Logging jars for
	   RealmBase. (yoavs)
add     33325: Added top-level clean target to Netbuild build.xml file.
update  33755: Clarified Postgresql JNDI datasource example. [patch submitted
	   by Tom Witmer] (yoavs)

fix    Remove some instances of expanded folder removal (remm)
fix    Don't call mkdirs if we're not going to save the configuration in
       StandardContext (remm)
fix    Fix context classloader binding during loader initialization (it was set
       to null before) (remm)
fix    The webapp logger should only be retrieved when the context classloader
       is set to the webapp's classloader (remm)
fix    34170: Add back retry logic in JDBC realm in case of a connection
       failure (remm)
fix    22041: Support dynamic proxies as session objects. (markt)
fix    Fix logger names for wrappers (remm)
       34006: If antiResourceLocking was used, HostConfig considered the
fix    path as external, and web application resources were not correctly
       removed or tacked; also simplify the code a lot (remm)
fix    34016: Save and restore docBase when using antiResourceLocking, for
       compatibility with the admin webapp (remm)
add    33636: Set lastModified attribute when expanding WAR files. (yoavs)
add    32938: Allow Salted SHA (SSHA) passwords in JNDIRealm. (yoavs)
add    31288: Allow SMTP authentication for JNDI MailSessionFactory. (yoavs)
update Harmonize processing of the context.xml defaults with the way web.xml is
       processed (remm)
fix    Ignore ';' if it is in the query string (remm)
fix    private to protected for the webapp classloader (remm)
fix    Improve logging of filters and listeners startup errors (remm)
fix    33774: Retry once in JNDI realm authenticate failure regardless of
       the exception message (remm)
fix    33961: Don't encode '~' in context paths (remm)
fix    32866: Propagate distributable property from context to manager
fix    32867: Reset distributable attribute in context for clean reload
       handling (yoavs)
update Fix some RealmBase/JNDIRealm log.isXXXEnabled (pero)
fix    34161: Harmonize StandardContext.stop with ContainerBase.stop (remm)

fix    33971: Set remoteHost to null when Apache doesn't send one.
fix    Fix calculation of threadRatio for the ms thread pool, and fix setting
       the updated timeout value (remm)
       Update the ms thread pool so that we allocate a worker before
       accepting a update new socket, and wait a little if the pool
       is exhausted; this should make low maxThreads values work
       a lot better (remm)
update 33857: Update information on automatic mod_jk configuration in
       Apache-HowTo (yoavs)
fix    Fix sync block placement in Mapper.addContext (remm)
fix    32741: Fix spelling of "committed" [patch from Ben Souther] (yoavs)
fix    34133: Make setHeader clear multi-valued headers (billbarker)

fix    34034: Jasper does not respect external entities (billbarker)
fix    33810: Incorrect recycling of BodyContent if close is called (remm)
update Per instance loggers in Jasper (remm)

fix    Fix JvmRouteBinderValve primary failover attribute to
       org.apache.catalina.cluster.session.JvmRouteOrignalSessionID (pero)
fix    Change attribute name waitForAck to sendAck at ReplicationListener (pero)
       Integrate new fastasyncqueue cluster sender mode. Support queue size
add    limitation, get all queued objects and send it to the backup node, no
       queue thread lock contention under high replication load, submitted by
       Rainer Jung (pero)
       Add compress attribute to Sender and Receiver to transfer data
add    uncompressed. At high cluster load this option consume lesser cpu and
       memory. Implement the compress handling to ReplicationTransmitter,
       ReplicationListener, XByteBuffer and Jdk13ReplicationListener (pero)
       Add doProcessingStats to synchronous, asynchronous and fastqueueasync
add    sender modes to get min, avg, max processing times as IDataSender JMX
       MBeans (pero)
fix    TcpThreadPool use constant ACK byte array instead create new 3 byte
       buffer for every message ack (pero)
update Refactor ReplicationTransmitter and ReplicationListener (pero)
update add getCatalinaCluster() to ClusterReceiver and SimpleTcpCluster (pero)
update Update the Api documentation (pero)

update Use the standard struts taglib URIs in admin JSPs. (billbarker)
add    Add more host parameters to create new host with host-manager (pero)
fix    34033: Fix quoting related bugs (remm)
fix    33713: Add Struts init code in frameset.jsp as well (remm)

