Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/openssl
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/02/2003 02:34:40
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jschauma
Date:		Thu Oct  2 02:34:40 UTC 2003

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	    PLIST.netbsd PLIST.solaris distinfo
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Log Message:
Update to 0.9.6k:

 Changes between 0.9.6j and 0.9.6k  [30 Sep 2003]

  *) Fix various bugs revealed by running the NISCC test suite:

     Stop out of bounds reads in the ASN1 code when presented with
     invalid tags (CAN-2003-0543 and CAN-2003-0544).

     If verify callback ignores invalid public key errors don't try to check
     certificate signature with the NULL public key.

     [Steve Henson]

  *) In ssl3_accept() (ssl/s3_srvr.c) only accept a client certificate
     if the server requested one: as stated in TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0
     [Steve Henson]

  *) In ssl3_get_client_hello() (ssl/s3_srvr.c), tolerate additional
     extra data after the compression methods not only for TLS 1.0
     but also for SSL 3.0 (as required by the specification).
     [Bodo Moeller; problem pointed out by Matthias Loepfe]

  *) Change X509_certificate_type() to mark the key as exported/exportable
     when it's 512 *bits* long, not 512 bytes.
     [Richard Levitte]

 Changes between 0.9.6i and 0.9.6j  [10 Apr 2003]

  *) Countermeasure against the Klima-Pokorny-Rosa extension of
     Bleichbacher's attack on PKCS #1 v1.5 padding: treat
     a protocol version number mismatch like a decryption error
     in ssl3_get_client_key_exchange (ssl/s3_srvr.c).
     [Bodo Moeller]

  *) Turn on RSA blinding by default in the default implementation
     to avoid a timing attack. Applications that don't want it can call
     RSA_blinding_off() or use the new flag RSA_FLAG_NO_BLINDING.
     They would be ill-advised to do so in most cases.
     [Ben Laurie, Steve Henson, Geoff Thorpe, Bodo Moeller]

  *) Change RSA blinding code so that it works when the PRNG is not
     seeded (in this case, the secret RSA exponent is abused as
     an unpredictable seed -- if it is not unpredictable, there
     is no point in blinding anyway).  Make RSA blinding thread-safe
     by remembering the creator's thread ID in rsa->blinding and
     having all other threads use local one-time blinding factors
     (this requires more computation than sharing rsa->blinding, but
     avoids excessive locking; and if an RSA object is not shared
     between threads, blinding will still be very fast).
     [Bodo Moeller]

 Changes between 0.9.6h and 0.9.6i  [19 Feb 2003]

  *) In ssl3_get_record (ssl/s3_pkt.c), minimize information leaked
     via timing by performing a MAC computation even if incorrrect
     block cipher padding has been found.  This is a countermeasure
     against active attacks where the attacker has to distinguish
     between bad padding and a MAC verification error. (CAN-2003-0078)

     [Bodo Moeller; problem pointed out by Brice Canvel (EPFL),
     Alain Hiltgen (UBS), Serge Vaudenay (EPFL), and
     Martin Vuagnoux (EPFL, Ilion)]

 Changes between 0.9.6g and 0.9.6h  [5 Dec 2002]

  *) New function OPENSSL_cleanse(), which is used to cleanse a section of
     memory from it's contents.  This is done with a counter that will
     place alternating values in each byte.  This can be used to solve
     two issues: 1) the removal of calls to memset() by highly optimizing
     compilers, and 2) cleansing with other values than 0, since those can
     be read through on certain media, for example a swap space on disk.
     [Geoff Thorpe]

  *) Bugfix: client side session caching did not work with external caching,
     because the session->cipher setting was not restored when reloading
     from the external cache. This problem was masked, when
     (Found by Steve Haslam <>.)
     [Lutz Jaenicke]

  *) Fix client_certificate (ssl/s2_clnt.c): The permissible total
     length of the REQUEST-CERTIFICATE message is 18 .. 34, not 17 .. 33.
     [Zeev Lieber <>]

  *) Undo an undocumented change introduced in 0.9.6e which caused
     repeated calls to OpenSSL_add_all_ciphers() and
     OpenSSL_add_all_digests() to be ignored, even after calling
     [Richard Levitte]

  *) Change the default configuration reader to deal with last line not
     being properly terminated.
     [Richard Levitte]

  *) Change X509_NAME_cmp() so it applies the special rules on handling
     DN values that are of type PrintableString, as well as RDNs of type
     emailAddress where the value has the type ia5String.
     [ via Richard Levitte]

  *) Add a SSL_SESS_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL_STORE flag to take over half
     the job SSL_SESS_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL_LOOKUP was inconsistently
     doing, define a new flag (SSL_SESS_CACHE_NO_INTERNAL) to be
     the bitwise-OR of the two for use by the majority of applications
     wanting this behaviour, and update the docs. The documented
     behaviour and actual behaviour were inconsistent and had been
     changing anyway, so this is more a bug-fix than a behavioural
     [Geoff Thorpe, diagnosed by Nadav Har'El]

  *) Don't impose a 16-byte length minimum on session IDs in ssl/s3_clnt.c
     (the SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 specifications allow any length up to 32 bytes).
     [Bodo Moeller]

  *) Fix initialization code race conditions in
        SSLv23_method(),  SSLv23_client_method(),   SSLv23_server_method(),
        SSLv2_method(),   SSLv2_client_method(),    SSLv2_server_method(),
        SSLv3_method(),   SSLv3_client_method(),    SSLv3_server_method(),
        TLSv1_method(),   TLSv1_client_method(),    TLSv1_server_method(),
     [Patrick McCormick <>, Bodo Moeller]

  *) Reorder cleanup sequence in SSL_CTX_free(): only remove the ex_data after
     the cached sessions are flushed, as the remove_cb() might use ex_data
     contents. Bug found by Sam Varshavchik <>
     (see [ #212]).
     [Geoff Thorpe, Lutz Jaenicke]

  *) Fix typo in OBJ_txt2obj which incorrectly passed the content
     length, instead of the encoding length to d2i_ASN1_OBJECT.
     [Steve Henson]

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