Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/py-gnome2
To: None <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/29/2004 11:10:56
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	recht
Date:		Wed Dec 29 11:10:56 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/py-gnome2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
update to 2.6.2

What's new since 2.0.3:
* bonobo
 - New class UnknownBaseImpl, to allow python CORBA implementations to
be used where a bonobo.Object is expected
(eg. bonobo.Object.add_interface) (Gustavo)
 - Remove bonobo_ prefixes from all bonobo functions that still have one (Gustav
 - New function bonobo.stream_client_read (Gustavo)
 - New bonobo.Application API in libbonobo 2.6.
* gnome.vfs
 - New module gnome.vfs.async, for asynchronous GnomeVFS operations (I?<83>±aki
 - Add setters for gnome.vfs.FileInfo (Gustavo)
 - Add function gnome.vfs.set_file_info (Gustavo)
* gnome.ui
 - New gnome_thumbnail_* wrappers (Gustavo)
* gnome
 - Support popt options in gnome.program_init (Rubens, Gustavo)
 - Support some string construct-only properties in gnome.program_init (Gustavo)
 - Reset LC_NUMERIC to C after gnome.program_init (Gustavo)
 - New type wrapper for GnomeModuleInfo, add functions to retrieve all
the GnomeModuleInfo's (Rubens)
 - Support the 'module_info' parameter in gnome.program_init (Rubens)
* gtkhtml2
 - Add function html_selection_get_text (Juri Pakaste)
* gnome.nautilus
 - Follow changes in open_location_* API in nautilus 2.6 (Gustavo)
* misc
 - zvt module removed, in favour of external vte python bindings (James)

Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.5.90 to gnome-python 2.6.0
* bonobo
 - bonobo.AppClient is only a GObject, not a BonoboObject (Gustavo)
 - bonobo.event_source_client_add_listener now returns the new listener,
to allow future disconnection (Gustavo)
 - Remove CORBA exceptions from all bonobo callbacks (Gustavo)
 - Fix a bug in bonobo.generic_factory_main (Gustavo)
* gnomeprint
 - Add new pango/gnomeprint integration API if libgnomeprint 2.8 is
installed (Gustavo)
* vfs
 - Add missing bytes_requested parameter to read/write callbacks of
async operations (Gustavo)
 - Raise exception when trying to subclass vfs types (Gustavo, James)
* applet
 - Workaround problem in PanelApplet constructor (Gustavo)
 - Fix initialization of bonobo (Gustavo)
* general
 - Mixed 32/64 bit architecture installation fixes (Jonathan Blandford)
 - Add gnome_python_version variable to the gnome module (Gustavo)
 - Resolve all known compiler warnings (Gustavo)

Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.6.0 to gnome-python 2.6.1
* gnome.vfs
 - 64 bit fixes in async operations (BenoƮt Dejean)
 - Better parameter handling in vfs_read (BenoƮt Dejean)
* gnome.canvas
 - Allow subclassing without __gobject_init__ (Gustavo)
* gtkhtml2
 - Workaround gtkhtml2 initialization bug (Jonathan Blandford)
* general
 - Include a couple of missing bonobo examples in the tarball (N. V. Shmyrev)
 - Add runtime check for required pygtk version (Gustavo)

Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.6.1 to gnome-python 2.6.2
* gnome.vfs
 - Fix blocking of threads when calling read_entire_file() and bunch
of others;
 - gnome.vfs.xfer_* fixes.

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