Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/comms/kermit
To: None <>
From: Charles M. Hannum <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/09/2003 20:41:04
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	mycroft
Date:		Thu Jan  9 18:41:04 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/comms/kermit: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update from 8.0.201 to 8.0.206.

  List of Changes

   Most of these also apply to Kermit 95 2.1.

   New commands:
      * ORIENTATION lists location-related variables and their values.
      * KCD changes to special directories by their symbolic names ("kcd ?"
        for a list).
      * SET CD HOME path to specify home directory for CD and KCD commands.
      * CONTINUE given at top level is equivalent to END -- handy when
        PROMPT'ed out of a script, to continue the script.

   New switches or operands for existing commands:
      * ASK, ASKQ, GETOK /QUIET (suppresses error message on timeout)
      * COPY /APPEND now allows concatenating multiple source files into one
        dest file.
      * DIRECTORY command now accepts multiple filespecs, e.g. "dir a b c".

   SET QUIET ON now also applies to:
      * SET HOST connection progress messages.
      * "Press the X or E key to cancel" file-transfer message.
      * REMOTE CD response.
      * REMOTE LOGIN response.

   Improvements and new features:
      * Numerous FTP client fixes and new features, listed below.
      * C-Kermit, when in remote mode at the end of a file transfer, now
        prints a one-line "where" message. Control with SET TRANSFER REPORT.
      * Unix makefile "install" target now creates an UNINSTALL script.
      * Improved operation and performance on RFC 2217 Telnet connections.
      * Improved CONNECT (interactive terminal connection) performance.
      * HELP text updated for many commands.

   New or fixed makefile targets:
      * Solaris 9 (several variations)
      * Concurrent PowerMAX
      * Mac OS X 10.2
      * FreeBSD 1.0
      * FreeBSD 4.6, 5.0
      * AIX 5.2, 5.3

   Bugs fixed (general):
      * Failure to run in VMS Batch fixed.
      * LDIRECTORY fixed to run Kermit's built-in DIRECTORY command rather
        than an external one.
      * Fixed Solaris and other SVORPOSIX builds to find out their full
        hostnames rather than just the "uname -n" name.
      * Fixed some problems matching strings that start with ".".
      * Fixed some problems matching pattern that contain {a,b,c} lists.
      * Fixed erroneous reporting of text-mode reception as binary when
        sender did not report the file size (cosmetic only).
      * Many problems with SWITCH statements fixed.
      * Fixed SET OPTIONS DIRECTORY /DOTFILES to work for server too.
      * Fixed DELETE to print an error message if the file was not found.
      * Fixed SET CONTROL UNPREFIX ALL and SET PREFIXING NONE to do the same
      * Fixed bugs executing macros from within the ON_EXIT macro.
      * \fday() and \fnday() fixed for dates prior to 17 Nov 1858.
      * Serial speed-changing bug in Linux fixed.
      * "Unbalanced braces" script parsing errors when using \{number} fixed.
      * "if defined \v(name)" fixed to behave as described in the book.
      * Fixed Problems caused by LOCAL variables whose names are left
        substrings of macro names.
      * The INPUT command was fixed to honor the PARITY setting.
      * Fixed bug with COPY to existing file that is longer than source file.
      * REINPUT command failed to strip braces/quotes around its target
      * Network directory lookups didn't work for SSH connections.
      * Closed some holes whereby an incompletely received file was not
        deleted when SET FILE INCOMPLETE is DISCARD, e.g. when the Kermit is
        hung up upon.
      * SET XFER CHARACTER-SET TRANSPARENT fixed to do the same as SET XFER
      * SET HOST PTY (e.g. SSH) connection fixed to pass along window-size
      * C-Kermit search path for TAKE files was accidentally disabled.

   FTP client bugs fixed:
      * Character set translation was broken on little-endian (e.g. PC)
      * FTP PUT /SERVER-RENAME:, /RENAME-TO:, /MOVE-TO: switches were sticky.
      * Make SET TRANSFER MODE MANUAL apply to FTP.
      * Make SET FILE INCOMPLETE { KEEP, DISCARD } apply to FTP.
      * FTP MGET /UPDATE handled equal times incorrectly.
      * FTP GET /RECOVER fixed to ignore file dates, use only size.
      * FTP MGET /RECOVER sometimes downloaded files it didn't need to.
      * FTP downloads with TRANSFER DISPLAY BRIEF could give misleading error
      * MGET temp file not deleted if FTP DEBUG set to OFF after it was ON.
      * LOCUS not switched back when FTP connection is lost.
      * Set incoming file date even if it was not completely received.
      * FTP MGET sent SIZE and MDTM commands even when it didn't have to.
      * FTP MGET sent SIZE and MDTM commands even when it knew they wouldn't
      * FTP MGET failed if no files were selected for download.
      * FTP MGET a* b* c* would fail to get any c*'s if no b*'s existed.
      * Big problems canceling MGET with Ctrl-C.
      * Some extraneous LOCUS dialogs squelched.
      * Some inconsistencies in SET FTP FILENAMES AUTO fixed.
      * Fixed file-descriptor pileup after multiple MGETs when using
      * Fixed "mget foo", where foo is a directory name.

   FTP improvements:
      * New FTP protocol features added (FEAT, MLSD).
      * FTP MGET /RECURSIVE now works as expected if server supports MLSD.
      * FTP MGET /DATES-DIFFER to download if local and remote file dates
      * FTP DATES default changed to ON.
      * FTP MPUT, MGET /EXCEPT now allows up to 64 patterns (up from 8).
      * Top-level SITE and PASSIVE commands added for convenience.
      * MGET /COLLISION:APPEND /AS-NAME:newfile *.* puts all remote files
        into one local file.
      * SET FTP SERVER-TIME-OFFSET for when server has wrong timezone set.
      * Allow for alternative server interpretations of [M]MPUT /UNIQUE.
      * SET FTP ANONOMOUS-PASSWORD lets you specify the default anonymous
      * Allow "GET /RECURSIVE path/file" to force local subdirectory
      * SET FTP DISPLAY is like SET TRANSFER DISPLAY but applies only to FTP.
      * FTP { ENABLE, DISABLE } new-protocol-feature-name.
      * Debug log now records FTP commands and responses in grep-able format.

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