Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/evolution
To: None <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/09/2003 15:59:26
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	rh
Date:		Thu Jan  9 13:59:26 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/evolution: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/mail/evolution/patches: patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad patch-ae
	    patch-ak patch-al
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/evolution/patches: patch-am patch-an

Log Message:
Update evolution to 1.2.1.  Changes include:

  * Tons of bug fixes

  * evolution-launch-composer command-line tool to open up the
    composer with attachments.

  * Auto-subscribe the user to his/her IMAP INBOX

  * Made the default width of the mail filter editing dialog larger.

  * Removed the development warning at startup.  (Ettore)

  * The "Select Names" dialog remembers what folder you were in
    between uses now, which is useful for people who normally select
    names out of an LDAP directory. (Dan)

  * Do not allow empty attendee addresses for meetings.

  * Better alarm daemon activation.

  * Notification of calendar query errors.

  * Added status messages for all operations.

  * Sensitivity problem when using the folder selector.

  * Changed the way shared folders work with Connector.

  * Allow accessing local folders even if some folders with
    unknown/corrupted metadata type are found in ~/evolution/local.

  * Importer dialog browse entry now has history dropdown.

  * We no longer allow selecting a folder of a non-allowed type with
    a double-click in the folder selection dialog.

  * The toolbar now includes a "New" dropdown menu/button from which
    you can create messages, appointments, etc. from within any

  * A new, integrated configuration dialog for all of Evolution is
    now provided.

  * When you use the folder selection dialog, you can now jump to a
    folder just by typing its name and hitting Enter (instead of
    using the arrows or the mouse).

  * You can now specify your default mail, calendar, tasks and
    contacts folders.  The shortcuts in the shortcut bar will always
    point to the default folder; so for example if you have an IMAP
    account you can specify that the INBOX on the IMAP account is
    default and clicking on the Inbox icon on the shortcut bar will
    take you to the INBOX on the IMAP account.

  * Fonts for displaying of HTML mail can now be configured from
    within Evolution (instead of having to use GNOME Control

  * You can now make Evolution play a sound, beep, or display a
    message when new mail arrives.  It is also possible to trigger
    these actions based on a filter rule.

  * The behavior of the search bar has been improved, and the UI has
    been integrated better with the menu bar and the rest of the

  * For the table-based views, you can now define, save and reuse
    view settings using the "View" menu.

  * The Send/Receive button is now always accessible from any

  * Easier to build on non-GNU, and non-GCC systems (e.g. MacOS/X,
    HP/UX, Solaris).

  * Now installs some libraries and headers required for external
    module development.

  * You now can drop objects (eg. mail messages, appointments)
    directly to the folders on the shortcut bar (in 1.0.x, you could
    only drop them in the folder folder bar).

  * Loading speed has been improved.

  * When you receive an appointment through email, you can choose
    which calendar to update, and if its for an existing appointment
    the folder is automatically detected

  * Calendar importer now supports importing to remote folders.

  * Calendar GUI and alarm daemon now use listeners for the

  * Reaction to calendar backends crashing has been improved.

  * Show status messages for all long calendar operations.

  * Fixed default reminders description (was 'Untitled

  * Included timezone information on VCALENDAR's used in copy/paste.

  * Removed extra space that was displayed for categories without

  * When right clicking, correctly select the underlying date/time.

  * Meeting scheduling improvements; sends replies when you update
    your attendance status, warnings if the user changes a meeting
    they didn't create.

  * Deleting a meeting with a right click will now offer to send a
    cancellation notice.

  * Can accept meeting replies from non-attendees (they become

  * Fixed work day so start can't be before end, its minimum 1 hour
    and the unshaded zone is not rounded to the nearest time
    division (allowing the work hours to be 0:00 to 23:59).

  * Fixed task view to update completion status the same as the

  * Fixed leap year problem with day of week.

  * Handle "last day of the month" and "last Tuesday of the month"
    type recurrences.

* Contacts

  * It is now possible to specify which folders are used for
    autocompletion globally.

  * Improved address selection dialog (for sending mail and meeting

  * Improved feedback for search results for all backends and the

  * SSL/STARTTLS suport for LDAP has been added.

  * Caches are built for local addressbooks to speed up

  * Fixed wombat/addressbook crashes dealing with autocompletion, it
    should be much more stable now.

