Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/p5-DBI
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/05/2004 17:16:47
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	he
Date:		Sun Dec  5 17:16:47 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/databases/p5-DBI: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-DBI from version 1.41 to 1.46.

Change log:

Changes in DBI 1.46 (svn rev 584),    16th November 2004

  Fixed parsing bugs in DBI::SQL::Nano thanks to Jeff Zucker.
  Fixed a couple of bad links in docs thanks to Graham Barr.
  Fixed Win32 undef warning thanks to H.Merijn Brand & David Repko.
  Fixed minor issues in DBI::DBD::Metadata thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
  Fixed DBI::PurePerl neat() to use double quotes for utf8.

  Changed execute_array() definition, and default implementation,
    to not consider scalar values for execute tuple count. See docs.
  Changed DBD::File to enable ShowErrorStatement by default,
    which affects DBD::File subclasses such as DBD::CSV and DBD::DBM.
  Changed use DBI qw(:utils) tag to include $neat_maxlen.
  Updated Roadmap and ToDo.

  Added data_string_diff() data_string_desc() and data_diff()
    utility functions to help diagnose Unicode issues.
    All can be imported via the use DBI qw(:utils) tag.

Changes in DBI 1.45 (svn rev 480),    6th October 2004

  Fixed DBI::DBD code for drivers broken in 1.44.
  Fixed "Free to wrong pool"/"Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" in FETCH.

Changes in DBI 1.44 (svn rev 478),    5th October 2004

  Fixed build issues on VMS thanks to Jakob Snoer.
  Fixed DBD::File finish() method to return 1 thanks to Jan Dubois.
  Fixed rare core dump during global destruction thanks to Mark Jason Dominus.
  Fixed risk of utf8 flag persisting from one row to the next.

  Changed bind_param_array() so it doesn't require all bind arrays
    to have the same number of elements.
  Changed bind_param_array() to error if placeholder number <= 0.
  Changed execute_array() definition, and default implementation,
    to effectively NULL-pad shorter bind arrays.
  Changed execute_array() to return "0E0" for 0 as per the docs.
  Changed execute_for_fetch() definition, and default implementation,
    to return "0E0" for 0 like execute() and execute_array().
  Changed Test::More prerequisite to Test::Simple (which is also the name
    of the distribution both are packaged in) to work around ppm behaviour.

  Corrected docs to say that get/set of unknown attribute generates
    a warning and is no longer fatal. Thanks to Vadim.
  Corrected fetchall_arrayref() docs example thanks to Drew Broadley.

  Added $h1->swap_inner_handle($h2) sponsored by

Changes in DBI 1.43 (svn rev 377),    2nd July 2004

  Fixed connect() and connect_cached() RaiseError/PrintError
    which would sometimes show "(no error string)" as the error.
  Fixed compiler warning thanks to Paul Marquess.
  Fixed "trace level set to" trace message thanks to H.Merijn Brand.
  Fixed DBD::DBM $dbh->{dbm_tables}->{...} to be keyed by the
    table name not the file name thanks to Jeff Zucker.
  Fixed last_insert_id(...) thanks to Rudy Lippan.
  Fixed propagation of scalar/list context into proxied methods.
  Fixed DBI::Profile::DESTROY to not alter $@.
  Fixed DBI::ProfileDumper new() docs thanks to Michael Schwern.
  Fixed _load_class to propagate $@ thanks to Drew Taylor.
  Fixed compile warnings on Win32 thanks to Robert Baron.
  Fixed problem building with recent versions of MakeMaker.
  Fixed DBD::Sponge not to generate warning with threads.
  Fixed DBI_AUTOPROXY to work more than once thanks to Steven Hirsch.

  Changed TraceLevel 1 to not show recursive/nested calls.
  Changed getting or setting an invalid attribute to no longer be
    a fatal error but generate a warning instead.
  Changed selectall_arrayref() to call finish() if
    $attr->{MaxRows} is defined.
  Changed all tests to use Test::More and enhanced the tests thanks
    to Stevan Little and Andy Lester. See
  Changed Test::More minimum prerequisite version to 0.40 (2001).
  Changed DBI::Profile header to include the date and time.

  Added DBI->parse_dsn($dsn) method.
  Added warning if build directory path contains whitespace.
  Added docs for parse_trace_flags() and parse_trace_flag().
  Removed "may change" warnings from the docs for table_info(),
    primary_key_info(), and foreign_key_info() methods.

Changes in DBI 1.42 (svn rev 222),    12th March 2004

  Fixed $sth->{NUM_OF_FIELDS} of non-executed statement handle
    to be undef as per the docs (it was 0).
  Fixed t/41prof_dump.t to work with perl5.9.1.
  Fixed DBD_ATTRIB_DELETE macro thanks to Marco Paskamp.
  Fixed DBI::PurePerl looks_like_number() and $DBI::rows.
  Fixed ref($h)->can("foo") to not croak.

  Changed attributes (NAME, TYPE etc) of non-executed statement
    handle to be undef instead of triggering an error.
  Changed ShowErrorStatement to apply to more $dbh methods.
  Changed DBI_TRACE env var so just does this at load time:
    DBI->trace(split '=', $ENV{DBI_TRACE}, 2);
  Improved "invalid number of parameters" error message.
  Added DBI::common as base class for DBI::db, DBD::st etc.
  Moved methods common to all handles into DBI::common.

  Major tracing enhancement:

  Added $h->parse_trace_flags("foo|SQL|7") to map a group of
    trace flags into the corresponding trace flag bits.
  Added automatic calling of parse_trace_flags() if
    setting the trace level to a non-numeric value:
    $h->{TraceLevel}="foo|SQL|7"; $h->trace("foo|SQL|7");
    DBI->connect("dbi:Driver(TraceLevel=SQL|foo):...", ...);
    Currently no trace flags have been defined.
  Added to, and reworked, the trace documentation.
  Added dbivport.h for driver authors to use.

  Major driver additions that Jeff Zucker and I have been working on:

  Added DBI::SQL::Nano a 'smaller than micro' SQL parser
    with an SQL::Statement compatible API. If SQL::Statement
    is installed then DBI::SQL::Nano becomes an empty subclass
    of SQL::Statement, unless the DBI_SQL_NANO env var is true.
  Added DBD::File, modified to use DBI::SQL::Nano.
  Added DBD::DBM, an SQL interface to DBM files using DBD::File.

  Documentation changes:

  Corrected typos in docs thanks to Steffen Goeldner.
  Corrected execute_for_fetch example thanks to Dean Arnold.

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