Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm/metacity
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/14/2003 20:33:25
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Sun Dec 14 20:33:25 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/wm/metacity: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.6.3, based on work done by xtraeme@:

 - fix to right, left, bottom onscreen resize constraints
 - detect case where we fail to get a pointer grab when the mouse
   is clicked, to avoid "this window is stuck to my mouse!"
 - keep panels at the end of the focus MRU list so we don't
   focus them all the time in annoying ways

 - fix to repaint after resize always, so on maximize
   and theme changes we get things drawn properly
 - fix a compile issue on HPUX
 - fix translations of metacity-message output
 - fix to update window icons when they change
 - put a limit on number of characters displayed in
   window titles during Alt+tab
 - fix configure check for Xrandr
 - fix 64-bit bug in property reading that broke
   things badly on 64-bit
 - don't move focus when clicking close button on a window
 - fix a crash in getting pixmap icons
 - spawn dialogs and child processes on the proper
   screen in multihead situations
 - if the focus gets set to None, set it back to
   something sane
 - load accessibility modules and set accessibility roles
 - fix hang after displaying warning dialogs
 - fix a memory corruption when sticking/unsticking windows
   that lead to a frequent crash and windows appearing
   in Alt+tab improperly
 - fix some handling of partial-width panel struts
 - more translations

 - rebuild with fixed glib-gettext.m4

 - some additional translations

 - fix aspect ratio handling
 - fix "shake loose" functionality for maximized windows
 - handle Xrandr size changes properly again
 - fix fullscreen window detection
 - fix workspace name handling
 - don't steal button press events on root window
 - nuke metacity.spec due to nonmaintenance
 - allow too-large-for-screen windows to move their titlebar offscreen
 - keep an MRU list of windows per-workspace and use it to focus
   the next window when the focused window disappears
 - fix cursor when moving
 - improve appearance of opaque resize
 - make BELOW window state work
 - fix a crash when gdk_pixmap_foreign_new() returned NULL

 - fixups to .desktop file
 - activate window prior to grab end, avoiding
   extra focus events
 - add support for partial-width panels (fixes corner panel
   and xinerama window position constraints)
 - added keybinding to toggle window as "always on top"
 - support --disable-schemas-install option to configure
 - destroy support for legacy GNOME 1.x hints; metacity
   no longer works with GNOME 1.x
 - disable raise-on-click for mouse focus modes
 - fix bug that broke many Javascript popup menus with mozilla
 - allow "shaking loose" maximized windows, to move them
   between Xinerama heads or whatever
 - honor desktop-wide double click timeout
 - handle window placement properly for windows that
   start out maximized
 - integrate Ximian patch to go ahead and log out after 4 minutes
   even if a dialog is open
 - fix a segfault
 - fix bug where window groups weren't always kept up to date
 - fix bug where focus got confused when switching workspaces
   with mouse focus mode
 - fix 64-bit crash on s390x
 - chdir to user's homedir on startup
 - keep window in fullscreen layer when its transients are focused
 - fix keybindings bug when you had ScrollLock enabled
 - many translation updates

 - improved wording/UI for some dialogs
 - while clicking a window button, if you move the mouse outside
   the button such that releasing the mouse button won't activate
   the window button, visually indicate by "popping out" the button.
 - fix some valgrind errors
 - change "show desktop mode" to convert to "everything is minimized
   mode" if you open a new window while showing desktop, rather
   than previous behavior of simply leaving show desktop mode.
 - fix a trivial memory leak
 - change "move to workspace N" so it doesn't switch workspaces,
   just moves the window.
 - translation updates

 - fix bug where fullscreen windows were below top panels
 - build fix for Solaris
 - support diagonal window movement with numeric keypad
 - multihead fix
 - build fix for Cygwin
 - place on xinerama containing the pointer
 - fix totally hosed window placement/movement for frameless
 - improvement to smoothness of window move/resize

 - many new translations
 - fix an infinite loop while holding a server grab triggered by
   some recent Qt versions doing weird stuff
 - fix bug where Alt+rightclick repeatedly on titlebar resulted
   in zillions of menus
 - fix Alt+Tab to *actually* put minimized windows at the end,
   though this was always intended
 - rewrite size/positions constraint code (currently known
   to be quite buggy, e.g. xmms is hosed)
 - enforce size of at least 1x1 on windows
 - reduce latency of managing new windows still further
   by using async properties code in more places
 - don't grab keybindings on docks, so gnome-panel
   can handle them
 - suck in the panel's screenshot and run dialog global
 - lots of improvements to window placement
 - sync max number of workspaces with pager applet
 - fix to keep focus when inside window frame in
   strict mouse focus mode
 - make it possible to start a reverse tab with
   shift+alt+tab (vs. alt+tab then shift)
 - fix a multihead issue with constraints between two
   windows on different heads
 - require GTK+ 2.2.0 and fontconfig
 - default theme is now Simple
 - add visual bell feature
 - incorporate many fixes from 2.4.34
 - other stuff

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