Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/kdelibs3
To: None <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/10/2004 06:02:57
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	markd
Date:		Fri Dec 10 06:02:57 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/kdelibs3: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/x11/kdelibs3/patches: patch-ao

Log Message:
Update to kde 3.3.2

* kdecore: recognize known names for the MacRoman charset
* khtml: only disallow fixed positioning on body, not relative/absolute
* khtml: added Javascript-support for HTMLDocument.compatMode
* khtml: fixed textarea manipulation by DOM
* khtml: paged media support (page-break-before and -after)
* khtml: correctly handle text-transform on first-letter
* khtml: fixed display: block on pseudo-elements
* khtml: return Undefined instead of Null for out-of-range indices
* khtml: fixed stopPropagation when called from the target node itself
* khtml: fixed htmlCompat mode for documents served as text/html
* khtml: fixed display: compact
* khtml: support z-order for text areas and list boxes
* khtml: don't set assume <select> got items when we calculate a height
  for items
* khtml: changed default horizontal margins for H1-H6 from auto to 0
* khtml: escape otherwise unencodable characters in form submits
* khtml: merged min,max-height fixes
* khtml: merged handling of event handlers
* khtml: implemented CSS 2.1 compliant parsing of background-position
* khtml: fixed m_value vs ATTR_VALUE problem which didn't allow sending
  mail on gmail
* khtml: make use of the suggested filename for images
* khtml: tons of bidi fixes
* khtml: enable strict CSS parsing also for transitional doctypes
* khtml: ignore height element for input elements that are not image
* khtml: form widget fixes for plastik (and others)
* khtml: make sure we are layouted before scrolling if we are still
* khtml: add compensated font scale from Todd Fahrner's "Toward a
  standard font size interval system"
* khtml: avoid triggering full repaints of the view before the first
  layout is done
* khtml: implement CSS3 property box-sizing to match MacIE, Opera and
* khtml: fix famlily of crashes
* khtml: floats and flowing around floats improvements
* khtml: fix textarea scrolling positions
* khtml: tons of fixes for tables
* khtml: remove hidden widgets from the painting
* khtml: avoid crashes on XML documents
* khtml: ignore relative positioning on table sections
* khtml: fix static position calculation for positioned elements
* khtml: support insertAdjacentHTML
* khtml: fix crash in sites manipulating frames
* khtml: async kwallet support
* khtml: fix selectorText() when no namespace is specified
* khtml: update the layout before fetching the computed values
* khtml: color 'http://foo' links as visited if 'http://foo/' is in
* khtml: corrected ref-counting error leading to segfault/invalid
  memory usage
* khtml: fixed some memory corruptions with garbage HTML
* khtml: account for scrollbar height when sizing variable
  overflow:scroll/auto boxes

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