Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/gawk
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/05/2003 15:49:06
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sun Oct  5 15:49:06 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/lang/gawk: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/lang/gawk/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 3.1.3.
Changes from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3
1. Gawk now follows POSIX in handling of local numeric formats for
   input, output and number/string conversions.
2. Multibyte detection improved.  See README_d/README.multibyte for more
   info about multibyte locales.
3. Handling of `close' made more POSIX-compliant for POSIXLY_CORRECT,
   see the documentation.
4. The record reading code was redone, again.  This time it's much
   better. Really!
5. For RS = "\n" and RS = "", gawk now only sets RT when it has changed.
   This provides considerable performance improvement.
6. `match' now sets all the subscripts in the third argument array
   correctly, even if not all subexpressions matched.
7. Updated to Automake 1.7.5. renamed
8. C-style switch statements are available, but must be enabled at
   compile time via `configure --enable-switch'.  For 3.2 they'll be
   enabled by default. Thanks to Michael Benzinger for the initial
9. %c now always prints no more than one character, whatever
   precision is provided.
10. strtonum(<number>) now works again.
11. Gawk is now much better about scalar/array typing of global
    uninitiailzed variables passed as parameters. Once the parameter
    is then used one way or the other, the global var's type is
    adjusted accordingly.  Thanks to Stepan Kasal for the original
    (considerable) changes.
12. Dynamic function loading under Windows32 should now be possible. See
    README_d/README.pcdynamic. Thanks to Patrick T.J. McPhee for the changes.
13. Updated to gettext 0.12.1.
14. Gawk now follows historical practice and POSIX for the return
    value of `rand': It's now  0 <= N < 1.

Changes from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2
1. Loops of the form:
	for (iggy in foo)
   no longer leak memory.
2. gawk -v FIELDWIDTHS="..." now sets PROCINFO["FS"] correctly.
3. All builtin operations and functions should now fully evaluate their
   arguments so that side effects take place correctly.
4. Fixed a logic bug in gsub/gensub for matches to null strings that occurred
   later in the string after a nonnull match.
5. getgroups code now works on Ultrix again.
6. Completely new version of the full GNU regex engine now in place.
7. Argument parsing and variable assignment has been cleaned up.
8. An I/O bug on HP-UX has been documented and worked around. See
9. awklib/grcat should now compile correctly.
10. Updated to automake 1.7.3, autoconf 2.57 and gettext 0.11.5 ; thanks to
    Paul Eggert for the initial automake and autoconf work.
11. As a result of #6, removed the use of the dfa code from GNU grep.
12. It is now possible to use ptys for |& two-way pipes instead of
    pipes.  The basic plumbing for this was provided by Paolo Bonzini.
    To make this happen:
    	command = "unix command etc"
	PROCINFO[command, "pty"] = 1
	print ... |& command
	command |& getline stuff
    In other words, set the element in PROCINFO *before* opening the
    two-way pipe, and then gawk will use ptys instead of pipes.
    On systems without ptys or where all the ptys are in use, gawk
    will fall back to using plain pipes.
13. Fixed a regex matching across buffer boundaries bug, with a
    heuristic.  See io.c:rsre_get_a_record.
14. Profiling no longer dumps core if there are extension functions in place.
15. Grammar and scanner cleaned up, courtesy of Stepen Kasal, to hopefully
    once and for all fix the `/=' operator vs. `/=.../' regex ambiguity.
    Lots of other grammar simplifications applied, as well.
16. BINMODE should work now on more Windows ports.
17. Updated to bison 1.875.  Includes fix to bisonfix.sed script.
18. The NODE structure is now 20% (8 bytes) smaller (on x86, anyway), which
    should help conserve memory.
19. Builds not in the source directory should work again.
20. Arrays now use 2 NODE's per element instead of three. Combined with
    #18, (on the x86) this reduces the overhead from 120 bytes per element
    to just 64 bytes: almost a 50% improvement.
21. Programs that make heavy use of changing IGNORECASE should now be
    much faster, particularly if using a regular expression for FS or RS.
    IGNORECASE now correctly affects RS regex record splitting, as well.
22. IGNORECASE no longer affects single-character field splitting (FS = "c"),
    or single-character record splitting (RS = "c").
    This cleans up some weird behavior, and makes gawk better match the
    documentation, which says it only affects regex-based field splitting
    and record splitting.
    The documentation on this was improved, too.
23. The framework in test/ has been simplified, making it much easier to
    add new tests while keeping the size of reasonable. Thanks
    for this to Stepan Kasal.
24. --lint=invalid causes lint warnings only about stuff that's actually
    invalid.  This needs additional work.
25. More translations.
26. The `get_a_record' routine has been revamped (currently by splitting it
    into three variants).  This should improve long-term maintainability.
27. `match' now adds more entries to 3rd array arg:
	match("the big dog", /([a-z]+) ([a-z]+) ([a-z]+)/, data)
    fills in variables:
    	data[1, "start"], data[1, "length"], and so on.
28. New `asorti' function with same interface as `asort', but sorts indices
    instead of values.
29. Documentation updated to FDL 1.2.
30. New `configure' option --disable-lint at compile time disables lint
    checking.  With GCC dead-code-elimination, cuts almost 200K off the
    executable size on GNU/Linux x86.  Presumably speeds up runtime.
    Using this will cause some of the tests in the test suite to fail.
    This option may be removed at a later date.
31. Various minor cleanups, see the ChangeLog for details.

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