Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/11/2004 21:17:07
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	abs
Date:		Mon Oct 11 21:17:07 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/doc: CHANGES

Log Message:
Update jakarta-tomcat to 5.0.28.
    Also, work around a horrible interaction with the gzip in NetBSD
    2.0 (at least RC4). If gzip is used in a pipeline the tarfile
    fails to extract (PR bin/27228)

Changes since 5.0.27:
       fix        30239: Updated IIS how-to to link to Wiki page with
                  instrutions for IIS 5 and IIS 6 configurations. (yoavs)
       fix        30238: Replaced isapi_redirector.dll isapi_redirect.dll
                  in installation script for consistency. (yoavs)
       fix        29584: Enhanced and clarified JNDI documentation.
       fix        30245: Corrected Connector documentation to list
                  "address" as a common attribute. (yoavs)
       fix        29826: Modified setclasspath.bat exit code to 1.
       update     Updated status page, mostly rewritten. (yoavs)
       update     Updated Jakarta-Commons dependencies: BeanUtils to 1.7.0,
                  Collections to 3.1. (yoavs)
       update     Removed classic compiler directives from Ant build, as we
                  use modern anyways. (yoavs)
       update     Modified RELEASE-PLAN-5.0.html to indicate status given
                  start of work on Tomcat (yoavs)
       update     Added command lines utilities, version.bat to
                  let you know what version is installed. (funkman)

                  30602: Subject is not available during the first call
       fix        to the servlet which use the basic authentication
       fix        29831: Added support for Boolean property to
                  BeanFactory. (yoavs)
       fix        28875: Made ErrorReportValve use UTF-8 encoding by
                  default. (yoavs)
       fix        30325: Only set CATALINA_HOME if not already set (in
                  bin/ (yoavs)
       fix        30144: Made SSIServlet check resource MimeType before
                  using text/html and UTF-8 default. (yoavs)
                  29406: Made JAASRealm configurable as to whether it
       fix        should use the context ClassLoader or the default
                  ClassLoader by adding a useContextClassLoader boolean
                  attribute. (yoavs)
                  If ServletResponse.getWriter() is called and no char
                  encoding has been specified, set response char encoding to
       fix        default (ISO-8859-1) so that it is reflected in
                  getContentType() and Content-Type header, as required by
                  the Servlet Spec (Bugtraq 6152759) (luehe)
       fix        29869: Better JMX/JSR77 support in StandardContext and
                  StandardWrapper. (remm)
       update     Fixed broken link to JK documenration from AJP Connector
                  reference page. (yoavs)
       fix        30587: Typo in ExtendedAccessLogValve. (yoavs)
       fix        30561: Broken restart of NamingService. (yoavs)
       fix        29668: NPE in HostConfig, directory created for
                  deployed WAR instead of xml file. (yoavs)
       fix        30179: Improved Bootstrap
                  handling. (yoavs)
       fix        30762: Servlet#destroy was called before
                  contextDestroyed. (yoavs)
       fix        30650: Added explicit comments on session equals()
                  implementation. (yoavs)

       fix     30770: Check that the browser actually sent a user-agent
               header before using it. (billbarker)
               Default charset not included in Content-Type response header
       fix     if no char encoding was specified (see Bugtraq 6152759).

       fix     29971: Commented out page directive is parsed. (luehe)
       fix     30067: 'Scripting elements are disallowed here' exception
               behind scriptless tag. (luehe)
       fix     30073: NPE when compiling .jspx with broken xml format in
               jspcmode. (luehe)
       fix     30291: Smap for a tag should not include its body.
       fix     30289: Incorrect Smap for multiple line java expression.


       fix     29779: Admin/Examples SetCharacterEncodingFilter wrong
               package. (yoavs)
       fix     30354: manager-howto.xml used wrong Ant task. (yoavs)

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