Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/curl
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 04/10/2003 12:13:53
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Thu Apr 10 09:13:53 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/www/curl: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 7.10.4:
  * the curl tool now "clears" sensitive commands line args
  * no more emacs local variables in the source files
  * script for distributed, automatic, multi-platform testing added. Please join up and help us test
    the bleeding edge curl on various platforms!
  * the "scratch buffer" is now only allocated when actually needed
  * removed the strequal and strnequal macros from curl/curl.h
  * added CURLOPT_UNRESTRICTED_AUTH / --location-trusted

  * "curl -O" only, now outputs an error message accordingly
  * builds fine on Redhat Linux 9 (configure fix)
  * the CA cert bundle included a demo cert now removed
  * changing some attributes between two transfers when re-using a connection did not "take effect"
  * the test suite runs faster and hopefully a bit more reliably
  * improved configure check for presence of functions, needed for HPUX
  * the curl tool now makes a correct URL escaping when appending to the URL when using -T and the
    file name is appended to the URL.
  * configure --enable-libgcc now explicitly add -lgcc to the linker
  * better configure checks for headers (since some platforms got nasty warnings output previously)
  * configure --help looks nicer
  * data transfer bug on HP-UX systems
  * improved random seeding for systems without a reliable random source
  * 64bit Sparc compiler warnings removed
  * a case where a connect failure didn't return an error string
  * DNS cache problem in AIX 4.3 and later was fixed
  * a POST-then-GET problem when re-using the same handle in libcurl
  * extra precaution added for FTP servers returning 0 bytes to SIZE commands
  * looping issue in the receive function (i.e badly updated progress meter)
  * Fixed the 'Expect: 100-continue' behavior
  * CURLOPT_MAXCONNECTS segfault fixed
  * multi-interface connecting on Windows to non-listening ports fixed
  * Curl_base64_encode() now encodes zero-bytes too properly
  * fixed the infamous SSL error:00000000 outputs
  * zlib build fix in the mingw makefile
  * don't check for ca cert env variable if --insecure is used
  * always use strict cert name check unless --insecure is used
  * content-type extracting fixed
  * DEBUGFUNCTION could be called with wrong arguments in uploads
  * ftp downloads could wrongly return CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE in some conditions
  * the fopen.c example code didn't work
  * content-type extracting memory leak fixed
  * curl/multi.h was fixed for C++ compiles
  * .netrc file scanning for names+passwored fixed
  * curl-config --cflags works even when include dirs isn't /usr/include
  * CURLINFO_PRIVATE can return NULL properly

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