Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/vm
To: None <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 04/29/2003 21:34:02
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jtb
Date:		Tue Apr 29 21:34:02 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/vm: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to version 7.14.

VM 7.14 released (27 March 2003)

* moved (provide ...) to bottom of .el files.
* Made the vm-undo command undo everything the last command did.
  E.g. vm-undo after vm-kill-subject undoes all of the related
  deletes instead of just one of them.  vm-undo-boundary is only
  called from vm-add-undo-boundaries now.  vm-add-undo-boundaries
  is called from post-command-hook.

VM 7.13 released (19 March 2003)

* '(vm-marker -> (vm-marker in vm-mime-parse-entity.

VM 7.12 released (14 March 2003)

* vm-pop-make-session: use new stunnel configuration code
  introduced in VM 7.11.  This was only installed in
  vm-imap-make-session previously.
* create MIME layout from plist instead of using a raw vector.
  The layout struct is still a vector.
* save original layout when doing a layout conversion so that if
  the object needs to be deleted we still ahve the correct object
  endpoint in the folder buffer.  In the old code the endpoints in
  the converted object buffer would be used in the folder buffer
  with disastrous results.

VM 7.11 released (5 March 2003)

* fixed check for usability of uncompface's -X flag, needed
  symbol to be unquoted.
* fixed check for stunnel 4, check for non-zero exit code instead
  of string, moved check to the time when stunnel is first run.
* vm-stunnel-configuration-args: fixed reversed v3/v4 logic.
* vm-stunnel-configuration-file: reuse the stunnel configuration
* vm-parse: fourth arg limits the number of matches before
* vm-parse: after we quit matching add everything after the last
  match to the list that is returned, but do this ONLY if the
  fourth arg 'matches' was specified.
* compute POP cache filenames based on the POP mailbox spec with
  the password as an asterisk.  This prevent visiting the wrong
  file if the user has the password in the spec and later changes
  their password.  Automatically migrate the old password-based cache
  files to the new scheme as we go.
* vm-pop-make-session: parse POP mailbox spec in a way that
  permits colons in the user's password.
* install .el files before .elc files to avoid "source file newer
  than compiled file" problems.
* added ] to char class exclusion in mailto spec in vm-url-regexp
  to help with MS EXchange's [mailto:foo] syntax.

VM 7.10 released (5 March 2003)

* vm-menu-url-browser-menu: add third element to clipboard and
  Konqueror entries--- VM's menu code under GNU Emacs requires it.
* treat device-type `gtk' like `x' under XEmacs so that
  VM running on GTK-XEmacs will use window system features.
* vm-imap-move-mail: set use-body-peek after retrieving the
  CAPABILITY results. (oops)
* Makeflie: default install target now installs the .el files.
* added support for version 4 of stunnel.

VM 7.09 released (3 March 2003)

* New variables:
  + vm-mime-forward-local-external-bodies
* vm-mime-fsfemacs-encode-composition: if object is in a buffer,
  write the buffer out to disk and insert the file contents instead
  of copuying buffer to buffer.  This avoids the trademark \201
  data corruption.
* vm-su-thread-indent: check for vm-summary-show-threads non-nil
  before calling vm-th-thread-indentation.
* vm-summary-compile-format-1: added %(..%) format groups.
* don't forward Content-Length header.
* use results of CAPABILITY command to check for authentication methods
  before trying to use them.
* use results of CAPABILITY command to decide whether to use
* vm-mime-attach-object-from-message: move window point to
  beginning of the line after the inserted attachment if the
  compositoin buffer is being displayed in a window.
* vm-mime-parse-entity-safe: set c-t-e to "7bit" if it is nil.
* vm-mime-fetch-url-with-programs: erase the work buffer between
  tries of various URL fetch programs; this handles the case
  where an URL fetcher outputs part of the data and then dies.
* added support for the `fetch' and `curl' URL fetch programs for
* vm-mime-fsfemacs-encode-composition: call vm-mime-parse-entity
  twice for already MIME'd objects.
  vm-mime-xemacs-encode-composition similarly modified.
* vm-mime-fsfemacs-encode-composition: don't automatically
  base64-encode non-composite non-text objects that already have
  MIME headers.  Use vm-mime-transfer-encode-layout on them
  instead to produce the correct encoding.
  vm-mime-xemacs-encode-composition similarly modified.
* dropped support for url-w3 retrieval method.  It's interface too
  crusty to continue using given the wide availabity of external
  programs that do the job.
* vm-mime-display-internal-message/external-body: pulled
  retrieval guts out and put into vm-mime-retrieve-external-body.
* added support for simple image manipulations, supported by
  Imagemagick's `convert' program.  Use mouse button 3 on an
  image to see what you can do.
* added Konqueror to vm-menu-url-browser-menu.
* added option to send to the X clipboard to vm-menu-url-browser-menu.

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