Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/libgnomeprint
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/14/2003 19:51:04
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Sun Dec 14 19:51:04 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/print/libgnomeprint: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/print/libgnomeprint/patches: patch-ab

Log Message:
Update to 2.4.0, based on work done by xtraeme@:

2003-09-26  Jody Goldberg <>

	* Release 2.4.0

2003-09-26  Jody Goldberg <>

	* : bump to 2.4.0 to sync with desktop, and prepare to

2003-09-23  Balamurali Viswanathan <>

	* libgnomeprint/transports/gp-transport-file.c (gp_transport_file_open)
	When a file is printed to another file (*.ps), set the permission of the
	new file in accordance with the umask set. (bug #115836)

2003-09-04  Laurent Dhima  <>

	* Added "sq" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-09-02  Gediminas Paulauskas  <>

	* Added lt to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-08-12  Jody Goldberg <>

	* : post release version bump

2003-08-11  Jody Goldberg <>

	* Release 2.3.1

2003-08-11  Jody Goldberg <>

	* gtk-doc.make : add
	* doc/reference/ : tweak uninstall to placate automake-1.7

2003-08-11  Paisa Seeluangsawat <>

	* th.po: Added Thai translation.
	* (ALL_LINGUAS) Added Thai (th).

2003-08-06  Thomas Vander Stichele  <thomas at apestaart dot org>

          set ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS to make maintainer builds work
	* libgnomeprint/
	* libgnomeprint/transports/
	* tests/
          Use AM_* instead of * to not override user flags

2003-06-21  Dafydd Harries  <>

	* Added "cy" (Welsh) to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-06-25  Martin Kretzschmar  <>

	* libgnomeprint/ (privateincludedir): fix
	path (add a missing libgnomeprint/).

2003-06-20  Abel Cheung  <>

	* Added "mk" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-06-19  Martin Kretzschmar  <>

	Bug #115320

	* libgnomeprint/ (privateincludedir): new
	variable pointing to the private headers directory.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-font-private.h: include "gnome-font.h" from
	<libgnomeprint/gnome-font.h>, likewise for gnome-rfont.h.

	* libgnomeprint/ (font_sources, font_private_headers):
	install gnome-fontmap.h to libgnomeprint/private.

2003-06-12  Frederic Crozat  <>

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/
	* libgnomeprint/transports/
	use -avoid-version for dynamically loaded modules (bug #114561)

2003-05-06  Danilo Šegan  <>

	* Added "sr" and "sr@Latn" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-04-25  Masahiro Sakai  <>


	* libgnomeprint/
	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/
	* libgnomeprint/transports/ add -no-undefined
	to _la_LDFLAGS.

	* libgnomeprint/transports/ add $(LIBGNOMEPRINT_LIBS)
	to _la_LIBADD.

2003-03-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* (REQUIRED_AUTOMAKE_VERSION): require automake 1.6
	(filed as bug #109366)

	* data/models/ fix automake warning "automake does not
	support conditional definition of modelsprivate_DATA".
	* data/printers/ for printers too.
	(filed as bug #109438)

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.c (gnome_print_config_get_boolean): "yes"
	was duplicated in the if.

2003-03-27  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-pdf.c (gnome_print_pdf_clip): Fix bug #107160

2003-03-13  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "ml" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-03-12  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-node-private.h: the signature of the "modified" signal
	was missing a "gint flags" argument, add

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-root.h: remove globals printers_list & models_dict
	add _GPARoot

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-root.c: make gpa_root a class in itself so that
	we can browse the whole tree.
	(gpa_init): attach globals and printers_list to gpa_root.

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-printer.c (gpa_printer_list_load)
	(gpa_printer_get_default, gpa_printer_get_by_id): change printers_list
	from a global to gpa_root->printers_list.

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-node.c (gpa_node_lookup): cast the gpa_root
	to a GPA_NODE

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-model.c: move models_dict here, is no longer
	on an .h file. s/models_dict/gpa_models_dict/g to prevent a symbol clash

	* tests/gpa-test.c: you can now pass a path to dump the tree in the console for
	added --dump-root and renamed --dump to --dump-config

2003-03-12  Chema Celorio  <>

	* post release version bump to 2.3.1

2003-03-12  Chema Celorio  <>

	* 2.3.0 he we go. No other reason to make a release other than having
	a point of reference

2003-03-12  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.c (gnome_print_job_metadata_printer):
	implement. Prints the metadata to a file
	(gnome_print_job_print): use here

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print.c: typo in function documentation
	(gnome_print_context_new): g_warn if the context could not be created

	* (metadata_printer): add --with-metadata-printer
	* data/printers/ (privateprinters_DATA): install META.xml
	* data/models/ install GNOME-META.xml

2003-03-11  Chema Celorio  <>

	* tests/ (my_check_output): bump max to accomodate for new

	* tests/generate.c (my_clip_region): implement. Triggers bug #107160.