  * Categories on LDAP are now stored using a multivalued attribute
    (category) instead of a comma separated list (categories), so
    searches on categories in ldap actually work.  The old attribute
    is deprecated and should not be used.

  * Standardized some of the static properties of addressbooks, and
    removed some local addressbook logic from the frontend.

  * When editing contacts from the composer entries (To:, CC:), pop
    up the right kind of editor based on the contact type.

  * Much improved LDAP backend responsiveness and performance.

* Mail

  - New, much faster indexing engine.  This results in faster mail
    incorporation, faster mail display, and faster searches.
    Overall, the new engine should work much better for larger
    folders, and take considerably less space on the disk.

  - Faster POP3 download, using the server's pipeline extensions if

  - If you type multiple words in the search bar for the
    "... Contains" rules, Evolution will search messages that
    contain all of the words you specified, in any order.

  - More consistent search results for indexed, non-indexed and
    remote folders.

  - UTF8 (Unicode) used for all searches, even with IMAP servers.

  - It is now possible to mark messages for follow-up and other
    flags.  It is also possible to change the color in which a
    specific message is displayed in the mail list.

  - When the message list is sorted by a certain field, it is possible
    to jump to the first item in the list that matches a certain
    string by just typing the first few characters.

  - Filters are now updated automatically when the destination folder
    gets moved or removed.

  - A new filter rule allows you to pipe mail through an external
    process to find out whether or not to filter it.

  - You can now specify which folders get synced when switching to
    offline mode.

  - All previously read messages are automatically downloaded for
    offline use.

  - Offline state is preserved between sessions.  Generally, offline
    mode is more stable and complete.

  - STARTTLS support for POP, SMTP and IMAP has been added.

  - IMAP can now handle folder names containing &, -, and UTF-8

  - You can have all of your mail Auto-Cc:ed or auto-Bcc:ed to a
    specified set of recipients.

  - SMTP error reporting has been improved.

  - Much improved GnuPG support.  Better pgp/mime interoperability.

  - Improved support for external Maildir, MH, and mailbox folders,
    and trees of folders.  Internally they share more code now and
    are easier to maintain.

  - External mailbox folders can interoperate with pine/mutt/elm
    status flags directly (at slightly performance penalty).  See
    options on the "spool" provider.

  - Many IMAP related bugs fixed.  IMAP now passes current folder
    regression tests.

  - IMAP body search results are now cached.  Vastly improving
    body search vFolder performance with IMAP sources.

  - Optional IPv6 support.

  - Progress bar added to subscribe dialogue.

  - Camel's multithread safe object system streamlined and
    improved.  Many other internal cleanups inside Camel.

  - vFolders can now have an additional column which shows the
    original location of the message.  Particularly useful for Trash

  - New messages dont "upset" the thread view as much, if no sorting
    is used.

  - Various vFolder tweaks and fixes.

  - Remote inline HTML images are now downloaded incrementally using
    libsoup and are fully cancellable.

  - Improved quotation display for format=flowed messages.

* Mail Composer

  - You can now edit a set of signatures within Evolution, and pick
    which signature you want when composing a message.

  - Handling of replies has been improved; in particular, you can
    now paste any text as a quotation, and quotation formatting is
    preserved when switching between HTML and non-HTML mode.

  - Evolution can now generate graphical smileys automatically as
    you type.

  - Quotation logic has been improved, rewrapping long lines in
    replies now preserves quotation marks.

  - Multiple simulataneous language support in the spell checker.

  - Cut & Paste support for html between netscape/mozilla/evolution.

  - Optimized rendering of long messages.

  - Improved html rendering, including support for the clear
    attribute in <br> elements.

* Summary

  - Can have non-local mail folders displayed on the summary.

  - Improved Calendar and Tasks displayed. Displays overdue and todays
    tasks in colours.

  - Uses Soup for HTTP downloading news feeds and weather info.

  - Better folder selector.

  - Better Weather/News Feed selector.

  - Can delete user added news feeds.

Updated translations:
  - ko (Young-Ho Cha, Changwoo Ryu)
  - nn (Roy-Magne Mo)
  - no (Kjartan Maraas)
  - pl (Zbigniew Chyla)
  - vi (Pablo Saratxaga)
  - tr (Gorkem)
  - de (Christian Neumair)
  - et (Tõivo Leedjärv)
  - fr (Joaquim Fellmann)
  - pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira)

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