Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/libgnomecanvas
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 12/14/2003 19:48:37
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jmmv
Date:		Sun Dec 14 19:48:37 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/graphics/libgnomecanvas: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.4.0, based on work done by xtraeme@.

2003-09-01  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Release 2.4.0

2003-09-01  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "ne" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-08-31  Laurent Dhima  <>

	* Added "sq" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-08-25  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Release 2.3.7

2003-08-11  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Release 2.3.6

2003-08-07  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* docs/reference/
	* docs/reference/libgnomecanvas-docs.sgml:
	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas.c:
	Generate xml documentation.

Fri Aug 01 11:49:34 2003  George Lebl <>

	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas.c: Inside the do_update function it is
	  possible that during picking we emitted an event in which the user
	  then called some function which then requested update of something.
	  We thus need to check again if we need to update stuff as without
	  that we'd be left in a state where need_update would have been left
	  TRUE and the canvas would have been left unpainted until another
	  expose event.

2003-07-10  Joel Brich <>

	* Added "eo" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-06-20  Samúel Jón Gunnarsson  <>

	* Added "is" to ALL_LINGUAS

2003-06-16  Taneem Ahmed  <>

	* Added "bn" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-06-11  Kenneth Rohde Christiansen  <>

	* Added "li" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-05-18  Martin Kretzschmar  <>

	Implement general clipping in clipgroup. Fixes bug #104602.

	2001-12-06  Lauris Kaplinski  <>

	* gnome-canvas-clipgroup.c (gnome_canvas_clipgroup_update): Invoke
	parent method with NULL clippath, recalculate bounding box
	(gnome_canvas_clipgroup_render): Implement, do buffer/buffer
	clipped composition here
	(gcg_buf_new): Quick'n'dirty buffer cache
	(gcg_buf_free): Ditto
	(gcg_mask_new): Ditto
	(gcg_mask_free): Ditto

2003-05-13  Telsa Gwynne  <>

	* Added "cy" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-05-07  Abel Cheung  <>

	* Added "cs" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-05-05  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added sr and sr@Latn to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-05-03  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* docs/reference/*: Merged docs from branch.
	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas-util.h: Same here.

2003-05-03  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	reviewed by: Tim Janik <>

	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas-line.c: (gnome_canvas_line_update):
	Fix for bug #72424. AA Canvas crashes if you create a line that has
	arrows enabled but not yet any point positions set. Patch from
	Andreas Holzmann <>.
	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas-pixbuf.c: Fix for bug 97604.
	Certain affine transforms do not work for pixbuf items. Patch from
	Jim Evins <>.
	(gnome_canvas_pixbuf_render): Same as above.
	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas-shape.c: (gnome_canvas_shape_update):
	Fix for bug #98258. Outline widths of rect, ellipse, and polygon
	items don't rotate. Patch from Jim Evins <>

Mon Mar 31 07:21:33 2003  Tim Janik  <>

	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas-pixbuf.c:
	(gnome_canvas_pixbuf_update): change update logic to fix redrawing bugs.

2003-03-27  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Release 2.3.0

2003-03-26  Christian Rose  <>

	* Added "yi" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-03-21  Guntupalli Karunakar  <>

	* Added "ml" to ALL_LINGUAS

2003-03-19  Paul Duffy <>

        * Added "ga" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2003-03-06  Sebastian Rittau  <>

	* libgnomecanvas/gnome-canvas.c (gnome_canvas_w2c_d): Corrected
	docstring so that "returns" is not the first word on a line.
	* docs/reference/libgnomecanvas-sections.txt: Inserted *Class
	definitions into standard sections. Moved *Priv definitions into
	private sections.
	* docs/reference/libgnomecanvas-docs.sgml: Fixed file include:
	sgml/gnome-canvas-rect-ellipse.sgml -> sgml/gnome-canvas-ellipse.sgml

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