2003-03-05  Samúel Jón Gunnarsson <>

	* Added "is" in ALL_LINGUAS

2003-03-05  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-unit.c (gnome_print_unit_get_identity): don't
	return FALSE on error, return NULL since the retval is a GnomePrintUnit*

	* tests/fonts.c (check_options): don't use == TRUE, fixes bug #107644

2003-02-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.c (job_parse_config_data): fetch page
	layout transforms in order. Fixes bug #105904

2003-02-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* (GNOME_PRINT_MODULES/DATA_DIR): don't mess with the paths
	use datadir & libdir directly. Fixes bug #105096
	(DISPLAY_DATA_DIR): resolve the actual installation datadir to display it
	at the end of configure.

2003-02-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* don't use DATADIR to compose GNOME_PRINT_DATA_DIR as it is
	defined by the glib-gettext aclocal macro and thus breaks if gettext is
	not installed. Fixes bug #105089

2003-02-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-root.c (gpa_initialized): if we are initializing
	return TRUE
	(gpa_init): set the initializing flag on and off while we are initializing

2003-02-27  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-root.c (gpa_initialized): having a models_dict
	does not mean that we are initialized, having a valid printers_list does

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-printer.c (gpa_printer_new): check for
	the return value of gpa_initialized not for the function pointer
	(was missing the parenthesis)

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-key.c (gpa_key_merge_from_key): allow merging
	from syntetic keys (Settings.Application)

2003-02-27  Chema Celorio  <>

	libgnomeprint part of bug #106162

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-unit.c (gnome_print_unit_get_name): implement
	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-unit.h: add get_name guarded by _UNSTABLE_API
	as we don't want apps to use it since this entry point was added after 2.2.0
	we _need_ this function if we want to get translated unit names.

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-option.c (gpa_option_get_name): implement
	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-option.h: add _get_name

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-utils.c (gpa_utils_dump_tree_with_level): print
	option->value for GPA_OPTION_TYPE_ITEM

2003-02-26  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/gnome-print-cups.c:
	(option_list_new_with_default): implement
	(load_paper_sources, load_paper_sizes): use here
	fixes #106984, reported and patch by Owen Taylor <>

2003-02-26  Taneem Ahmed  <>

	* Added "bn" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-02-18  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "ga" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-02-18  Roozbeh Pournader  <>

	* Added "fa" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-02-14  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.c (gnome_print_job_get_pages):
	g_return_val_if_fail if the job has not been closed.

2003-02-13  Chema Celorio  <>

	* add check for zlib, fixes #105819

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-fontmap.h: add ->is_alias to GPFamilyEntry

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-fontmap.c (gp_fontmap_sort): make Families
	as alias/non-alias entries.
	(gnome_font_family_list): don't append entries

2003-02-11  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.c (gnome_print_config_get_option):

2003-02-11  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.c (gnome_print_config_insert_options):

2003-02-11  Christopher James Lahey <>

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/gnome-print-cups-transport.c (gp_transport_cups_print_file):

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-transport.h: add a print_file method to

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-transport.c (gnome_print_transport_print_file):
	(gnome_print_transport_real_print_file): implement.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.h: add set file, guarded by

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.c (gnome_print_job_set_file):
	* add g_return_val_if_fails to make sure apps do not mix usage
	of gnome_print_job_set_file and gnome-print postscript like commands.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job-private.h: add ->input_file

2003-02-11  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print.c (gnome_print_context_close): we know
	the error type if something failed. Return ret rather than _ERR_UNKNOWN

2003-02-11  Chema Celorio  <>

	* add libtool versioning

	* libgnomeprint/ (LDFLAGS): add -version-info

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/ (libgnomeprintcups_la_LDFLAGS):

2003-02-10  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-settings.c (gpa_settings_append_stock_nodes):
	(gpa_settings_new): and use here

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-option.c (gpa_option_duplicate): copy
	the LOCKED_FLAG when duplicating an option
	(gpa_option_create_key): handle _LOCKED_FLAG
	(gpa_option_new_from_tree): read "Locked" from xml tree

