Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc
To: None <>
From: Tomasz Luchowski <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/28/2003 16:12:02
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	zuntum
Date:		Sun Dec 28 16:12:02 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/doc: CHANGES

Log Message:
Note time/devtodo update to version 0.1.17

Changes from version 0.1.7:

* Fixed seg-fault when specifying bold colours with the --colour option. Thanks
  to Tim Peoples for pointing pointing this out.
* Renamed regex.{c,h} to c_regex.{c,h} so they don't conflict with Regex.{cc,h}
  under operating systems which do not honour case (OS/X and/or Cygwin). Also
  removed -s (strip) from LDFLAGS, as this is not supported on some O/S' (eg.
  OS/X). David Bacher wrote in with these issues.
* Modified tod2html.xslt so the todo title is displayed in the page, as well as
  in the page title.
* Fixed an issue with not displaying links when timeout was in effect.
* Added a new 'default' priority which has the following semantics: when adding
  a new item it will be priority 'medium', when grafting to an existing item
  the new item will be given the parents priority, and when editing an existing
  item its priority will be preserved. An items priority can be overridden on
  the command line with --priority <priority> when any of these actions are
  performed. Devtodo will never prompt for priority with this enabled. Handy for
  putting in your ~/.todorc.
* Fixed display issues when summarising multi-line items.
* Fixed a bug where colours were reset when displaying linked databases.

* Made broken links silently fail rather than failing loudly and horribly.
* Modified the semantics for expanding indices. Now when you use an index with
  no modifier (eg. todo 10, as opposed to todo -10 or todo +10), only one
  level of children is expanded.
* Big change is the addition of multi-line items and title texts! This is a
  much requested feature. To use this, you can either pipe text into devtodo:
        cat <<- EOF | tda -p medium
        This is some
  Or press <CTRL-N> to insert a new line when at the devtodo input prompt.

* Added --force-colour option to force use of colour even when not outputting to
  a terminal. Requested by James Troup.
* Added a patch sent in by Philipp Buehler which adds support for title strings
  to the todo2html.xslt XSLT script.
* Fixed bug when displaying priorities in TODO list ("mediumriority").
* Added a MASSIVE patch sent in by Christian Hammond which adds support for
  linking other todo databases into one single view. This is extremely useful
  for situations where you have a core project directory with sub-directories
  containing unique individual databases. You can link them so they are all
  viewed from the core database. Great work!
* tda will now merge all non-quoted arguments into one string to be used for
  the body text of the item to add. This lets this work:
    tda -p high Need to go to the shop and get some milk
  without needing to do:
    tda -p high "Need to go to the shop and get some milk"
* Another bug report by James Troup via the Debian Project. Thanks James and
  Arthur for being long time supporters of the project!
* Made doc/ more coherent and less convoluted.
* A variation on the XSLT transform was sent in by Christian Hammond. An
  example of its use is available at

* Fixed a bug where devtodo doesn't work without the TERM variable being set.
  Caused havoc in Bill Carlson's cron job. Thanks for tracking it down Bill.
* Fixed some more GCC 3.x compilation problems. I'm still using [io]strstream,
  as opposed to the more correct [io]stringstream, so that it should still
  compile with older versions of GCC. Fingers crossed.

* Patch from David Furodet to fix compilation problems on Solaris.
* Added 'finishing comments'. This allows you to optionally add a comment to an
  item when you are marking it as done, giving reasons/comments for why you are
  marking it complete. This is really useful. This also breaks backward
  compatibility with previous BINARY formats only. The XML format is not

* Applied a patch by Michael Tilstra that fixes segfaults when overriding
* Added a script (contrib/tdrec) to display databases from all sub-directories.
  Thanks to Brian Herlihy for the contribution. Modified it slightly so it
  passes arguments to devtodo (such as --summary).
* Modified cd, pushd and popd replacement scripts (doc/ so that their
  exit status is preserved. Required so things like this work correctly:
    cd doc && echo foo
  Thanks to Erin Quinlan for the fix.
* Now displays the index of newly added items when --verbose is on. Thanks to
  James Troup for suggesting this.
* Fixed man page inconsistency with '-S' and '-s' for summary mode. Thanks to
  James Troup again for picking this up.
* Another problem found by James Troup - when grafting, the validity of the
  grafting index was only checked after the new item text was typed. This has
  been recitifed.
* Work around for some weirdness when generating RPM's.

* Modified .spec file so it doesn't do an aclocal/autoheader/automake/autoconf
  before compiling. Fixes incompatibilities between versions of automake.
* Applied a patch sent in by Anreas Amann to fix more incompatibilities with
  GCC 3.0.

* Now 'using namespace std;'. It's the standard and it seems as if GCC 3.0
  finally requires it, so in it goes.
* Fixed an incompatibility with versions of GCC prior to 3.0 using different
  arguments to std::string::compare. Quite annoying. I replaced it with
* Readline is driving me insane. The example from the readline info page says
  to use "completion_matches" so I basically copied the code verbatim. But
  some versions don't seem to include the function in the readline header
  file? Agggggghh. So once again, it's back to using a manually created
  header file. It seems to work the best.

* I had a bad feeling that including the readline headers would cause problems
  and I was right :(. I'm now not including any readline headers of any form,
  so if compilation breaks due to your system readline headers having K&R style
  function declarations, upgrade to the latest version.
* Renamed the XSLT examples to reflect their purpose (eg. xslt-example.1 =>

* Fixed for the spelling of "heirarchical" :)
* Repatched --mono fix that gets rid of spurious escape sequences (picked up
  by Mark Eichin).
* Fixed envar expansion broken by event handling modifications. Whoops.
* Numeric priorities can now be specified on the command line. Christian
  Kurz picked this one up.
* Added a new filter for searching through the database. This is done with
  the filter '/'. eg. "todo --filter /CVS" will show all items with the word
  CVS in them. This can also be expressed as a shorthand version: "todo /CVS".
  The text is interpreted as a regular expression.
* Changed filter behaviour to be more logical. Numeric filters with no sign
  prefix will now only show the item itself, not children. Prefixing the
  filter with a + will display the children as well and prefixing with a -
  will filter out that item.
* Subsequently almost totally rewrote filtering code so it's more logical and
  doesn't break (hopefully).
* Short arguments can now be fully merged into one argument. eg.
    todo -v -v -f 2-10
  can be represented as:
    todo -vvf2-10
* Added an "echo" command for use in ~/.todorc. This can be used for status
  messages or whatever. eg.
     on save echo Saved $TODODB
* Added another PERL script (contrib/changelog2html) to convert directly from
  the ChangeLog to HTML.
* Fixed default formatting string for --TODO.
* James Troup had the suggestion (which is now implemented) of clearing the
  priority as soon as the user hits a key other than enter when editing an
  existing item.
* Copied the readline.h and history.h from my system's readline into devtodo's
  source. Hopefully this won't break compiles on any systems :\.

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