Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/xpdf
To: None <>
From: Juan Romero Pardines <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/24/2003 01:12:52
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	xtraeme
Date:		Fri Oct 24 01:12:52 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/print/xpdf: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated to 2.03. PR pkg/23165, Greg Troxel <>.


2.03 (2003-oct-10)
Rewrote the text extractor to:
  - do a better job with rotated text;
  - handle right-to-left scripts;
  - be faster.
Changed the zoom setting to use a percentage (relative to 72 dpi)
  instead of a zoom "factor".
If the PDF file has an outline, open the outline pane initially.
Added -f and -l options to pdfinfo; print multiple page sizes.
The HAVE_XTAPPSETEXITFLAG test in was backwards.
The BitsPerComponent entry is optional in image mask objects.
Render any annotation with an appearance stream, instead of just
  Widget and Stamp annotations.
Fix a bug in the TrueType font checker: the test for an unsorted
  'loca' table was wrong.
Modify the TrueType cmap selection algorithm yet again to try to match
  Adobe's behavior.
Changed sqrt(2) to sqrt(2.0) in to make various compilers
Fixed a deadlock problem (when MULTITHREADING is set); cleaned up some
  other problems with the locking code.
Fixed a bug in the interpolation code for type 0 (sampled) functions.
Implemented type 1 (function-based) shaded fills.
Fixed some stupid bugs in the JBIG2 decoder (introduced with the
  previous optimization work).
Fixed a typo in the code that parses vertical font metrics for CID
  fonts that was causing a seg fault.
Fixed a couple of bugs that were causing seg faults with badly damaged
  PDF files.
Limit the number of nested Forms to avoid infinite recursion (in buggy
  PDF files).
Add a special case for rectangular clip regions - make sure these
  don't drop pixels on the right and bottom edges.
Tell FreeType not to use glyph bitmaps when in anti-aliased mode.
Read all of the border style info for links.
All of the shaded fill types now do at least one bisection to avoid
  problems when the colors at the endpoints of the domain are the
If the Length2 parameter for an embedded Type 1 font was incorrect
  (too small), pdftops was losing font data.
Deal with (broken) DCT streams that use the same component ID number
  for different components.
The MediaBox page attribute was not being inherited correctly.
Fixed a bug in the Type 1C font converter related to local
The Type 1C -> Type 1 font converter was allocating the font dictionary
  one slot too small.
Added a missing private dictionary entry to Type 1 fonts generated by
  the Type 1C converter.  [Thanks to Michael Shell.]
Fixed bugs in the tiling pattern fill code.
Try the TrueType 0xf000 char code offset hack for the MacRoman
  encoding too (in addition to MS Symbol).
Update the font metrics info for the Base 14 fonts to include the Euro
SECURITY HOLE: Escape various characters in URLs before running a web
  browser (or movie viewer).  [Fixed in 2.02p11]
SECURITY HOLE: In the dialog used to verify "launch" links, provide a
  scrolling view if the command to be run is excessively long.  [Fixed
  in 2.02p11]
Added an option to disable insertion of page breaks (form feed
  characters) in extracted text (pdftotext -nopgbrk; xpdfrc
  "textPageBreaks" option).
Check for 8-bit fonts that specify an out-of-range FirstChar or
Correctly handle an obsolete Type 2 charstring op (in the Type
  1C-to-Type 1 font converter).  [Thanks to Helge Blischke.]
Use the font encoding info to fill in holes in the ToUnicode map.
Added character names for Bulgarian (in the Cyrillic support pacakage)
  and Greek.
Handle clipping to text in xpdf and pdftops.
Fix color space detection in DCT decoder.  [Thanks to Dwight Kelly.]
Added the "unicodeToUnicode" xpdfrc option, intended (initially) for
  Arabic support.
Handle the case in PSOutputDev where two font objects refer to the
  same embedded TrueType font, but with different encodings.  [Thanks
  to Frank Siegert.]
Kill any pre-existing path before drawing a form (or annotation).
Save state before rendering page content; restore state afterward.
Fix Stream::reset/close to work correctly with encoder streams; fix
  PSOutputDev to use Stream::close consistently.
Fix a seg fault when hitting the 'back' button after closing a file.
GfxState::getStrokeGray was returning the fill gray value (this only
  affected Level 1 PS output).
Change PSOutputDev to reuse dictionaries in Level 1 mode (since Level
  1 PS interpreters don't do garbage collection).  [Thanks to Frank
PSOutputDev was generating incorrect translations for landscape-mode
Implemented shading pattern color spaces.
PSOutputDev wasn't correctly handling Type 3 fonts which used image
  resources (as opposed to inline images).  [Thanks to Frank Siegert.]
The fix from 1.00 which clipped out-of-bounds points was a bit too
Do proper Floyd-Steinberg dithering in XOutputDev.
Don't automatically check for a null owner password (to match Adobe's
Allow the FlateDecode filter in Level 3 PostScript output.
Fixed small bugs in the Type 1C -> Type 1 converter and Type 1C ->
  Type 0 converter.  [Thanks to Tom Kacvinsky.]
Work around another weird Motif problem with the right button menu
  (which was sometimes causing the menu to not be displayed).
Make the code that handles fonts defined directly in the resource dict
  more robust.
Add a brief description of the outline pane to the xpdf man page.
Ignore extra operands to content stream operators.
Fixed a bug in the CCITTFax decoder.
Allow the Count entry in a Pages dictionary to be a real number
  (because some PDF generators actually do this).
Shading pattern fills weren't being clipped correctly.
Incorrect shallow copies in GfxRadialShading and StitchingFunction.
The StitchingFunction destructor wasn't checking for funcs being
Change the TrueType code-to-GID mapping code so it looks at the
  TrueType 'post' table.
Set the print command in the print dialog once at startup, don't
  change it each time a file is (re)loaded.
Generate the %%BoundingBox comment in regular PostScript files (not
  just EPS files).
Fixed a bug in the Unicode CMap parser.

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