Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/chicken
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 09/12/2003 10:01:14
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Fri Sep 12 10:01:14 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/lang/chicken: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
upgrade to 1.17.

2003-08-25  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/FAQ.html, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.tex, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/highlevel-macros.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/library.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/moremacros.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/runtime.c:
	- `-embedded' wasn't recognized
	- library.scm: `get-keyword' accepts any object as keys
	- runtime.c: `C_callback' doesn't do a minor GC at entry [Thanks to Bruce Hoult]
	- `(. ...)' segfaulted instead of giving an error message [Thanks to Category 5]
	- `(receive X)' is allowed and returns the list of the result-values
2003-08-17  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/eval.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/runtime.c:
	- fixed big performance leak in minor GC handling: GC-timing stuff for `time'
	  macro caused way too many kernel calls [Thanks to Bruce Hoult]
	- `dump_trace()' didn't initialize output buffer properly
2003-08-07  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/chicken.h, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/compiler.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csc.bat, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csi.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/Makefile, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/README, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.t2p, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.tex, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/eval.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/highlevel-macros.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/lolevel.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/moremacros.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/posix.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/runtime.c, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/build.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/chicken-setup.scm:
	- eval.scm: `extension-path'
	- lolevel.scm: `global-ref', `global-set!' and `global-bound?'
	- csc: static libs are reordered to link libchicken last [thanks to Sven Hartrumpf]
	- posix.scm: `group-information'
	- added index to the manual [thanks to Peter Wang]
	- 'loevel was declared as provided by csi (which was wrong)
	- removed `define-id-macro' and `let-id-macro'
	- setup-specification attributes `test', `test-command' and `test-chicken-version'
	- `C_alloc_in_heap()' is called with number of words (not bytes)
2003-07-30  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.tex, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/extras.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/optimizer.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/posix.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/runtime.c, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/c-backend.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/chicken.h, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/
	- `csc' added `-s' option to linker, when linking with optimization (won't
	  work when building shared object)
	- fixed countless typos in manual.tex [Thanks to Bruce Mitchener]
	- `csc' uses `-bundle' instead of `-shared' under Mac OS X
	- runtime.c: dload_2 prefixes dlsym'd name with "_"
	- posix.scm: under Mac OS X, `environ' is not used (and `current-environment'
	  always returns '())
	- removed `C_collectibles' and added `C_gc_protect()' and `C_gc_unprotect()'
	- fixed compiler bug that caused repeated explicit rest-argument list consing
	  [Thanks to Sven Hartrumpf]
	- added `string-compare3[-ci]'
	- reduced C_STACK_RESERVE to 4096; the previous setting could overflow the
	  stack-check on machines with a stack in very high memory
2003-07-25  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/build.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/chicken-setup.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/chicken.h, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/compiler.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csc.bat, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csi.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/FAQ.html, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/README, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/README.CVS, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.t2p, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.tex, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/eval.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/posix.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/runtime.c:
	- added `C_end_of_main' macro to chicken.h
	- `location' now accepts callback-names
	- bumped version to 1.15
	- `csc' accepts '-windows' under Cygwin
	- chicken-setup.scm/eval.scm: ##sys#load-library-extension is exported (and used)
	- the STACKTRACE is printed directly (and not saved in a file)
	- `,d' in csi stops after 40 elements when printing sequences
	- chicken-setup.scm: fixed hardcoded ".so"
	- posix.scm: fixed some routines that weren't updated to the new I/O system
2003-07-17  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/FAQ.html, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/README, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/scheduler.scm:
	- scheduler.scm: fixed bug in `##sys#all-threads'
	- scheduler.scm: fixed invalid timeout computation in `##sys#fdset-select-timeout'
	  [thanks to Peter Wang]
2003-07-15  flw  <flw@gurke>
	* /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csc.bat, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/csi.1, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/FAQ.html, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.t2p, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/doc/manual.tex, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/eval.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/library.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/posix.scm, /cvsroot/chicken/chicken/script-utils.scm:
	- library.scm: vector-resize
	- script-utils: for-each-line
	- uses newest autotools (libtool 1.5, autoconf 2.57, automake 1.7.6)
	- posix.scm: fixed bug in `process-execute' [Thanks to Peter Wang]

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