Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/vm
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/13/2003 12:08:21
> Log Message:
> Update to 7.07 from 7.04.
> Info about version changes are provided neither in distribution nor the web
> site.  (Versioning for whom!?)

Greg A. Woods kindly taught me the location of VM's change history. (ftp://

So here's the change summary.

VM 7.07 released (5 June 2002)

* vm-sort-messages: move first call of
  vm-update-summary-and-mode-line out to callers.  Threading boks
  if we call it in here.
* vm-assimilate-new-messages: resume calling
  vm-update-summary-and-mode-line to clear the decks before
  thread sorting.
* vm-toggle-threads-display: start calling
  vm-update-summary-and-mode-line to clear the decks before
  thread sorting.

VM 7.06 released (3 June 2002)

* vm-save-folder,vm-write-file: support vm-default-folder-permission-bits here,
  since a folder might be created when it is saved.
* vm-save-message,vm-save-message-sans-headers: use the target
  folder's line ending coding system for saves.  If the target
  doesn't exist use the local system's default.
* vm-write-string: don't set an explicit coding system for writes,
  use the ambient value.
* vm-sort-messages: call vm-update-summary-and-mode-line to clear
  the decks before sorting.
* vm-mail-internal: UNder FSF Emacs set the coposition buffer
  coding system to 'raw-text' which should stop write-region from
  question the coding system inside mail-do-fcc.

VM 7.05 released (10 May 2002)

* New variables:
  + vm-default-folder-permission-bits
* Makefile: added install-el target.
* always set mode-popup-menu; it's value should not depend on the
  value of vm-popup-menu-on-mouse-3.
* vm-stuff-folder-attributes: added status messages.
* vm-mime-discard-layout-contents: call vm-set-modflag-of on the
  modified message.
* vm-preview-composition: add a newline at end of the preview
  buffer if the composition lacks one.
* vm-url-decode-buffer: fixed brain-o; bind case-fold-search to t
  instead of nil.
* use new vm-octal function instead of writing out UNIX permission
  bits in decimal.
* defcustom :type fixes.
* added "image" to default value of vm-auto-displayed-mime-content-types.
* vm-mime-should-display-internal: ignore Content-Disposition as
  it has no bearing on whether an object is displayed internally.
* vm-assimilate-new-messages: build threads very early if
  vm-summary-show-threads is non-nil.  Don't run
  vm-update-summary-and-mode-line before sorting threads--- this
  should no longer be necessary thanks to the change to to
* vm-set-numbering-redo-start-point: compare message structs
  instead of list conses.
* vm-unthread-message: only unthread if threads have been built
  in a particular message's buffer.
* vm-thread-list: keep track of the youngest member of a thread.
* vm-sort-compare-thread: sort threads by youngest member instead
  of by oldest member.  Also sort thread siblings by date instead
  of by message-id; sort by messge-id if dates are equal (rare).