Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/bind8
To: None <>
From: Stoned Elipot <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 07/31/2003 23:58:49
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	seb
Date:		Thu Jul 31 23:58:49 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/net/bind8: Makefile distinfo
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/net/bind8: PLIST.NetBSD PLIST.SunOS PLIST.common
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/net/bind8: PLIST PLIST-Linux

Log Message:
Update to bind version 8.4.1.

Package changes:
* Use bsd.pkg.install full power: rc script handling, OWN_DIRS.
* Tweak BUILD_DIRS instead of using post-build and post-install time
  make invocations (with a little help of post-extract clean up).
* Automatic OPSYS PLIST handling.
* Install html documentation in a canonical pkgsrc directory.

Changes since bind version 8.3.4:
        --- 8.4.1-REL released --- (Sun Jun  8 15:11:32 PDT 2003)
1548.   [port]          winnt: make recv visible from libbind.
1547.   [port]          cope with spurious EINVAL from evRead.
1546.   [cleanup]       dig now reports version 8.4.
1545.   [bug]           getifaddrs_sun6 was broken.
1544.   [port]          hpux 10.20 has a broken recvfrom().  Revert to recv()
                        in named-xfer and work around deprecated recv() in
1543.   [bug]           named failed to send notifies to servers that live
                        in zones it was authoritative for.
1542.   [bug]           set IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU on IPv6 sockets if the kernel
                        supports it.
1541.   [bug]           getifaddrs_sun6() should be a no-op on early SunOS
        --- 8.4.0-REL released --- (Sun Jun  1 17:49:31 PDT 2003)
1540.   [bug]           remove potential memory leak from net_data_create().
1539.   [port]          protect references to sin6_scope_id with #ifdef.
1538.   [port]          linux: not all distributions define IF_NAMESIZE.
        --- 8.4.0-RC2 released --- (Tue May 27 18:31:53 PDT 2003)
1537.   [bug]           dig buffer overrun with large command lines.
1536.   [cleanup]       use NS_MAXMSG to define TCP buffers.
1535.   [bug]           winnt: large zone transfers failed.
1534.   [func]          The advertised EDNS UDP buffer size can now be set
                        via named.conf (edns-udp-size).
1533.   [bug]           don't artificially restrict the update message size.
1532.   [bug]           use maximum sized answer buffers in res_findzonecut().
1531.   [port]          darwin: has getifaddrs().
1530.   [bug]           nslookup computed incorrect reverse lookup for IPv6.
1529.   [lint]          unused variable in dnsquery.c::main().
1528.   [bug]           getaddrinfo() incorrectly rejected a numeric service
                        under certian circumstances.
1527.   [proto]         add ns_t_apl (42).
1526.   [doc]           res_{get,set}servers().
1525.   [bug]           named failed to start on linux machines w/o IPv6
        --- 8.4.0-RC1 released --- (Fri May  2 18:20:02 PDT 2003)
1524.   [bug]           update documentation for IPv6 transport support.
1523.   [bug]           getipnodebyname with AI_ADDRCONFIG set was broken
                        on HPUX 11.11.  Detect IPv6 interfaces under linux.
1522.   [port]          ultrix doesn't have msg_control (NO_MSG_CONTROL).
1521.   [bug]           query-source{-v6} was broken.
1520.   [port]          hpux: socket returns EPROTONOSUPPORT for unsupported
1519.   [port]          decunix: conflicting setnetgrent() and innetgr()
1518.   [cleanup]       silence "No root nameservers for class XX" when
                        "forward only;" is set in options.
1517.   [cleanup]       stop using putshort/putlong internally.
1516.   [port]          bsdos: now know correct appearance information for
        --- 8.4.0-T2B released --- (Wed Apr 23 21:11:59 PDT 2003)
1515.   [port]          solaris doesn't have msg_control (NO_MSG_CONTROL).
1514.   [port]          hpux doesn't have msg_control (NO_MSG_CONTROL).
1513.   [bug]           use ipnodes.{byname,byaddr} for IPv6 NIS lookups.
                        Add support for "YP_MULTI_".
1512.   [func]          provide a getifaddrs() implementation for OS's
                        that don't have one.  Includes IPv6 support for
                        Solaris, HPUX and Linux.
1511.   [cleanup]       don't use argument names in function prototypes.
1510.   [port]          openbsd uses /bsd not /kernel.
1509.   [port]          bsd: extract sin6_scope_id from internal form.
1508.   [bug]           not all references to sin6_scope_id were protected.
1507.   [bug]           don't attempt to send using address families not
                        supported by the kernel.
1506.   [bug]           named could sometimes set tc incorrectly.
1505.   [bug]           potential overflow if pointer arithmetic wrapped.
1504.   [port]          sa_family_t doesn't exist on all platforms.
1503.   [bug]           named could make unnecessary queries for glue if the
                        additional section was full.
1502.   [port]          some IPv6 references were not protected.
1501.   [port]          decunix: OSF 3.2 does not have native 64 bit support.
1500.   [port]          linux: namespace collision.
1499.   [port]          linux: #include <time.h> bin/dig/dig.c
1498.   [bug]           ns_makecanon() could under read its destination buffer
                        by one character and fail to properly canonicalise.
1497.   [bug]           res_mkupdate() used compression pointers when it
1496.   [bug]           res_mkupdate() didn't support NAPTR.
        --- 8.4.0-T1B released --- (Mon Apr  7 20:00:15 PDT 2003)
1495.   [func]          IPv6 transport support for named, named-xfer and
1494.   [bug]           memory leak on thread destruction if gethostbyname() /
