Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/jed
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 04/05/2003 23:29:42
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Sat Apr  5 20:29:42 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/editors/jed: MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/editors/jed/patches: patch-ab

Log Message:
Update to 0.99.16, provided by Joerg Klemenz in PR 18937.
Changes since B0.99-15
1. lib/ Hard-coded escape sequences \e= and \e> were swapped.
   This affected the use of the application keypad on systems that did
   not have terminfo entries specifying these strings.
2. src/file.c: if write failed, report errno and num failed bytes.
3. src/screen.c: Unlock buffer files when exiting as a result of a
   fatal error.
4. lib/ c_indent_line would auto-insert // even when
   configured not to do so by the user.
5. lib/ Collapse multiple occurances of / characters in
   filenames that appear on the command line.
6. src/ledit.c: If a file to be loaded really a directory, then skip it.
7. src/*.c: use _SLvsnprintf instead of vprintf to
   avoid buffer overflows.  Also use safe_strcpy instead of strcpy.
8. src/sysdep.c: tweak to expand_filename to deal with very large
   filenames (much larger than OS permits).
9. lib/ avoid using a regexp to get extname.
10. src/pty.c: tweaked for compiling with CYGWIN--- Requires slang
    1.4.5 if you intend to build a cygwin version.
11. src/main.c: If jed-script is symlinked to jed, then the result is
    equivalent to running jed with the -script option.  This is useful
    for using jed in an executable script, e.g.,

         #!/usr/bin/env jed-script
	 vmessage ("Script name: %s", __argv[0]);
	 quit_jed ();

    Also, if the script defines a function called "jedscript_main",
    then that function will get called after the file is loaded.

12. doc/rtl/ get_key_binding documentation corrected by
    Guenter Milde
13. lib/ filter_region function was not working.
14. src/menu.c: New function: menu_select_menu.  This enables a menu
    item to be executed from a function call, e.g.,

       menu_select_menu ("Global.W&indows.&Color Schemes");

    will popup the color-schemes menu.
15. src/ledit.c: bug-fix involving loading files such as
    when loaded as ()=evalfile("xxx-1.0").
16. src/colors.c: new intrinsics: get_color, add_color_object.  The
    idea behind these was conceived by Francesc Rocher.  A
    "custom_color" function analogous to "custom_variable" was also
17. src/wterm.c: patch from Paul Shirley
    to have ALT keys return scancodes instead of win32 virtual keycodes.
18. doc/tm/rtl/*.tm: Fixed synopsis lines and various other
    documentation improvments (Guenter Milde)
19. src/indent.c: New intrinsic: what_syntax_table returns the name of
    the current syntax table.
20. src/unix.c: fixed a problem in the filename expansion routines
    that affects older systems that do not have glob.h.
21. lib/ If Tab_Always_Insert_Tabs is non-zero, the pressing
    the tab key will cause a tab to be inserted.  The default value is
22. When objects (files or buffers) are loaded, they are given the
    full path name.  This means that the slang pseudo-variable
    __FILE__ will expand to the full pathname of the file being loaded.
23. lib/ treat formfeeds like whitespace
24. lib/ Add support for java comments (Nathan Smith)
25. lib/ x_*_selection functions aliased to x_*_cutbuffer if
    undefined.  This permitted #ifdefs to be removed from lib/
    to avoid problems with byte-compiled with jed but used
    with xjed.
26. src/xterm.c: Handle selection events while waiting for keyboard
    input.  This allows, e.g., x_insert_selection to be bound to a key.
27. src/indent.c: Added support for a second string character to the
    syntax tables.  This improves the highlighting of, e.g., python
    code which uses two string characters.
28. lib/ minor cleanups.
29. src/wterm.c, w32cons.c: make NumLock return ESC O P when
    NUMLOCK_IS_GOLD is set.  Hopefully EDT emulation will now work
    properly on win32 systems.
30. src/menu.c: Ctrl-G causes abortion of menu mode.
31. src/wterm.c: drag/drop functionality for wjed ("John Skilleter")
32. lib/ updated to support euro, etc.  (Kees Serier)
33. src/win32.c:w32_pclose: add a work-around to what may be a Borland
    compiler bug. ("John Skilleter")
34. src/xterm.c: internal border width of the of xjed window is now
    configurable via -ib xjed option (Jim Clifton)
35. lib/ respect the value of C_BRA_NEWLINE
    (Ulrich Bernert)
36. src/buffer.c,ledit.c: If a file is read through a symbolic link,
    set the name of the buffer to the name of the symlink and not the
    actual file.  This is allows e.g., foo.c --> /dev/c/0013
    to be interpreted as a C file.
37. src/win32.c: differentiate between (shift|alt|ctrl)-backspace
    (John Skilleter)
38. src/ Make c_end_of_function symmetric with
    c_top_of_function.  (Reuben Thomas)
39. src/wterm.c: fix problem with calculation of font-height for wjed.
    Also added new intrinsic for setting the font: w32_select_font
    (John Skilleter)
40. New internal hooks added: _jed_before_key_hooks, _jed_after_key_hooks
41. lib/ rewritten to use _jed_before/after_key hooks.  The
    result is that one is now able to use the regions with menu and
    minibuffer commands.
42. lib/ Edit menu enhanced with more region functions.
    Register functions moved to region functions popup.
43. src/menu.c: disabled access to the menus from the minibuffer
44. lib/ added mode-specific menu entries to list all
    functions and macros defined by the file.  This affects C mode and
    SLang mode.
45. New intrinsics: exit, _exit.  These are useful in jed scripts to
    return an exit value to the shell.  exit is like exit_jed and
    _exit is like quit_jed except an argument is required.
46. lib/ This file implements the tm_mode for editing
    text-macro files.  In addition, the text-macro processing code
    ( was removed from the jed distribution as well as
    lib/tm/*.  Instead, the text-macro processing code and macros will
    be made available as a separate package.
47. src/sig.c: Changed the way SIGHUP and SIGTERM are handled to avoid
    a possible race condition.
48. lib/, If another tex file was loaded while
    latex math mode was active, then latex_math_mode would cease to
    work in the first buffer.  This has been fixed.
49. lib/ Updated to Mark Olesen's latest version.  See
    lib/ for details.
50. lib/ New file supporting SCCS revision control (Philip
51. src/intrin.c: New intrinsic function: run_program.  This plays the
    same role as the "system" function except jed resets the display
    first, if run in a terminal.  For X, it runs the specified program
    in another xterm, or the terminal set by the XTerm_Pgm variable.

