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Date: 09/16/2003 09:55:13
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Date:		Tue Sep 16 09:55:13 UTC 2003

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Log Message:
Fuse is the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator.
* Working 48K/128K/+2/+2A Speccy emulation, running at true Speccy speed on any
computer you're likely to try it on.
* Support for loading from .tzx files.
* Sound (on system supporting the Open Sound System or BSD/Solaris).
* Kempston joystick emulation.
* Emulation of the various printer you could attach to the Spectrum.
* Very basic support for RZX files.

Changes 0.6.1:
        * A Z80 core rewrite such that it's now generated from the regular
          patterns in the instruction set. This shouldn't have any effect
          as yet, but will make performance enhancements easier to do in
          the future (Philip Kendall).

        * On the TC2068, the ROM traps apply only when in the EXROM and
          memory contention applies only in the HOME bank (Fredrick

        * On the 128K Spectrum, use the correct port mask when checking
          for contention on the 'memory control' port (Philip Kendall).

        * RZX competition mode (Philip Kendall).

        * Add AY logging to .psg files (Matthew Westcott)

        * Optionally autoload +3 and TRDOS disks when they're inserted
          (Philip Kendall).

        * Fall back to read(2) and malloc(3) if mmap(2) fails or is
          unavailable (Philip Kendall).

        * Add 'out' and 'tbreakpoint' commands, conditional breakpoints
          and the ability to use general numeric expression to the GTK+
          debugger (Philip Kendall).

        * Allow Fuse to work with GTK+ 2.x (Marek Januszewski).

        * Add a scrollbar to the GTK+ debugger's disassembly window
          (Philip Kendall).

        * New AdvMAME3x graphics scaler (Fredrick Meunier/ScummVM team)

        * In the GTK+ UI, deactivate menu items when they're not
          appropriate (Philip Kendall).

        * Make bright black be the same as 'normal' black in the
          framebuffer user interface (Witold Filipczyk).

        * Add confirmation dialogs before resetting or quitting under the
          GTK+ UI (Philip Kendall).

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