Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/xfig
To: None <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: pkgsrc-changes
Date: 01/07/2003 08:30:37
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	rh
Date:		Tue Jan  7 06:30:36 UTC 2003

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/graphics/xfig: Makefile PLIST distinfo
	pkgsrc/graphics/xfig/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update xfig to 3.2.4.  Provided in PR pkg/19660 by Jim Bernard
<>.  Changes include tons of bugfixes plus the following
new features:

	o "Front" and "Back" labels in depth manager to show relative
	  positioning of depths on drawing.
	o The mu (micro) character is now entered using "Compose | u"
          instead of "Compose / u"
	o If you wish to place a library object at the position it was
	  originally created, e.g. for laser printer labels, hold down the
          Shift key and press mouse button 3 (`place at orign posn')
	o New URL for chemtool, a chemical structure editor:
	o The minimum and maximum depth of objects are shown in the edit
          panel for compound objects
	o EMF (Enhanced Metafile) export driver (TransFig/fig2dev)
	o SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) beta driver
	o The xfig documentation is nearly entirely GIF-free (TM).
	o Xfig reference manual now available in PDF besides html.
	o Dimension lines
	o New Xfig logo courtesy of Marc-Aurele Darche.
	o Can now paste text in text mode using Shift+Middle-mouse-button
          in addition to F20 and Sun's Paste key (F18).
	o If xfig is compiled with #define WHEELMOUSE uncommented in the
	  Imakefile, the wheel may be used for several things
	o New grid/positioning option for inches mode
	o Background (-g to fig2dev) option for tk export honored now.
	o New command-line argument -correct_font_size
	o Added "Stop" button to stop loading library.
	o Much more efficient when copying large imported pictures
	o When changing an attribute of an imported picture that doesn't
          change the picture itself (e.g. depth), the pixmap is not
          regenerated, therefore saving time.  The same is true when
          copying a picture.
	o New X resource Fig.ghostscript and command-line argument
          -ghostscript by which you can tell xfig what your ghostscript
          is called (e.g. "gs" or "gswin32").
	o Can now add ASCII (EPSI) preview to EPS export. See export panel.
	o Can now add monochrome or color TIFF preview to EPS export.
	o Translations of LATEX.AND.XFIG document into two popular Chinese
	  encodings (GB2312 and Big5).
	o When text becomes too small to see (e.g. small zoom), xfig will
	  "Greek" it, meaning it draws a gray line segment for each word
          in the string.
	o When resizing canvas to a smaller height, the number of buttons
          per row of the mode (side) panel increases so that it doesn't
          protrude into the indicator (bottom) panel
	o Smarter redraw when turning on depths from the depth manager.
	o If the user's pointer (mouse) buttons are switched
	  xfig will automatically flip the mouse hints messages.
	o Picture objects are drawn as filled gray boxes when their layer
          is inactive in gray mode.
	o xfig no longer requires fonts that are named "-adobe-..."
	o Updating the attribute panel from a compound object will retrieve
	  (only) the smallest depth from the compound.
	o When scaling an object, the line thickness is no longer scaled
          with it
	o New measuring modes: angle, length, area and tangent.
	o New feature to add tangents and normal lines to curves.
	o Splash screen on startup.
	o New command-line option -grid_color
	o New option to print grid when exporting or printing
	o When drawing an arc by specifying the center point, a circle is
          drawn showing the radius of the arc as the user drags the mouse,
          then when the first end point is clicked an arc is drawn as the
          mouse is dragged.
	o If the Ruler unit is Imperial (in), you may have xfig display
	  measurements using fractions where possible.
	o When opening a compound object, if the middle button us used to
          open the compound, all other objects on the canvas are kept
	o When opening a compound object, the "point positioning"
          indicator is enabled, allowing you to set the bounds of the
          compound according to the indicator when you close the compound.
	o Zero-crossing lines on canvas have own command-line parameter
	o Smooth factor when exporting to bitmap format is now a pull-down
          menu with: No smoothing, Some smoothing, More smoothing.
	o Three-D borders for buttons, etc reduced from 2 to 1 pixel
	o Additional JPEG file format (EXIF) added for import.
	o Validation for integer spinners
	o When scaling an object, the scale factor is shown in the message.
	o New url for pstoedit (mentioned in installation.html).
	o When picking points of an object at high zoom, the tolerance has
          been reduced to make it easier to pick the correct point.
	o When "graying" inactive depths, the inactive objects are drawn
          first followed by active objects ensuring visibility of active
	o xfig now draws "grayed out" picture objects (inactive depth) as
          a gray box with the filename only.
	o Line style in edit panel now shows graphic of style instead of
	  textual description.
	o Cap style in edit panel was inadvertantly left off open-splines.
	o Popup dialog to edit behavior of spline point now pops up near
          the point being edited.
	o When cancelling drawing a picture object from the popup editor,
          the empty object is removed rather than showing a <empty>
	o Pressing Return or Escape in popup message window will dismiss it
	o In picture browser popup, double clicking or clicking and
          pressing Return will apply the selected picture AND close the
	o New popup query if updating the depth in a compound object would
	  result in any depth exceeding the maximum.
	o More consistent placement of Cancel/Ok/Set etc. buttons
	o More meaningful message "Cut buffer is empty"
	o New MetaPost driver for TransFig 3.2.4 supported.
	o New option for binary CGM export (must have TransFig 3.2.4 too).
	o Pressing escape in a popup dialog will dismiss it.
	o Zoom/Unzoom (Shift-Z/z) changes zoom by a factor of 1.5
	o Exporting to JPEG doesn't require compiling with USE_JPEG
	o Minimum and maximum depths of objects in a compound are
          displayed in popup edit panel.
	o Named styles where user can save attributes that are often used
          for quick access.

NEW LIBRARIES and Examples:

	o Poster advertizing German version of "Little Shop of Horrors" in
	  Libraries/Examples/poster.fig.  From Kai-Martin Knaak
	o Three new Examples from Carlo Kopp
	o Many new country flags in the Libraries/Flags directory.
	o New flags of Bosnia and Slovenia with vector coat of arms in
	  Libraries/Flags directory from Roman Maurer
	o New maps of Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina
          and Slovenia (Libraries/Maps/Europe)
	o New maps of Russia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,
          Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (Libraries/Maps/Asia)
	o New Avery label templates in Libraries/Labels directory,
          including a CD label, Avery_5931, done by William Chimiak.
	o New Avery and PerfectData Corp CD label templates in
          Libraries/Labels directory, done by Len Hickey.
	o New computers and printers in Libraries/Computers library
	o New network library devices
	o New DSP component library from Jakub Stastny (
	o Standard welding bevels library from Erik Engh
	o Canadian map from Seymour Green
	o A Uno hand (card game) drawn by Roland Rosendfeld

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