Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/tcptrace
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 08/20/2003 08:29:00
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	grant
Date:		Wed Aug 20 08:28:59 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/tcptrace: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/net/tcptrace/patches: patch-aa
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	pkgsrc/net/tcptrace/patches: patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update tcptrace to 6.4.2.

summary of changes since 5.2.1 (there are a few, since this pkg is
~4 years old):

5.2.2 - Mon Sep 27, 1999
  bug fix from Jamshid Majdavi (and Kevin Lahey), SYN-ACKs containing window
    scaling were getting scaled (and shouldn't be).
5.2.3 - Interal changes and enhancements
5.2.4 - Tue Apr 11, 2000
  bug fix by Priya - we were detecting rexmitted bytes in segments in error in
   some cases
  fixed bug in IPv6 header processing reported by Takayoshi Ohnishi,
    IPPROTO_ICMPV6 was causing infinite loop
5.2.6 - Thu Jul  6, 2000
  fixed bug in TCP checksum code, it was always saying CORRECT
6.0.0a - preparing for alpha release of version 6
6.0.1a - added support for atmsnoop output format in snoop.c
6.0.1a2 - changed all of the DLT_ constants in tcpdump.[ch] to PCAP_DLT_
   with the same numbers to avoid OSs that are renumbering them.
6.0.1a3 - added format characters to several options, as an extension of a
   suggestion by Brian Utterback.
6.0.0b4- Saturday, 6 Oct 2001
Added options :
	--xplot_all_files and --xplot_args.

Added support for zero window probe packets and urgent data packets.

Fixed all sprintf's in the code to snprintf's to thwart any
buffer overflow attacks.

Changed functionality for window scaled connections so that
the output of "min win adv" does not print the minimum window
as advertised in SYN packets as SYN packets cannot be scaled

Completely revamped the http module with code sent by Bruce Mah.

Added code to verify TCP and UDP checksums in IPv6 packets.
However, code has not been tested thoroughly yet.

6.0.1 - Mon Dec  3, 2001

This is the version we'll release

Also, added support with --print_seq_zero for printing sequence numbers
  as relative to the SYN rather than absolute.  NOTE: this only works for
  "-P" which uses connection records, but NOT for "-p" (which doesn't)
  Also fixed the SACK-printing code to print in decimal if requested.

Updated the manual page and made the necessary change to so
that the manual page gets installed when tcptrace is installed.

Fixed a bug with with the statistics for average window advertisement.
Average was showing more than max.

Fixed a bug with ACK sequence comparisons in the HTTP module. Many thanks to
Daikichi Osuga for pointing out the error.

Fixed a divide-by-zero error in PlotHist() in mod_rttgraph.c.

Matt Muggeridge has been very kind in providing detailed information regarding
porting tcptrace to OpenVMS. Please read the new file README.OpenVMS if you
are interested in running tcptrace on OpenVMS.

Changes made to code in order to be able to compile tcptrace under cygwin on
Windows. Now works on windows too. Does not support reading compressed dump
files directly though.

The ns code was modified by Angelos Stavrou to read in the more detailed
output from the extra headers in the ns FullTcp.

Fixed a bug with the host letters. The function HostLetter was skipping host
names after y, z ... jumping to ba, bb, ... instead of aa, ab ...

6.2.0 - Stable - Fri Jul 26, 2002
This is the version we'll release

6.2.1 - Fri Aug 09, 2002
enhance fulltcp file reading from

6.2.2 - Fri Aug 30, 2002
added vlan support to snoop for Tysko.  Need to add support in other
formats too, but I don't have a packet dump to test against yet - sdo

6.2.3 - Wed Sep 18, 2002
bugfix: For FIN segments with data only FIN was getting plotted and not the
	data. Now data gets plotted with the default color and then one byte
	is plotted with the synfin color. For no data, only one byte of FIN
	is plotted with the synfin color.

6.2.4 - Wed Sep 18, 2002
bugfix: RST_IN relative offset was being calculated using the incorrect
        sequence space.

6.2.5 - Mon Nov 11, 2002
bugfix: Negative sequence numbers were being printed by function
	PrintSeqRep() for the packet print '-p' / '-P' switches. Changed the
	print format from %d to %u.

6.2.6 - Thu Nov 14, 2002
bugfix: '-c' option - ignore non-complete connections was working only for
	long output. Fixed it to work for brief output too.

Release 6.4.0
Bugfix made to fix misbehavior due to FILE synchronization issues
found when tcptrace exits with "PCAP error - truncated file" when asked to
read real-time network packets from STDIN - Mani.

Patches added to process dumpfiles with 802.11 wireless headers for the
Prism2 chipset. Courtesy - Brandon Eisenmann.

Added new extended option "--nonreal_live_conn_interval" option to let the
user set the duration to timeout live connections, in non real-time mode
- Ramani.

Merged from development tree:

Added the options --oUDP, --iUDP, --oTCP, --iTCP to filter out TCP
and UDP connections - Mani

Added options --csv, --tsv, --sv=<SP> for comma/tab/<SP>-separated values to be
printed with the long output - Avinash

6.4.1 : 26 APR 2003 Mani
Fixed a bug in the processing of IPv6 extension headers in ipv6.c:findheader()

6.4.2 :  3 MAY 2003 Jitesh
Fixed the processing of duplicate ACKs as in the BSD stack to count towards
the 3 dupacks required for fast-retransmit.

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