Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/abiword
To: None <>
From: Charles M. Hannum <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/10/2003 02:51:27
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	mycroft
Date:		Fri Jan 10 00:51:26 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/editors/abiword: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3.

     * What's New, Improved, or Just Different.
          * Long you've eagerly waited, and now it's here! A huge number of
            bug fixes (who knew it had so many bugs?), performance
            improvements, and new nifty niceties.
          * Build System
               * Plugins
                    * New plugin build system, backported from the
                      development branch (
                    * Fixed the AbiMagick plugin build, which sometimes
                      failed due to a syntax error.
                    * Fixed Gdict plugin in non-gnome-enabled builds.
                    * Fixed AbiSDW importer build on win32 (msvc6 issue).
                    * Plugin build is now more flexible regarding placement
                      of AbiWord source (--with-abiword=DIR).
                    * Told AbiSDW where to find peer module wv.
               * Cleaned up optimizer settings in (Free/Open/Net)BSD build.
               * The pspell installation's validity is now checked when
                 configuring using --with-pspell.
               * Fixed libxml2 build interaction with wv.
               * Cleaned out remnants of the no longer used ask installer.
               * Fixed iconv-related build bustage on FreeBSD.
               * (Free/Open/Net)BSD build now defaults to peer libiconv.
               * QNX build now uses shared zlib and libpng.
               * There was some simplification and update of the peer module
                 wv build system.
               * The patch for libjpeg builds on win32 was merged in.
               * Peer module libpng is now a build option for unix.
               * The compiler pacifier (ABI_OPT_PACIFY_COMPILER) has been
                 heavily enhanced.
               * Realcleaning has been altered to affect all OBJDIRs, so it
                 is no longer required that all the usual flags be set when
                 just realcleaning (realclean really cleans).
               * The debug build macros have been enhanced.
               * Fixed sometimes-fatal syntax in peer module expat config.
               * Environmental C(XX)FLAGS are now properly propogated (3674).
               * Fixed static build on unix.
               * Lots of osf/digital/tru64 build fixes.
               * Fix for non-perl builds that couldn't build with perl
                 bindings if they wanted to.
               * No more accidental -g -O2 when not asked for in configure.
               * Rpm specfile
                    * No BuildArch flags.
                    * Correct dictionary files.
                    * Gdict plugin now enabled by default.
          * Application and Code
               * Fixed 3351 (BiDi behavior), at least some of 3171 (for
                 real), 3604(T602 importer), 3593 (code syntax with scandir),
                 3567 (html exporter generation of incorrect tags), 3565
                 (status bar cut off languages with verbose expressions),
                 3592 (putenv portability), 3608 and 3618 (pointless
                 comparisons of an unsigned int with zero), 3095 (font path
                 instability with repetitive entries), 3638 (crash on
                 semi-bogus imports), 3523 (funky icons with aiksaurus), 3324
                 (newline character erasing crash), 3587 (adjacent
                 superscript and subscript), 3722 (rtl dominance crash),
                 3507(printing screen colors), 1928 (context menu problem),
                 3122 (spell checker learning hyperlinked words), 2698
                 (hyperlink status bar text), 3590 (duplicate accelerator),
                 3089 (case conversion en mass), 3008 (cursor focus in win32
                 hyperlink dialog), 3060 (hyperlink offset), 3582 (multiline
                 hyperlink display), 3109 (hyperlink insertion selection
                 check)(not all platforms), 2715 (crash on zoom), 3584 (win32
                 encoding dialog input focus), 3802 (XSL-FO exporter faulty
                 tags), 3827 (docs with jpegs), 1319 (increase indent off
                 page crash), 3360 (handle rtfs that aren't fully spec
                 compliant), 3330 (forcing of gcc flags to other compilers),
                 3663 (wrong parameter passing to linker), 3889 (Yiddish
                 spell checking), 3537 (crash on zoom with header/footer),
                 3781 (downgrading abiword causes the profile to crash it),
                 3940 (perl bindings and perl 5.8).
               * Lots of memory leak fixes, as well as some rather
                 significant speed enhancements.
               * Fixed some problems related to the zero margin difficulties,
                 comma delimited fractions, and setlocale misuse.
               * Various qnx fix backports.
               * Backported fix for faulty syntax in the html exporter.
               * Fixed a crasher of the win32 Aiksaurus plugin.
               * WordPerfect importer now handles superscript, subscript,
                 strike-out, and italic text attributes.
               * English dictionary update (does not affect pspell builds).
               * Fix default geometry, handle profile geometry better, take
                 geometry runtime paramter (the last being 1124).
               * All snprintfs (which caused problems on some unix variants)
                 have been removed from unix or xp code, except in peer
                 module psiconv.
               * DocBook exporter now properly handles abw headings, plain
                 text, and page breaks (the last being 2734).
          * Internationalization-specific (does not affect other aspects of
            the app)
               * Nynorsk (nn-NO) translation updated.
               * Ukrainian (uk-UA) translation and profile updated.
               * Basque (eu-ES) translation.
               * Bulgarian (bg-BG) update.
               * Romanian (ro-RO) translation.
               * Catalan (ca-ES) update.
          * Documentation
               * Massive French (fr-FR) documentation goodness.
               * Documentation build system fixes.
               * New English screenshots.
               * Documentation on adding documentation.
               * Cleaned up deprecated docs.
               * Small document on document creation.
               * Index (for en-US).
               * Toolbar help.
               * List howto.
     * Known Issues
          * There are some mysterious printing bugs, particularly on Win32
            platforms, that we have not been able to track down because they
            are rare and not reproducible by the developers. Please give us
            as much information as possible if you encounter these, but when
            posting to bugzilla use the bug(s) that already exist instead of
            filing a new one. This is easier on us and you.

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