Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/naim
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/28/2003 14:41:17
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	wiz
Date:		Tue Jan 28 12:41:17 UTC 2003

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	pkgsrc/chat/naim: Makefile PLIST distinfo
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	pkgsrc/chat/naim/patches: patch-aa patch-ab

Log Message:
Update to

Summary of changes from to 0.11.5 [2002-12-10]
[pkg fea] New Spanish
[UI  fea] AUTOCRYPT, naim will automatically encrypt messages sent to other naim users.
[UI  fea] /save will now store [practically] *all* configuration settings.
[UI  fea] Newer, more transparent client to client protocol.
[UI  fea] Ability to control what types of events cause a window to become yellow, via the $chatter variable:
	# Private messages: +1
	# You kicked, oped, or deoped in a chat: +2
	# Anyone else kicked or deoped in a chat: +4
	# Public messages to a chat: +8
	# Topic changes, or anyone oped in a chat: +16
	# Anyone joining, parting, changing nicknames, or quitting altogether: +32
[UI  fea] The nsocket module has been expanded to better illustrate naim's powerful module interface.

Summary of changes from 0.11.5 to [2002-12-21]
[UI  fea] Links now appear somewhat cleaner, and redundant links, such as ``<a href="http://something/">http://something/</a>'' do not appear as links (to de-WinAIM messages).
[pkg bug] Many autoconf-related cleanups.
[Lil fea] Minor Lily enhancements to address grossly cross-posted messages.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  FEA] Time zone information is exchanged during autopeer negotiation.
[UI  fea] Small fixes in the original HTML parser, new HTML parser included (but not yet used).
[UI  fea] The time stamps prepended to messages are now based on the format specified in $timeformat, rather than a hardcoded "[%H:%M:%S]&nbsp;".
[pkg bug] The new user course has been temporarily removed until it can be completed.
[UI  FEA] The window list window now uses ASCII line drawing symbols to promote state.
[UI  fea] Primitive menuing added in (accessed with Escape). Incomplete.
[UI  bug] Apparently /alias actually works; added autohelp message for it.
[UI  fea] Buddy Tab completion will match real names as well as screen names (so "/j<Tab>dani<Tab>" will expand to "/jump RPIDan ", since my real name is set to "Daniel Reed").
[UI  BUG] High ASCII input will no longer cause the input handler to reset itself; it is simply ignored now.
[UI  bug] Home and End will work to switch buddy windows even inside the status window (F1).
[UI  fea] If you are in paste mode, the status bar will identify that fact, and tell you how to get out of it.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  bug] /set completion fixed.
[UI  bug] KEY_RESIZE handler corrected.

Summary of changes from to
[AIM FEA] Profiles that are too long to meet the server's size limits will be truncated to fit, and a warning will be sent to the user.
[UI  bug] Small bugs fixed in the /quit cleanup code (so /disconnect works again).
[UI  fea] Tab complete now fills in connection windows if no commands match. /set completion makes Even More Sense(TM) now.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  fea] When naim joins a chat, people already in the chat will be displayed in one message (rather than one message per person).
[Lil bug] Fixed a seg fault if you weren't in any chats on startup.
[UI  bug] Screen names exactly as wide as the window list window would have the last character replaced with a '>'. Fixed.
[UI  fea] Up-arrow completion now has the ghost effect /-commands have as of 0.11.5.
[UI  FEA] New $awaylog. If set, all messages received while /away will be mirrored in an :AWAYLOG window (for people who detach for days and lose messages from the 500 line scrollback limit).

Summary of changes from to
[Yah fea] Preliminary Yahoo! Messenger support begun.
[pkg fea] New --enable-firetalk-msn and --enable-firetalk-yahoo, both default to disabled. Once these protocol drivers are able to successfully sign on and send/receive IM's, they will always be built.
[UI  fea] :-windows (such as :RAW, :AWAYLOG, :REVIEW) are now fully treated as special cases in naim, and naim won't attempt to join them on signon.
[AIM bug] Chat name normalization bug squashed.
[UI  FEA] New $autosave. If set (default currently off), naim will /save when the user /quit's.
[UI  fea] New /winlist command. Allows the user to set the state of the window list window, a la F4. /save uses this command to restore your F4 state on start-up.
[UI  FEA] People who are /ignore'd will be ignored in group chats as well. This is mainly so I can /ignore stupid bots in channels I frequent, but others have requested this in the past.
[UI  fea] $awaylog has been expanded: A value of 1 logs only private messages received, while a value greater than 1 logs private messages sent and chat messages.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  fea] Misc. UI cleanups. Due to popular request, names are now colourized in the :AWAYLOG window.

Summary of changes from to
[Lil fea] The RPI Lily community dislikes naim's UI, and fears its proliferation will be the downfall of Lily. In any event, naim now combines multiple /join's. Emote discussions are now treated properly (messages are prepended with ", emotes are not prepended with /me).
[UI  bug] -01-04-2111 lied. /quit and /disconnect *really* work correctly now.

Summary of changes from to
[pkg fea] New --disable-nirc-manlink. If specified, the nirc man page symlink will not be installed (for FreeBSD).
[UI  bug] Time zone negotiation has been made to work under FreeBSD.
[ECS bug] Since the last time I used it, Solaris' log10(0) stopped returning 0. Workaround included.
[pkg fea] New commands.txt, keyboard.txt, and various existing documentation files now installed with naim. Thanks to Ken Bloom <> for keyboard.txt, and the motivation to finish conio's auto-documentation.
[UI  fea] ~/.naimlog subdirectories will now be created mode 0700 instead of 0755, for privacy reasons.
[UI  fea] /set completion now searches default values first, and provides descriptions if available.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  bug] Sending queued messages no longer resets your idle time.
[UI  fea] Preliminary support for context-sensitive Tab completion, for example /set completes variables, /readprofile completes file names, /jump completes window names, /open completes buddy names, etc. Incomplete.
[UI  fea] /bind and /set's list modes are much more thorough now, including descriptions for all current settings.
[UI  FEA] /help system drastically revamped. Now reads from pkgdocdir/*.txt files, and uses current settings for the output of ``/help keys'' and ``/help variables''. ``/help commands'' now has accurate information.
[UI  bug] </font> tag now resets bold status if <font> changed it.
[UI  fea] All configuration variables are now fully documented.

Summary of changes from to
[pkg fea] contrib/ is now installed into bindir.
[IRC bug] Certain types of messages could cause an infinite loop in the de-HTMLizer. Fixed.
[Lil bug] Certain types of messages could cause an infinite loop in the de-HTMLizer. Fixed.
[Lil bug] Queued join structure wasn't being properly initialized in all situations. Fixed.
[UI  bug] /set's list mode and the variable completion mechanisms confused each other, and could cause an infinite loop in some situations. Fixed.
[UI  bug] ``/help commands'' incorrectly listed some required /-command arguments as optional. Fixed.
[UI  bug] A mis-paste in /save kept string variables from being properly recorded. Fixed.
[UI  fea] ``/dlsym dltest hello there'' added as an example for the /dlsym command.
[UI  bug] Colons in non-command strings (most notably $conn:setting variables) confused Tab completion. Fixed.

Summary of changes from to
[UI  fea] Slight UI tweaks.

Summary of changes from to
[pkg bug] On systems that lacked dlopen(), src/conio.c would fail to compile due to a header file being incorrectly not included. Fixed.
[UI  BUG] AUTOCRYPT key negotiation failed under some circumstances due to improperly terminated strings. Fixed.
[UI  BUG] Command completion caused unpleasantness when arguments were given to argless commands (such as /quit). Fixed.

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