Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/xmess
To: None <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 11/07/2004 16:11:48
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	kristerw
Date:		Sun Nov  7 16:11:48 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/emulators/xmess: Makefile distinfo
	pkgsrc/emulators/xmess/patches: patch-aa patch-ae
Removed Files:

Log Message:
Update xmess to 0.87.

Changes since 0.86:
- Everything from MAME 0.87 ( and
  MESS 0.87 (
- Reworked the video mode functions (Hans de Goede):
  * Unified and moved the aspect ratio calculations from xgl, fx, and
    x11_window to mode.c since all display targets that support
    arbitrary scaling through hardware make use of this.
  * Modified the code to use the aspect ratio supplied by the game
    driver instead of doing all kinds of magic.  This corrects, for
    example, the aspect ratio of 1942.
  * Added a new option, "-perfectaspect (-pa)", which automatically
    sets yarbsize to honor the aspect ratio provided by the game
    driver.  This is disabled by default because it can cause scaling
  * When video modes are matched, the aspect ratio is now taken into
- Made changes to the X11 targets (Hans de Goede):
  * Restored widthscale == 2 yuy2 code for perfect yuy2 blitting.
  * Fixed a bug introduced by the aspect ratio patches which caused the
    Xv fallback code to not detect an error case and crash later on
    instead of falling back to MITSHM.
  * The Xv window is now resized with the correct aspect ratio after a
    user resize; this prevents black borders from appearing.
  * Renamed "-perfect-yv12" to "-perfect-yuv".
  * Enabled perfect blitting by default for yuy2, since it fixes the
    ugly color bleeding in, for example, pacman.
  * Fixed colors being way off in Xv for 15bpp direct games, e.g.,
    vector games with artwork disabled.
  * Current mouse values are now initialized in xinput_open, which
    should fix the problem of the visor going to the lower right corner
    in starwars when the video mode is switched from windowed X11 to
    DGA fullscreen while the mouse is grabbed.
  * Fixed the display of a 32bpp source on a 24bpp packed pixel window.
  * Fixed a bug in the DGA2 target which caused it to throw an XError
    when it failed to find a suitable mode, causing xmame to abort.
  * XInput now maps controls to mice 2 - 5 and leaves mouse 1 free for
    the default mouse.  (Hans de Goede)
  * Fixed a bug which caused the window to disappear with Xv windowed
    mode under KDE.
- Added a missing "Rapid Fire" string to the configuration menu.  This
  fixes problems with the configuration of player controls.  (Sylvain
- Cleaned up the sound code (Hans de Goede):
  * Cleaned up the ALSA driver.
  * The ALSA driver now reports the actual sample rate to the caller
    rather than the requested one.
  * Removed the "-alsa-pcm" command line option; the ALSA driver now
    supports "-auviodevice (-ad)".  (Hans de Goede)
  * Removed "-fakesound (-fsnd)".  Now sound is always faked since
    certain games won't run without it.
  * Changed the default sample rate to 44100, moving us into the
    Third Millennium.
  * Removed the "-[no]sound" option; if you really want to disable
    sound, specify a bogus device with "-audiodevice".
- Removed the "-[no]mouse" option.  (Hans de Goede)
- Split aspect and mode settings so that all targets can use the
  aspect settings.  (Hans de Goede)
- Fixed the mapping of analog sticks' min..max ranges to the core's
  range.  This fixes games that use analog controls, such as Out Run,
  as well as the jittery movement of the mouse cursor in games such as
  Missile Command.
- Audio should work much better on Mac OS X.  (anonymous)
- The MMX assembly language version of the 6-tap filter now works for
  16 and 32bpp source and destination bitmaps; previously, only the
  32bpp screen depth was accelerated.  (Richard Goedeken)
- Corrected some of the out-of-date information in the documentation.
  Fixes Bugzilla bug 604.
- Light guns should work again. Also added support for the triggers on
  an ACT LABS USB PC Monitor model that didn't work previously.

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