Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/qmail
To: None <>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 07/21/2004 22:35:59
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	schmonz
Date:		Wed Jul 21 22:35:59 UTC 2004

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/qmail: DEINSTALL MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/mail/qmail/files: mailer.conf
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/qmail: INSTALL Makefile.common
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/qmail/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad patch-ae
	    patch-af patch-ag patch-ah patch-ai patch-aj patch-ak patch-al
	    patch-am patch-an patch-ao patch-ap patch-aq

Log Message:
Short story:

1) Mostly conform to hier(7) and honor PKG_SYSCONFDIR.
2) Follow more closely Dave Sill's "Life with qmail" (LWQ).
3) Add a bunch of features to the rc.d scripts.
4) Remove some (but not all) obstacles to binary packaging.
6) Enable pkgviews installation.

Long story:

1) Mostly conform to hier(7) and honor PKG_SYSCONFDIR.

     Based on a January 1997 post by mrg to the qmail list: prior
     to installation, we create symlinks in ${QMAILDIR} that point
     into ${LOCALBASE} or ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}, causing installation
     to place files in those locations while allowing the canonical
     /var/qmail paths to continue to work. The notable deviation
     from hier(7) is that even though some binaries ought to go in
     sbin, they've all been lumped into bin for simplicity.

     Pleasant effects:
     * We no longer need to set LOCALBASE (a big no-no), and as a
       result also no longer need to set NO_MTREE, RCD_SCRIPTS_EXAMPLEDIR,
       or EVAL_PREFIX. This will also allow a few qmail-related
       packages to do likewise.
     * The commands and manual pages are in easily accessible paths
       by default.
     * Package installation and deinstallation work much better.

     Side effects:
     * There were a few minor conflicts with mail/courier-maildirmake,
       mail/mutt, and mail/pulsar. The latest versions of each are
       fine, so we add CONFLICTS only for older versions. (Thanks
       to those packages' maintainers!) There's also a conflict
       with security/mirrordir, which has a "bin/forward" command
       and corresponding section 1 man page.

     * Some directories under ${PREFIX} get chown'd to group qmail.
       Rather than modify the qmail installer, the affected
       directories are simply chown'd back afterward during
       post-install if PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPE is "overwrite". (If
       it's "pkgviews", then only the package's depot directory is
       affected, so we leave it alone.)

2) Follow more closely Dave Sill's "Life with qmail" (LWQ).

     * Installs into /var/qmail from source.
     * Installs ucspi-tcp and daemontools.
     * Uses tcpserver(1).
     * Uses tcp.smtp.cdb for relay access control.
     * Uses control/defaultdelivery.
     * Uses control/concurrencyincoming.
     * Requires that control/rcpthosts exist to prevent open relays.
     * Uses similar chains of commands in run scripts.
     * Provides a script much like qmailctl.

     * This package does the following work for you automatically:
       * Creates user accounts.
       * Fetches, extracts, patches, configures, and compiles the source.
       * Installs binaries.
       * Runs ./config-fast.
       * Creates tcp.smtp{,cdb} and tcp.pop3d{,cdb}.
       * Creates control/concurrencyincoming.
       * Creates control/defaultdelivery (defaulting to "./Mailbox").
       * Creates the three required system aliases.
     * LWQ suggests doing some things this package doesn't do:
       * Applying patches.
       * Copying a script from /var/qmail/boot to /var/qmail/rc.
       * Configuring svscan(8) to run at boot.
       * Creating and populating /service.
       * Using supervise(8) and multilog(8).
       * Using the qmailctl script to control qmail.
       * Using the inst_check script to verify the installation.
       * Storing tcp.smtp{,cdb} in /etc.
       * Renaming the system sendmail(8) and marking it non-executable.
     * Instead, this package:
       * Builds from unmodified source. (See also mail/netqmail.)
       * Uses NetBSD-style rc.d scripts (including one similar to qmailctl).
       * Sends log messages to syslog(3).
       * Stores tcp.smtp{,cdb} and tcp.pop3{,cdb} in ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}.
       * Provides an example mailer.conf(5).

3) Add a bunch of features to the rc.d scripts.

