Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/p0f
To: None <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 10/01/2003 23:13:13
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	recht
Date:		Wed Oct  1 23:13:13 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/security/p0f: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/security/p0f/patches: patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 2.0.2
patch provided in PR 22939 by Adrian Portelli

Version 2.0.2:
Cleanup of the RST mess in p0fr.fp and p0f.c parser.

Added isprint() text preview for -x mode.

[BUG] Fixed packet size reporting and matching for packets over 255 bytes
(_u8 -> _u16).

Extended RST+ACK to also cover plain RST, added some sane explanations
of the purpose of each mode. Clarification of the RST vs RST+ACK
occurences; test/sendack.c added.

Added -R option for RST+ACK fingerprinting. Created an empty database.
Moved databases from /etc to /etc/p0f/

Windows memory leak mystery solved.

No longer using pcap timeouts for anything. They suck. I first wanted
to use SIGALRM with no SA_RESTART, but it's broken on Linux on this
particular syscall. Fortunately, I spotted an mis-documented  pcap_fileno and can now use select(). I just hope it won't break.

Note to self: despite of the documentation saying pcap_open_live with
timeout 0 will simply never timeout (which is irrelevant for
pcap_loop anyway), it does not work on FreeBSD, inhibiting all packet
processing instead. Works fine on Linux. Go figure.

Some minor p0fq fixes to prevent warnings.

Added some SYN+ACK signatures from rfp (p0fa.fp). Hooray!
p0fa.fp is now official. Moved from test/ to ., etc. README updated.

[BUG] Fixed the default TTL for IRIX and Tru64 (60), added a note to
p0f.fp, fixed TTL checker to also support %30 values.

[BUG] Fixed query mode lookup. The old code didn't handle reverse
lookups properly.

Masquerade scoring data is now available via the query interface.
P0fq utility updated to handle this.

Dropped /bin/bash from p0frep, /bin/sh would suffice.

Added a new -c option for -M and -Q cache size scaling, packet ratio
information on Ctrl-C to help estimate the right parameter.

Extra masquerade detection flags: -T for threshold, -V for detailed
flag breakdown; masquerade reporting now recognizes -r.

The new -w option writes all matching packets to a pcap file (regardless
of -K and -U settings).

Added -M option (unix only until p0f-query.c gets ported). This option
enables advanced masquerade detection based on the cyclic buffer
used by -Q. Added - signature flag to the config file. Some
documentation for the new functionality.

[BUG] Cleaned up the -K and -U semantics with -Q.

Replaced some single-character printfs with putchars in signature
reporting code (should be a tad faster). Added signature check
reporting, generic signature count and some other minor tweaks.

The new -x option provides a hexadecimal TCP/IP packet dump. Useful
when comparing two colliding fingerprints to find some differences
not covered by the current quirks set.

PPPoE interface is now handled correctly on NetBSD.

Added a shoddy manpage and updated makefiles.

Removed E quirk and added E to the regular options; removed needless EOL
append code from the parser. Breaks the old signature format in some
rare cases, but the old quirk is still recognized, and the user will be
advised to change it.

[BUG] Fixed ? option parsing bug that prevented RISC OS signature from
working (and would prevent all ? signatures from working, should there
be any other ;-).

New signatures and other database additions, of course.

[BUG] Fixed a very minor parser bug that could cause it to loop over
an unknown option with a declared length of zero. This is not a DoS
condition, because the parser would quit the loop after parsing max. 16
options anyway.

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