Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Build
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/29/2003 11:54:49
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	grant
Date:		Mon Dec 29 11:54:49 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/p5-Module-Build: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated p5-Module-Build to 0.21.

changes since 0.20:

 - Added a have_c_compiler() method.

 - Added documentation for the requires(), recommends(),
   build_requires(), and conflicts() methods.

 - On Unix platforms, we now create the "Build" script with a #! line
   matching the perl interpreter that was used to invoke the Build.PL
   script, rather than whatever is in $Config{startperl}.  This avoids
   a potential warning about the interpreters not matching. [Spotted
   by Ken Y. Clark]

 - The Unix version now uses the safer multi-argument form of system()
   when building distribution tarballs.

 - Added a regression test for the 'dist' action to the t/runthrough.t

 - Fixed a problem with File::Spec usage when creating the names of
   'libdoc' manual pages - the code wasn't dealing with the volume or
   file portions correctly on certain platforms.

 - When creating the names of the 'libdoc' manual pages, we no longer
   assume that pods are under the hard-coded paths 'blib/lib' or

 - Fixed a crashing bug that could sometimes occur when the
   distribution contained no 'lib' directory. [Chris Dolan]

 - Fixed a crashing bug that happened when the user had .PL files in
   the lib/ directory and didn't explicitly name them in a hash
   reference to the new() constructor. [Chris Reinhardt, bug #4036]

 - .PL files are now passed the names of their target file(s) on the
   command line when they run.

 - When wasn't installed, t/runthrough.t wasn't properly
   skipping some tests that required YAML.  This is now fixed.
   [Stephen J. Smith]

 - Added documentation for the dist_version() and dist_name()
   methods. [Spotted by Johan Vromans]

 - Existing values in $ENV{HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES} are now respected
   and not squashed when we run the 'test' action. [Paul Johnson]

 - On cygwin, the separator string for manual page names has been set
   to '.'.  Previously it was '::', inherited from Unix. [Yitzchak

 - Avoid a warning when Build.PL is run (i.e. when the new() method is
   called) and no MANIFEST file exists. [Michael Schwern and Kevin

 - Added documentation for the 'code' and 'docs' actions. [Steve
   Purkis and Mark Stosberg]

 - The internal method compile_support_files() has been renamed to
   process_support_files() in order to make it consistent with other
   processing methods.  Note that it was never documented using the
   old name.  It's still not documented, actually.  Maybe later.

 - Skip the 'write' pseudo-entry in the 'diff' action's installation
   map. [Chris Dolan]

 - Fixed a bug in which notes() set in the Build.PL before
   create_build_script() was called would get lost unless more notes()
   were also set afterwards. [Spotted by Dave Rolsky]

 - The process of building elements of the distribution is now driven
   by a list of build elements, paving the way for letting people add
   their own types of build elements in future versions of
   Module::Build (or in the current version with some difficulty).

 - Fixed some linking errors on Cygwin. [Randy Sims, Terrence Brannon]

 - Fixed a line-ending problem with detecting the dist_abstract
   properly on Cygwin. [Randy Sims]

 - Fixed a problem with signatures that occurred if 'distsign' was
   called before 'distdir' - the signature would be generated twice.

 - Added a 'create_readme' parameter to new(), which will use
   Pod::Text to generate a README from the main (dist_version_from)
   module file during the 'distdir' action.

 - We now refuse to run the 'Build' script if it was created using a
   different version of Module::Build.  This has caused a couple of
   nasty bugs in the past, I don't want to know what it would cause in
   the future.

 - Documentation for do_system() has been added. [Dave Rolsky]

 - run_perl_script() is now available as a class method, though it
   will need to (re-)find the perl interpreter in this case.

 - Added a new_from_context() method that authors of automated tools
   like CPANPLUS and CPAN can use instead of running all tasks as
   sub-processes.  We also use it in the regression tests for
   Module::Build itself.  ** Note that this method is currently
   undocumented because its name may change in the future. **

 - When signing distributions with Module::Signature, we now
   automatically add the SIGNATURE file to the MANIFEST, avoiding an
   unpleasant chicken/egg problem for the module author.
   [unpleasantness spotted by sungo]

 - In Module::Build::Compat, added support for the 'verbose' parameter
   to Makefile.PL [spotted by Soren Andersen, fixed by Michael

 - The Module::Build distribution now has a cryptographic 'SIGNATURE'
   file created by Module::Signature.

 - Added proper documentation for the subclass() method. [spotted by
   Jonathan Steinert]

 - Worked around a bug in Red Hat 9 which prevented man
   pages from being installed in the correct places. [spotted by Ville

 - Fixed a Module::Build::Compat bug in which setting INSTALLDIRS
   caused a crash. [spotted by Ilya Martynov]

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