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-node-private.h: fix LOCKED_FLAG

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-key.c (gpa_key_duplicate): if the option
	had FLAG_LOCKED, the key should have it too
	(gpa_key_set_value): add support for synthetic keys needed
	for gnome_print_config_add_{type}
	(gpa_key_insert): implement

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-config.c (gpa_config_new): don't duplicate
	settings as multiple settings are not supported. We are not using
	gpa_list (of settings) correctly. We need not only _default for lists
	but _active or _selected. We are using _default to tag both defaults
	and selected settings.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.h: add g-p-c-insert-boolean,
	remove duplicated GnomePrintConfig key. Update G_P_C_K_OUTPUT_FILENAME

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.c (gnome_print_config_keys_compat):
	implement to keep backward compatibility with keys.
	(gnome_print_config_get): use compat
	(gnome_print_config_insert_boolean): implement. Experimental at this
	point and guarded with GNOME_PRINT_UNSTABLE_API in .h file. Allows
	applications to insert nodes into a GnomePrintConfig

2003-02-10  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-transport.c (gnome_print_transport_new): if PrintToFile
	is true, set module to

	* libgnomeprint/transports/gp-transport-file.c (gp_transport_file_construct):
	get filename from Settings.Output.Job.FileName

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/gnome-print-cups.c: add Output.Job.FileName
	& Output.Job.PrintToFile
	* data/models/ ditto
	* data/models/ ditto

2003-02-07  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/gnome-print-cups.c: Don't append the
	Document subtree as gpa_settings_new does it for all settings.

2003-02-06  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "id" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-02-02  Chema Celorio  <>

	* (mydistcheck): use $(AMTAR) rather than $(TAR) which
	I guess is needed because I am using a newer automake.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-fontmap.c (fcpattern_to_gp_font_entry_alias):
	Fix #105006

2003-02-02  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-settings.c (gpa_settings_finalize): only
	gpa_node_unref settings->printer when it is not NULL. Settings can
	be unatached to a printer in some cases

2003-02-02  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-ps2.c: allow us to embed two fonts
	who happen to have the same Postscript name. See #105063.
	(gnome_print_ps2_init): create fonts_hash
	(gnome_print_ps2_finalize): destroy fonts_hash
	(gnome_print_ps2_set_font_real): when creating PSOs, specify
	which instance of the psname the font is for.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-font-face.c (gnome_font_face_pso_new):
	add a "instance" argument that allows us to embed to fonts
	who happen to have the same postscript name. Set ->encodedname
	accordingly to the instance

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-pdf.c (gnome_print_pdf_set_font_real):
	when creating a pso, pass 0 as the instance.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-font-private.h: update _pso_new's prototype,
	update the description of GnomeFontPsObject->encodedname.

	* tests/simple.c: add file used for simple code to test or
	replicate a bug.
	* tests/ add simple to Makefile

2003-02-01  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-font-family.c (gnome_font_family_style_list):
	Don't return duplicated styles, the font-dialog no longer displays
	duplicated styles.

2003-01-31  Chema Celorio  <>

	* libgnomeprint/gp-gc.c (gp_gc_get_linecap): Fix the first
	part of #104932. Spotted by

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-font-face.c (gff_load_outline):
	Fix #104754

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-fontmap.c (fcpattern_to_gp_font_entry):
	Fix #104710, patch from Akira TAGOH

	* (gtk_doc_min_version): don't need to check
	for "gtk-doc > 0.10". 0.9 is good enough

	* libgnomeprint/modules/cups/gnome-print-cups.c: add
	Output.Job.Copies & Output.Job.Collate
	* data/models/GNOME-PDF-WRITER.xml: same here

	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-list.[ch]: fix a typo s/defalt/default/
	* libgnomeprint/gpa/gpa-printer.c: here too

2003-01-31  Chema Celorio  <>

	* (cups_msg): make the "cups not installed" message a little
	bit more explicit

2003-01-28  Chema Celorio  <>

	* doc/reference/ install API docs in
	$(HTML_DIR)/libgnomeprint-2.2 so that it parallel installs with
	libgnomeprint-devel (1.116.x)

2003-01-27  Chema Celorio  <>

	* bump version to 2.3.0.

	* libgnomeprint/gnome-print-pdf-t1.c (gnome_print_pdf_t1_determine_lengths_pfa):
	remove a compile time warning that might break non gcc compilations. Spotted
	by Chris Lahey <>

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