Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/gal
To: None <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/09/2003 12:48:21
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	rh
Date:		Thu Jan  9 10:48:20 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/devel/gal: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update gal to 0.22.  Changes include:

	* gal/util/e-util.c (g_str_compare): Revert back to using just
	strcmp - this fixes bug #33933 but reopens bug #26355.
	(g_collate_compare): New function meant to address the sorting
	required by bug #26335.
	* gal/widgets/e-canvas-background.c (ecb_destroy): Don't leak
	private structure.
	* gal/widgets/e-file-selection.c (e_file_selection_get_filenames):
	Don't prepend the cwd to absolute paths.
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (e_font_normalize_punctuation): helper
	fuction to do a (custom) normalization of unicode chars.
	(e_font_to_native) use e_font_normalize_punctuation to convert
	punctuation that is not in the current charset.
	[ Fixes evolution bug #26355 ]
	* gal/util/e-util.c (g_str_compare): use g_utf8_collate here
	instead of strcmp.
	* gal/e-text/ (e_completion_test_LDADD): reorder so
	that util comes before unicode.
	* gal/widgets/e-unicode.c (e_utf8_from_gtk_string_sized): Don't
	include the byte reserved for the nul in the outleft size.
	(e_utf8_from_iconv_string_sized): Same.
	(e_utf8_to_iconv_string_sized): Here too, but also make sure we
	pad the end of the resulting string with enough nul bytes (4) so
	that even multi-byte charsets are terminated correctly.
	(e_utf8_to_gtk_string_sized): Again here.
	* gal/util/e-iconv.c (C_g_strdown): new helper function, g_strdown
	with forced C locale
	(e_iconv_init): use C_g_strdown
	(e_iconv_charset_name): ditto
	* gal/widgets/e-unicode.c: add the gtk2 keypad entries (resync
	with gdk).
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (e_font_to_native): rework again to remove
	the need for converting nbsp ahead of time.
	* gal/widgets/e-option-menu.c (item_destroyed_cb): new function,
	free the cb_struct.
	(e_option_menu_set_strings_from_array): hook up the destroy signal
	to item_destroyed_cb.
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (set_nbsp_zero_width_flag): Updated to the
	slightly changed e_font_to_native() API.
	(e_font_draw_utf8_text): Same.
	(e_font_utf8_text_width): Here too.
	(e_font_to_native): Rewritten from scratch.
	* gal/util/e-iconv.c: Make locale_charset a char *, not
	const char *. Kills a warning in the !HAVE_CODESET case.
	(e_iconv_init): No longer need to cast locale_charset to (char *)
	while mangling it in the HAVE_CODESET case.
	* gal/util/e-xml-utils.c: #include <stdlib.h> for free()
	* gal/widgets/e-categories-master-list-array.c: Likewise
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (e_font_draw_utf8_text): set the pointer
	not the length to allocation.
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (e_font_draw_utf8_text): limit alloca
	length to a E_ALLOCA_MAX.
	(e_font_utf8_text_width): limit alloca length to E_ALLOCA_MAX.
	* gal/util/e-iconv.c : apply patch for 27447 from Matt Avery for
	a bug in the solaris iconv implementation.
	* gal/e-text/e-text.c (line_splitter): take a clip_height and use
	it to set the maximum number of lines if necessary
	(split_into_lines): pass clip_height arg
	* gal/widgets/e-selection-model-array.c : kill a return that caused
	selection ranges to not emit selection_changed if the end index
	only changed by 1.
	* gal/e-text/ removed \ before new line to make
	automake 1.6 happy
	* Fix the check for strftime, scan for "l" and "k"
	not "%l" and "%k"
	* (CFLAGS): Add -D_REENTRANT cause we need errno
	to behave reliably.
	* gal/util/e-xml-utils.c (e_xml_save_file): Do slightly better
	error handling for close() and loop until it closes successfully.
	* gal/util/e-xml-utils.c (e_xml_save_file): Changed to handle
	saving to a temp file first, this allows us to remove a lot of
	duplicate code from everywhere.
	* gal/util/e-xml-utils.c (e_xml_save_file): New convenience
	function to save an xmlDocPtr. Replaces xmlSaveFile because
	xmlSaveFile isn't dependable.
	* gal/widgets/e-font.c (e_font_from_gdk_font_gtkhtml): new
	simplified version of e_font_from_gdk_font for GtkHTML library
	* gal/widgets/e-reflow.c, gal/widgets/e-reflow.h
	(e_reflow_selection_event_real): Made this function handle
	GDK_BUTTON_RELEASE.  Added a maybe_in_drag variable that the API
	user can set to 0 to indicate that a drag has occurred.
	* gal/e-text/e-text.c: Added debugging printfs.
	(e_text_request_paste): Fixed the order of setting
	last_type_request before calling gtk_selection_convert due to a
	reentrancy bug.
	* gal/e-text/e-text.c, gal/e-text/e-text.h (e_text_style_set):
	Reflow and redraw when the style gets set.
	* gal/widgets/e-canvas.c (grab_cancelled_check): If grabbed_item
	is NULL, cancel the timeout.
	* gal/e-text/e-text.c: Switch from gnome_canvas_item_grab to
	* gal/widgets/e-canvas.c, gal/widgets/e-canvas.h
	(e_canvas_item_grab, e_canvas_item_ungrab): Added these functions.
	* gal/widgets/ (imagesdir): Change this directory to
	include the $(VERSION).
	* gal/widgets/e-reflow.c (set_empty): Don't switch from utf8 to
	widget encoding, since EText takes utf8.
	* gal/e-text/e-text.c (e_text_draw): Make the style here match the
	proper widget style to emulate a label or an entry.

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