Tomcat 5.5.8 (yoavs)
fix 33204: Fixed SSL HowTo page. (yoavs)
fix 33351: Fix silent uninstallation. (remm)
fix 33489: Missing space in uninstaller message. (yoavs)

	Unregister host mbean and all context mbeans at remove a host, s.
fix     StandardHost.destroy() and MBeanFactory.createStandardHost/removeHost(,)
	detected by Thorsten Kamann (pero)
fix     make it possible to restart connector, now serversocket recreated after
	stop,start (pero)
fix     change mbean names from Mapper and ProtocolHandler to connector naming
	style (pero)
update  Add some log.isXXXEnabled (pero)
fix     Deregister MapperListener after remove connector (pero)
fix     Remove host only at own domain with same name at all services, detected
	by Thorsten Kamann (pero)
fix     33187: Remove any logging of the password in the JAAS realm,
	submitted by Andrew Jaquith (remm)
fix     33033: Don't do anything to the response in the ErrorReportValve if
	data has already been written (remm)
update  Add charset support for the URLs used by the tasks, to remove
	deprecation (remm)
	26135: Workaround for memory leak when reloading Struts based web
fix     applications by clearing the bean instrospector cache of the JVM on
	classloader stop, submitted by Tobias Lofstrand. (remm)
fix     Ensure that if CLASSPATH is declared on startup - it is not used.
fix     Add back use of deployOnStartup in HostConfig (remm)
docs    Ant tasks docs patches, submitted by Gabriele Garuglieri. (remm)
update  Use NIO for the raw copying operation, as it is faster (a little under
	30%), and decreases a little the impact of antiResourceLocking. (remm)
fix     33357: Fix connection leaks with the DataSourceRealm, as well as
	improve efficiency, submitted by Dominik Drzewiecki. (remm)
update  Improve a little logging of servlet exceptions, which should all log the
	root cause. (remm)
	Add new Manager.createSession(sessionId) method, allowing
	the client to update "specify" the session id which should
	be used using a cookie when using emptySessionPath="true".
	This fixes session tracking in this case.  (remm)
fix     33368: Fix memory leak in swallowOutput feature which occurred when
	the thread pool size is reduced, submitted by Rainer Jung. (remm)
fix     StoreConfig: can't save cluster Membership element (pero)
add     StoreConfig: suppress default jkHome attribute at connector (pero)
add     StoreConfig: Save new dymanic properties from ReplicationTransmitter
fix     33463: Remove attributes after context destroy. (remm)
fix     33572: context.xml should be a redeploy resource, and add
	prioritization for redeploy resources. (remm)

fix     PoolTcpEndpoint recreate ServerSocket after start,stop,start connector
update  Add some log.isXXXEnabled (pero)
add     JkMX: make log4j mbean configurable with attribute log4jEnabled (pero)
	When Tomcat runs on Windows and IE is uploading data to the server, the
fix     first read must be at least 8KB, otherwise upload speed is extremely
	low, submitted by Noel Rocher (remm)

fix 	33223: pageContext.forward and jsp:include result in
	StringIndexOutOfBoundsException (luehe)
fix 	33373: Fix handling of context classloader in jspc (remm)
fix 	33538: Ignore example and tag-extension elements in
	TagLibraryInfoImpl. (yoavs)
fix 	33539: Better error message when an unknown element is encountered in
	the tag file. (yoavs)
fix 	33219: Minor JspServletWrapper code cleanup. (yoavs)

fix     Add instance based ReplicationValve statistics to Mbean descriptor
fix     Better I18N support to cluster session and tcp classes (pero)
	Support optional primaryIndicator at ReplicationValve to mark that
add     request processing to existing session is at primary cluster node. Easy
	failover detection, when mark is not at configurable primaryIndicator
	attribute, submitted by Rainer Jung (pero)
update  Refactor all implementation from interface IDataSenders (pero)
add     Add some usefull attributes and operations to the all sender MBeans.
add     Add keepAlive and waitForAck handling to AsyncSocketSender and factor
	out a DataSender base class.(pero)
add     ReplicationTransmitter: Enable and Disable autoreconnect sender and
	waitForAck. (pero)
add     ReplicationTransmitter: transfer all properties to socket sender from
	server.xml configuration. (pero)

fix     Fix create and remove Host for Admin app. (pero)

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