     Rename the qmail script and rcvar to qmailsend. Add "doqueue"
     (synonyms: alrm, flush) and "queue" commands, add "hup" as a
     synonym for "reload", and determine default delivery instruction
     from control/defaultdelivery (LWQ). Add control/defaultdelivery
     to required_files. Rename qmailsend_flags to
     qmailsend_defaultdelivery, which overrides control/defaultdelivery
     if set.

     In the qmailpop3d and qmailsmtpd scripts, enforce resource
     limits with softlimit(8) (LWQ). Add dependency on sysutils/daemontools
     for this. Rename qmailfoo_flags to qmailfoo_tcpflags. Add
     qmailfoo_tcphost (default: 0, meaning "any address") and
     qmailfoo_tcpport (default: 110 and 25, respectively). Add
     qmailfoo_softlimit (default: 2000000). Add qmailfoo_pretcpserver
     and qmailfoo_prefoo (default: empty), useful for inserting
     commands such as rblsmtpd(1) or relay-ctrl into the chain.
     Log to splogger's default syslog facility ("mail"), and use
     the name of the script as the tag.

     In the qmailpop3d, qmailsend, and qmailsmtpd scripts, add
     qmailfoo_postenv (defaults: empty, PATH=${PREFIX}/bin:$PATH,
     and QMAILQUEUE=${PREFIX}/bin/qmail-queue, respectively), useful
     primarily for setting environment variables for each service.
     Add "pause" and "cont" commands (LWQ). They send -STOP and
     -CONT signals, respectively. Add "stat" as a synonym for
     "status" (LWQ).

     In the qmailpop3d script, add -x to qmailpop3d_tcpflags and
     add "cdb" command. Add qmailpop3d_checkpassword (useful for
     authenticating against alternate user databases) and
     qmailpop3d_maildirname (useful if your maildirs are named
     something other than "Maildir"). Add tcp.pop3.cdb to

     In the qmailsmtpd script, add -x and remove -H from
     qmailsmtpd_tcpflags, limit the number of incoming connections
     to control/concurrencyincoming, and add "cdb" command (LWQ).
     Add control/concurrencyincoming and tcp.smtp.cdb to required_files.

     Add qmailqread script and ${PREFIX}/bin/qmail-qread-client,
     based on Steinar Haug's example on If enabled,
     this allows local non-root users to see the queue.

     Add qmail script (structure copied from net/samba/files/
     Its interface is very similar to LWQ's qmailctl: it provides
     the commands "start stop restart rcvar pause cont stat status
     cdb doqueue reload queue alrm flush hup help". These commands
     can be run either directly from the appropriate service-specific
     script(s), or from this qmail script (which will call the
     right script(s) for you).

4) Remove some (but not all) obstacles to binary packaging.

     Each of these is better explained elsewhere. Summary:
     * Installs into the normal ${LOCALBASE}.
     * /var/qmail paths still work.
     * No patches are applied. (See also mail/netqmail.)


     QMAIL_AUTOCONFIG (default: YES): whether to automatically
     create basic config files.

     QMAIL_QUEUE_DIR (default: ${VARBASE}/spool/qmail): the path
     to the queue.

     QMAIL_QUEUE_EXTRA (default: empty): an additional recipient
     that will be added to every delivery. This is used primarily
     for logging. If this is set to a non-empty value, the necessary
     dot-qmail(5) file is created automatically at install time.

6) Enable pkgviews installation.


     Other user-visible changes:

     This package no longer applies patches to qmail. mail/netqmail,
     to be imported shortly, does.

     Restrictions on the redistribution of modified qmail apply
     not only to binaries but also to source. Clarify this in

     Add "newaliases", "hoststat", and "purgestat" entries to the
     sample mailer.conf. Install it to ${PREFIX}/share/examples/${PKGBASE},
     as other pkgsrc mailers do. ("newaliases" is actually provided
     by the fastforward package, and isn't needed unless you're
     using it.)

     Explain how to enable qmail in MESSAGE (cribbed from the
     postfix package).

Thanks to zuntum, snj, salo, and jlam for ideas, discussion, and review.

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    pkgsrc/mail/qmail/patches/patch-ak pkgsrc/mail/qmail/patches/patch-al \
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