                        getnetbyname() have been called by the thread.
1493.   [bug]           check scope for link local servers.
1492.   [placeholder]
1491.   [cleanup]       indentation problems.
1490.   [bug]           the seek offset was miscalculated when truncating
                        the ixfr log.
1489.   [func]          named no longer queries for missing additional A6
1488.   [port]          decunix: TruCluster support.
                        See port/decunix/TruCluster.
1487.   [bug]           getnetgroup() takes (char **) not (const char **).
1486.   [func]          res_query() now generates more/better debug on failure
1485.   [func]          res_send() records the nameserver the response came
                        from.  Dig retrieves this rather than reporting the
                        first address.
1484.   [bug]           dig use sin.sin_port for IPv4.
1483.   [bug]           nslookup could dereference a NULL pointer under certain
1482.   [bug]           provide local storage for localtime_r result.
1481.   [bug]           tv.tv_sec and time_t are not always the same type.
1480.   [bug]           gethostbyname(), getaddrinfo() could drop address
                        if the previous call contained one of the new
1479.   [func]          try known lame servers if all other servers have
1478.   [cleanup]       libbind: don't look for A6 records, don't follow
                        DNAME record (use the CNAMES), remove some bitstring
                        related functions.
1477.   [cleanup]       libbind: namespace cleanup (irs_* to __irs*,
                        dst_* to __dst_* and tree_* to __tree*)
1476.   [bug]           dig wasn't using a random query id.
1475.   [bug]           "query-source address <listening interface> port *"
                        failed to use a system assigned port as documented.
1474.   [bug]           named wasn't seeing cached NODATA CNAME records.
1473.   [bug]           nslookup: buffer overrun when looking up reverse
                        IPv6 addresses under IP6.INT when not found under
1472.   [port]          freebsd; current has pselect().
1471.   [port]          'dig -P' failed on some platforms.
1470.   [bug]           J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now
1467.   [deleted]
1461.   [func]          return referrals for glue (NS/A/AAAA) if recursion is
                        disabled (recursion no;).
1460.   [bug]           NS_MD5RSA_MAX_BITS was not correct.
1459.   [bug]           ns_sign2() could fail to compute a correct signature
                        if the TSIG ownername was compressed.
1458.   [bug]           host: spurious "Unknown algorithm" message with default
                        zone listing.  missing white space before '(' in SOA
1457.   [bug]           bison didn't like ns_parser.y.
1456.   [doc]           document auth-nxdomain default is "no" (see # 524).
1455.   [bug]           named failed to allow a cached NODATA response for
                        a ANY query to be retrieved.
1454.   [contrib]       nsverifier from
1453.   [bug]           SOA answers should only be cached for the current
1452.   [bug]           don't cache -ve response SOA record.
1451.   [port]          bsdos: maybe_fix_includes is not required.
1450.   [bug]           hint zones don't need to be reloaded when a "child"
                        zone is removed.
1449.   [bug]           it was possible to orphan glue records.  this could
                        lead to panics in stale().
1438.   [bug]           glue from a parent zone beneath a child zone could
                        be deleted by loading a child zone.
1437.   [bug]           linux: probe_ipv6 was broken.
1436.   [port]          decunix: update sys/bitypes.h
1435.   [func]          named-xfer: log the zone name when reporting query
1434.   [doc]           the man page for dn_expand failed to document eomorig.
1433.   [lint]          remove unused variable.
1432.   [func]          log TSIG key name if used with zone transfer.
1431.   [func]          new category "update-security".
1430.   [func]          libbind: the default nameservers now include ::1/::
                        as well as if none are specified in
1429.   [port]          libbind: use strlcat/strlcpy if available.
1428.   [port]          eventlib.c: cast tv_sec to long when calling *printf().
1427.   [func]          define INT8SZ
1426.   [port]          res_dprintf() now supports format checking w/ gcc.
1425.   [bug]           'aa' was not being set appropriately with cross zone
1424.   [cleanup]       ip6_str2scopeid() now returns u_int32_t.
1423.   [bug]           'ndc restart' could fail to restart named if there
                        were no arguments to named.
1422.   [cleanup]       optarg() etc. are declared in unistd.h.
1421.   [bug]           clear and check errno when calling strtoul().
1420.   [cleanup]       use %p instead of %#x for printing pointers.
1419.   [cleanup]       getinfo(): kill buflen manipulation.
1418.   [port]          cast pointers to (size_t) when aligning.
1417.   [cleanup]       make1101inaddr(): kill size manipulation.
1416.   [port]          log_vwrite() now supports format checking w/ gcc.
1415.   [port]          irix: probe for in6addr_any.
1414.   [bug]           strtoul() cast (char*) to (unsigned char*).
1413.   [bug]           host: soa values are not signed.
1412.   [bug]           fix numeric port range check in getaddrinfo().
1411.   [port]          freebsd/netbsd/openbsd: #define USE_IFNAMELINKID.
1410.   [port]          probe for sin6_scope_id when probing for IPv6 structs.
1409.   [bug]           dig: reverse6 computed a incorrect nibble string.
1408.   [cleanup]       res_mkquery.c: kill buflen manipulation.
1407.   [port]          namespace clash EV_ERR -> EV_SETERR

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