    *** Note: This function needs to be fixed to work asynchronously
              on win32.  Any volunteers??

52. src/xterm.c: Added Charl Botha's XRENDER patch to Xjed.
53. lib/ Remove references to ide_function_help (Guido Gonzato).
54. lib/ save_buffer was not calling read_file_from_mini
    without a prompt string <klaus.schmid at>
55. doc/tm/*.tm: removed docs for obsolete functions <klaus.schmid at>
56. lib/ wheel mouse was not ignoring hidden lines
     <klaus.schmid at>
57. lib/ Merged fix and free formats into the same file.  In
    addition to f90_mode, there is now f90_fixed_format_mode and
    f90_free_format_mode.  The default format for f90_mode is "free",
    which may be set via the F90_Default_Format variable.
58. lib/ rewritten to allow registers to be given
    meaningful names by the user.  Also, fixed limit of 95 registers
59. lib/ Fixed endless loop during a call to
    fold_whole_buffer when a fold-start mark is at the end of the
    buffer.  Several other tweaks aimed at preserving the current
    position when closing folds (klaus.schmid at
60. lib/ multiple definition of exit corrected
      (joukj at (Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen))
61. lib/, If the search string contains any upper case
    characters then a case-sensitive search will be performed.
62. src/mkfiles/makefile.all: Add CFLAGS macro to MINGW32/CYGWIN32
    section. Miquel Garriga <miquel at>
63. src/screen.c: Make the [EOB] line read-only. Miquel Garriga <miquel at>
64. src/version.c: Use __MINGW32_VERSION if defined to get the
    compiler version. Miquel Garriga <miquel at>
65. lib/ make sure W32shell_Perform_Globbing is declared. Miquel Garriga <miquel at>
66. lib/ avoid interpretation of 08 in dates as octal. Miquel Garriga <miquel at>
67. src/screen.c: %F may be used to specify complete pathname on the
    mode-line. (John Skilleter).
68. doc/tm/ get_key_binding documentation corrected. (Klaus
    Schmid <klaus.schmid at>)
69. src/mkfiles/makefile.all: Make sure CFLAGS defines JED. Also add
    support for creating wjed in cygwin environment (Paul
70. New intrinsic: expand_symlink expands symbolic links

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