Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/squid
To: None <>
From: Takahiro Kambe <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/17/2003 16:48:27
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	taca
Date:		Wed Dec 17 16:48:27 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/squid: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update squid package to squid-2.5.4nb5, including six official patches.

o Repeated POST requests causes number of persistent connections to grow

	synopsis	If responses to POST or other non-indempotent
			requests allows the connection to be kept
			persistently open then this can lead to a
			increased connection usage by Squid.  This
			patch changes the behaviour to keep the number
			of connections stable by closing a persistent
			connection before opening the new connection.

	severity	Minor
	date		2003-12-13 16:13
	bugzilla	#862
	versions	Squid-2.5
	platforms	All
	workaround	Disable server-side persistent connections by
			setting "server_persistent_connections off" in

o Segmentation fault on aborted FTP PUT requests

	synopsis	If a FTP PUT request is aborted while Squid is
			writing data to the server then Squid may
			abort with a segmentation fault.
	severity	Major
	date		2003-12-14 12:14
	bugzilla	#853
	versions	Squid-2.5 and earlier
	platforms	All
	workaround	If this plauges you a lot then you can deny
			the use of FTP PUT until the server can be
			patched.  But please note that this will limit
			the functionality of the proxy by not allowing
			FTP uploads via the proxy.

			acl FTP protocol FTP
			acl PUT method PUT
			http_access deny FTP PUT

o Limit use of persistent connections when filedescriptor usage is high

	synopsis	Under high usage a lot of filedescriptors may
			be idle persistent connections, causing a
			shortage of filedescriptors for handling new
	severity	Minor
	date		2003-12-14 12:14
	bugzilla	#571
	versions	Squid-2.5 and earlier
	platforms	All
	workaround	Disable the use of persistent connections in
			squid.conf.  But pleae note that disabling
			persistent connections will cause a networking
			performance penalty unless you are actually
			short on filedescriptors.  Alternatively
			rebuild Squid with support for more

o Icon URLs are uneededly complex

	synopsis	The URL syntax used by Squid for FTP/Gopher
			icons are uneededly complex and often causes
			problems.  This patch adds a "short_icon_urls"
			directive which can be used to enable a less
			complex URL syntax for icons.
	severity	Cosmetic
	date		2003-12-14 13:14
	bugzilla	#856
	versions	Squid-2.5 and earlier
	platforms	All

o redirector_access does not handle slow acls such as dst or external correctly

	synopsis	redirector_access was a "fast" acl lookup and
			did not handle "slow" acls requiring external
			lookups such as	dst or external correcly.
	severity	Minor
	date		2003-12-14 13:14
	bugzilla	#860
	versions	Squid-2.5 and earlier
	platforms	All

o Persistent connection usage too high after sudden burst of traffic

	synopsis	Persistent server connections are reused in a
			round-robin fashion which may cause the number
			of connections to stay artificially high after
			a sudden burst of requests.

			This patch changes persistent connection
			management to use a LIFO order reusing the
			most recently used connection first, thereby
			allowing unneeded connections to close down by
			idle timeout.
	severity	Minor
	date		2003-12-15 23:15
	bugzilla	#865
	versions	Squid-2.5 and earlier
	platforms	All
	workaround	This usually is not a significant problem, but
			if you are plauged by this you can try
			disabling server-side persistent connections
			in squid.conf.

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